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Hi all!

I am a girl, by the way, and I am usually proud of it, but I do sometimes wish to be a boy!! 

If you listen to this song, this describes me pretty well. Except just change it to: Pale skin, blue eyes, 2007 starting my life; Down to Manteo, then to Salvo, then Manty again! But the rest describes me perfectly! Here is the link to the song: Different_Prelude by Jamie Grace

My Favorite Color: Green and tourquise!

Sports that I do: I surf, skateboard, play soccer, basketball, track_I am the fastest at my tracking group_my friends call me "The Lightning Bolt"!! Ride horses or ponies, and ride my bike. Oh, and I used to do ballet!

Sports that I hope to do one day: Jazz, Hip Hop, gymnastics...

My Favorite Animals: Horses, ponies, exotic animals, reptiles, and bugs!

My Age Right Now: 12 years old!

School: I am and have homeschooled since I was in Preschool, by my Mom, mostly, but my dad helps also. I am in 6th grade, but when your homeschooled, you can get ahead of your grades, and move on to a larger grade once I am done with all my school books_so that's what I am doing, working towards 7th grade!!

My Hobbies: Well I love to read! I also sometimes get onto these crazy-fazes, where I collect bottlecaps, wood chips, and whatever else wierd!

What I like to do: Play sports, write chapter books, draw, and any other way of art. Sew, embroider, cross-stitch, run races against teens, ride horses and ponies, eat, explore, hike, watch YouTube videos, watch blogs, play games, I also like doing my only doll's hair in cool ways, and then trying it on myself. 

And it's really wierd, but I like to be different from everybody else, and stand out! Also what's wierd, is that I like going to the dentist and doctor, lol!! 

I am a Christian/Jew, so I love Jesus Christ! I am a  strong believer that Jesus already came, and is coming again soon! I love GOD, and I try to please him in evrything I do! 

My Family:  I have a Mom, and a dad, which I call " Papa". I am the oldest in my family, so all my other siblings are younger than me. I have a sister, she is 9 years old, a brother, he is 7, and another brother, and he is 3!


So thank you so much for reading my bio! By-o! (get it?!?!) I forgot, I like to read and tell jokes!!

LOL bye!

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