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Most Recent Try For Drawing Human Faces:

HorseGirl221 I think that over my few practices, I've improved ( maybe!)

lunamoonlight cool!

GemHeart You did a good job, especially for practice!

cookie122105 cool

KnightStar I love the hair! She's very pretty!

Try #3: Lol, I think this one's a little weird/wacky!!

GemHeart Good! I like the style, reminds me of Disney!

cookie122105 ilike it

KnightStar I love it!!

Try #2 for drawing human faces:

GemHeart The face is a bit long, but I really like the hair!

cookie122105 wow good job

KnightStar I like it!!

Queeny I looovvee the hair! I think you are really good at it!

So I've been practicing drawing human faces.... here's Try #1:

GemHeart Great Horse!

cookie122105 i love it

KnightStar Great HG!

Queeny Great, I love it!

Is there anything else that you can do with mashed potatoes except smash em' and eat em'?
Just asking.

GemHeart IDK. Maybe you could make them as French fries than make baby food out of em using a smoothie maker?

lunamoonlight make them into cheesy potato bites like i actually just got at Casey's

Queeny Pretend it's ice cream and prank someone?

GemHeart Did ya get that from my facts, Queeny? XD

Guys: On Google Docs, I just wrote a whole page and a sentence talking about being bored.
I pasted it: Here it is:

Bored. Me bored. sooooo boooooreeeddd. Bored. Bored. Ok. I’m Bored. Have anything to say to that? K. Well, cool. *in prideful tone cause someone said something about it* Well I don’t care. I bet that you don’t know how to fix me boredom. So there. Huh? You Have a suggestion? I don’t wanna hear it. Okay, fine. What is it? YOU THINK I SHOULD DO WHAT?!?!?! Nope. Sorry. Not Happinin’. Why?!?! Because i’m not going to kiss you, that’s why! What?!?! You accuse me of not being bored? So rude. Okay, so you think that if i was TRULY bored ( which I am) I would be SOOOO bored, that I would be happy to kiss you. And since WHEN did you finally start noticin’ girls, boy? Just a few weeks ago, ey. Oh, and I am So bored. I AM TOO BORED!!! I don’t even know what to say or what to write, or what to do, or_ Heeeey. You know what? I am soooooo bored_note that_that I am finally relenting, and I am GOING TO PROVE THAT I AM REALLY, TRULY BORED by kissing you. *kiss* There I did it. And now you know that I am really bored. I proved it. I’m not faking it. You think I like you? And you’re telling me that you like me?!?! Uh, no I don’t like you. At all. Okay… I really like you. But lets keep that a secret between you and me. Now, back to the being bored thing. Huh? What’s that? YOU SAY I’M NOT BORED ANYMORE BECAUSE I JUST HAD SOMETHING TO DO?!?! Okay, dude. I’m just like. Grrrrrrr. Oh. And hey! I don’t have anything to do now that I already kissed you, so that counts, so now I’m bored, and you can’t say no! You’re saying I’m not bored right now, because I am doing something_which is proving to you that I am actually bored….weeeeelllll,.....Okay, you’ve got a point there. Maybe I’m not so bored anymore. Bye.

Hey_I’m bored now because I’m not proving to you that I’m bored. I’m just sitting, being bored! Actually, maybe I am still proving to you that I’m bored.

Now I’m not.

This little thing was composed by Autumn R. Thanks for reading!
P.S. This is how she is feeling right now_bored. Well, maybe not anymore….

Oh, and this DID NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. That would be so embarrassing. I just made it up! Sort of like a short story 'cause I didn't know what to write

😊 😊 😊 😊

KnightStar lol

GemHeart I like it, very funny!!!

cookie122105 lol

Queeny LOL