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So I decided to redraw some Frac/Ture pages to make the story more interesting and kid-friendly so I can post them. I'm only on page 5 or 6 and I'm planning on 10-15 pages for Episode 0 (the try-out episode I may turn into Episode 1 if it's successful). If you'd like to see Episode 0/1: BE MY GUARDIAN then please share or like this post! I hope you like the characters and the plot! Here's an overview.

Yukinohana Akikaze is an average, hot-headed teenage girl when Tatsu Hakugin enters her life. He's calm and collected, but the most shocking thing is that he's one of the supernatural warriors that protect humans from the traitorous group of the Dotenshi, or Ex-Guardians.

I'm planning on her becoming a Guardian more or less to give the story more action.

JD2005 Cool!

cookie122105 coo

Sliptooth35 Noice. 👌

Queeny COol!

I really like this song, and it's a peek of how GOD and JESUS love us 💝

GemHeart ;)

JD2005 👍

Hey guys!
TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I am finally turning 12, haha!
And this is my Golden Birthday, too_did u notice that it's also the 12thof January?? That's why it's a Golden Birthday, lol 😅
😁 😎 😝 🐎

Queeny Happy Birthday! I hope you had an absolutely wonderful day!

yent628 WOW THAATS CRAZY AND 🐥happy birthday

yent628 my birthday is 22nd of jan

JD2005 Happy birthday to you! Mine is on 24th May!

cookie122105 happy b day can image years are going fast this year i am turning 14

FunHeart1010 Happy birthday!! :D

FunHeart1010 Im turning 11 this year. I think im the youngest XD

TylerTheDrummer Happy Birthday!

TylerTheDrummer This year in April, I'm turning 12 too!

HorseGirl221 Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! I had a great day :) Sounds like most of you guy's birthdays are coming up. Have an early happy birthday, haha!

Red Panda that I drew!! Sorry that u can't see it very well_the camera that I'm using isn't the best

lunamoonlight good job

FunHeart1010 Cutteeee!

cookie122105 wow

JD2005 Very good!

KnightStar Adorable! Love it!

Queeny Love it!

I drew a Giant Panda...and I am working on drawing a Red Panda!! Hehe_BTW, I added the #EatLots when I was dropping the in the original drawing, it doesn't have that_Buuuut, I might add that soon!

petitelouis123 its so good!

Queeny Awesome! Love the drawing! I'd love to see the red panda!

cookie122105 cute

GemHeart Very cute! ;)

Giraffe drawin

HorseGirl221 Whoops! I didn't mean to add the max face, haha! I thought that I did pretty good! 👍

FunHeart1010 Wow awesoME!

KnightStar GREAT JOB!

Queeny I LOVE IT!

JD2005 Yes you did! Great!

cookie122105 love it

GemHeart Great! I can't draw animals realistically to save my life. CURSE U FNAF

I also did a doodle of the Eiffel tower:

lunamoonlight Good job!

Queeny Love it! I love the details you made!

KnightStar Great job!

JD2005 Good job!

cookie122105 amazing

GemHeart That's good!

Today I drew a Dorcas Gazelle in the snow: So cute!

KnightStar Aww I love it!

Queeny THAT IS SO CUTE. You are amazing at drawing animals!

FunHeart1010 Aww cute!

JD2005 So cute!

cookie122105 so cute

GemHeart So cool!

A few days ago a drew a girl in a marshy area_good, I guess_but I am definetly not as good as Gem and Queeny!! 😉

Queeny I think it's wonderful!

lunamoonlight good job

FunHeart1010 Awesome!!

JD2005 Thumb's up!

cookie122105 wonderful

GemHeart Thank you. But it's good!

Okay_so today I attempted a drawing of a really pretty lady. Um, it turned out creepy, haha! 😄

HorseGirl221 She looks so terrible, hahaha! #TerribleArtMistakes

Queeny I think it's great, don't worry! We all start somewhere!

FunHeart1010 CUTE!!! I dont worry about it!

JD2005 I agree with Queeny!

cookie122105 same queeny

GemHeart Hehheh! She's cute though.