GemHeart Awwww!!!

FunHeart1010 Awww!

Queeny Aw!

JD2005 Nice!

What grade are you in

FortnitePlayer 5th about 20 more days till I'm in 6th

GemHeart 9th.

lunamoonlight 6th, about 9 days till I'm in 7th.

FunHeart1010 6th.

Queeny 6th

TylerTheDrummer 7th...but since I'm homechooled I have some classes in 8th grade and sometimes even 9th or 10th.

My puppy dog

lunamoonlight CUTE

Kitten AWWW

Queeny AWW!

CatGirlTiti Aw cute!!

GemHeart So cute!

FunHeart1010 noiceee!

This is my dog

ammyk Aww!

FunHeart1010 Aww~!\

GemHeart Awwww ;3

lunamoonlight looks a lot like my dog Angel

FortnitePlayer Cute!

Holahi What does your dog look like lunamoonlight

My dog lives with my grandma and grandpa I get to have her for the weekend😃

GemHeart Yay!

I took this photo on a walk

FortnitePlayer Hmmmm...

FortnitePlayer You sure about thay

FortnitePlayer That*

FortnitePlayer If u did nice photo

CatGirlTiti Beautiful!

JD2005 I like ladybugs!

FunHeart1010 Pretty!!

poppyweasel32 yeah that looks nice

Holahi Yes I took it I was at the Ashland ponds

Holahi Thanks

Happy Easter!!!

FortnitePlayer Thx

JD2005 Yes, thanks!

FunHeart1010 Thanks, you too!