I’ve improved so much in the time I’ve had at middle school right now in math I’m taking a test to see if I can get into advanced math I’m so excited 😆

KittyKat Good job! I hope you get in!

JD2005 Best of luck!

lunamoonlight Great!

Tintin1956 great

lunalovegoodmolly I got into advanced math but didn't do it

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Person 1: We only live once.
Person 2: Wrong! We only die once. We live every day.

Be positive, always!


Lili07 look someone snachted meh hershey i was like:BOI U BETTER GIVE MEH HERSHEY BACK OR U GONNA CATCH THESE HANDS"i love me some of me hershey

JD2005 Thanks for sharing!

Holahi Np

GemHeart ;3

How are you all today?

JD2005 Good! You?

Holahi Doin’ great!

lunalovegoodmolly Meh

Queeny I'm kinda tired tbh

Imma cover the face but I don’t know what to cover it with

GemHeart Great job!

Holahi Thx!

lunamoonlight that looks awesome, I'm in the middle of a drawing now, but bravo Holahi!

Holahi Thx!

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Share if I izzz a fwwwiend

Kitten aww, thanks

Holahi No problem

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Me: you can do hair rinses with apple cider vinager.
My dad: it is great. You can wash your car with it. If you run out of gas you can go a few miles on it.
Me: you should look it up to see if it is true. The gas isn't but the washing probably is. You can wash a car with any liquid. You should have seen when I went to a gas station and thought it was a car wash. It was messy. People were yellong at me.

lunalovegoodmolly Disclamer: my dad actilly said this but he made it up.

lunamoonlight Lol

ArtistGirl lol, I’ve rinsed my hair with apple cider vinegar.

JD2005 XDD

GemHeart LOL....

Twentyonepilotsan Wow LOL REALLY

RavenHeartBooks Lol

JD2005 😂

Kitten Lolz

lunalovegoodmolly Thanks for sharing

What is your fav school subject and least fav my fav is math and least fav is health

ArtistGirl my fav is ELA/Lit and least fav is math

KnightStar health who?


Emelyisaway and i dont rlly like math

lunamoonlight Shop and English.

JD2005 Fav computer science, least fav maths.

lunalovegoodmolly Fave English

Jabber Art

Holahi Why doesn’t anyone like math 😩