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I am reading all my pls and I just realized I am very random

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Pumpkin yeah. We all are!

Quote garmadon, I don't enjoy saying this b .

Hobbypony But good luck. Garmadon

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The incredible story of GrandPAW mason.
Mason is an ancient, battle-scarred feral cat with advanced kidney disease. Instead of euthanasia, we felt he deserved to live his sunset months in comfort, free from pain.

What happened next will make your heart melt.

Pumpkin Cute, right?

FortnitePlayer Yes

JD2005 IKR?

Pumpkin Cool!

Pumpkin Thank You for sharing!

FunHeart1010 Im not crying, you are.


Pumpkin Hi

KnightStar Hi

Queeny Hi

lunamoonlight ¿Hola, cómo estás hoy?

Good morning and happy Easter eve

JD2005 Ditto!

I love hello neighbor and tangled the series my favorite characters are Cassandra,rapunzel,eugene, and my most favorite

Bewitched67 I do to 😁 😊

JD2005 I like Tangled too!

Holahi What's hello neighbor?

Does anyone here like writing and singing songs.I do I am not so sure if I am good ( I know I don't sound that good) but I love doing it so that's what I am to do because I enjoy it and I am good at writing songs and I think EVERYONE should do and be who they want to be

Bewitched67 yes love it

JD2005 I don't.

Bewitched67 beyourself if anyone thinks your bad at doing what you love don't et them make you fell bad

KnightStar I do that too!

lunamoonlight I write a lot of songs as well as poems, and I sing a lot. I don't normally sing my own songs often, mostly just ones by other people, but I have sang some of my own to other people before.

Bewitched67 um everyone who sees this please post a pic of fav artists

KnightStar I don't have a favoirit artist

Hobbypony I love Most nightcore song

Hi guys I'm be back i so signed out on accident but reset my password and now I'm back so HI!!!

JD2005 Hello! WB!

Schools done and I some up at 9:30 am

cookie122105 Kkkkkk

KnightStar Wow...you are done with school VERY early!

TylerTheDrummer WOW! The earliest I finished a whole day of school was around 10:00am! (I'm homeschooled BTW)

lunamoonlight I am behind by a couple weeks, so good for you.

Queeny Earliest I finished was 6:00 am! (It was a really bad night...)

KnightStar Ditto Luna! I am too.

lunamoonlight Srsly, i just been chilling on kidznet all the time wen I need to read The Secret Garden (I've seen the movie 2 times!)

KnightStar I've seen that movie 4 times! Beat that!

GemHeart I usually get done at lunch these days...

lunamoonlight I mean the black and white version, well there is color at the end, pretty good storyline