Hi ☺

petitelouis123 holaaaaaa

cookie122105 hi

JD2005 Hello!

cookie122105 hola como estas

GemHeart Heyya!

Queeny Hey!

Yappy new year

Queeny Happy New Year to you too! And have a Happy rest of 2019!


Hobbypony No not happy yappy

lunamoonlight I'm very yappy

cookie122105 u too

GemHeart Hey guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Okay, whatcha think about me? (The share thing didn't work and I'm in a hurry RN)

If you're right, I'll give you a reward (I'm not saying what it is ;3)! ;D

100musicmaniac Blue Chocolate Girly Fruit Music Water Dress Flats Nails Quiet Tell me how many I got right!

Crystal Okey! Blue,chocolate,sport,fruit,books,tea,jeans,flats,nails, quiet ( to strangers and stuff)

Hobbypony Blue,vanilla,sport,Mc Donalds,books,water,jeans,flats,nails funny.( This is me

FunHeart1010 Blue, Vannila, Mc Donalds, music, water, jeans, flats, nails, and funny!

GemHeart You're almost right!!! I prefer chocolate!

GemHeart You're almost right!!! I prefer chocolate!

GemHeart Your reward is a big ole hug from Gemmy ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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Do you know me well?

xxpainitewolf I think.. pink, chocolate, girly, fruit, music, water, dress, flats, nails, and funny

FunHeart1010 You got A 3/10 but that's actually really good! Blue, chocolate, fruit, music, water, jeans, flats, nails, and funny!

JD2005 Hmm... Are you a boy or a girl?

I am a Hufflepuff

KnightStar Cool! Pony's are loyal, juts like Hufflepuff's!

KnightStar *just

Queeny I'm a Slytherin!

GemHeart Ravenclaw ;D


I have only read two but HARRY POTTER IS AWESOME!!

FunHeart1010 Oh cool! I really want to watch some Harry Potter!

JD2005 I want to read some!

CatGirlTiti I've read 5 of HP books.

KnightStar Cool!

Queeny Cool!

GemHeart IKR?

School is done!!😀😀😀😀

KnightStar LOL I didn't have school today, and usually I do on a Holiday! School is not done for me, still WEEKS till my school is in break.

JD2005 I didn't have school today too!

KnightStar (:

KnightStar Which is great cuz I had a long Saturday and Sunday!

GemHeart I didn't have school on Monday either XD

Queeny Neither did I have school!

KnightStar Queeny, your bad grammar kills me LOL

KnightStar JK

Happy Halloween 🎃🎃💀💀

FunHeart1010 Happy Halloween

GemHeart Heyhey!


KnightStar Happy Halloween!

Queeny Happy Halloween!

Last night we watch Garfield till 4:12 Am

Tintin1956 LOL

KnightStar Why?

FunHeart1010 dang.

FunHeart1010 once I couldn't sleep and stayed up till 3:00 AM....yeah....we both have some problems

FunHeart1010 once I couldn't sleep and stayed up till 3:00 AM....yeah....we both have some problems

KnightStar tHAT'S tHe times the monsters come out?!!!

Hobbypony Uhh we wanted to stay up and watch Garfield

KnightStar OoOoOoOOoOOoOoOoOO

Has anyone been to a other country/state other then the one you were born in

Happy101 Yep! I've been to Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Alabama, Minnesota, Georgia, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Arkansas, ....I think that's it😂

Tintin1956 I've been to Canada

KnightStar I've been to Florida, Alabama and many other places I wasn't born. I wasn't born in out of the United States and live in the United States...

TylerTheDrummer Ive been to europe a couple of times!

KnightStar Sorry, meant to say I live in The United States, so does that count??

GemHeart Yes, been to six or seven states but never been outside the U.S...

KnightStar The US is goooooddd