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Someone asked me what’s the meaning of bruh and I was like bRuH wHaT?

Autumn Lol bruh

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Most people- What is she doing? What's with the hands? What did she do?
Me- Why the candles look like that? How do you get candles to look all pointy like that? Can i get a pointy candle?

KnightStar i didnt even notice the hands LOL

The songs I relate to the most: July-Noah Cyrus Someone you loved-Lewis Capaldi Old me-5 SOS Everything I wanted Billie Eilish The man-Taylor Swift Didn’t I-OneRepublic etc

lunamoonlight I know one of those and have the chorus memorized only because it has been played a million times on the radio. Talkig about Someone You Loved. Admittingly, its not bad, but more overplayed.

JD2005 Yes Luna, I agree.

GemHeart I love Someone You Loved but it is overplayed....