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What’s your fav movie..color...food.....and sport?

lunamoonlight Movie, The Crow. Color, black as a first and bright blue as a second. Food, chicken. Sport, dodgeball or volleyball.

Autumn Fav movie, idk. Color, pastel pink, and pastel blue. food, pasta. sport, idk

HeyitsBabyKiki Nice!

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Do you know me well?

xxpainitewolf I think.. pink, chocolate, girly, fruit, music, water, dress, flats, nails, and funny

FunHeart1010 You got A 3/10 but that's actually really good! Blue, chocolate, fruit, music, water, jeans, flats, nails, and funny!

Autumn pink, vanilla, sport, mc donald's, music, water, jeans, flats, nails, funny

supernuggets77 Nope sorry

HeyitsBabyKiki @Autumn you got everything right except the mc Donald’s I don’t like it

Autumn Yay

HeyitsBabyKiki Lol