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KnightStar I love being your frewnd!! NP!

lunamoonlight Can I be ur friend?

JD2005 NP!

lunamoonlight What is NP?

KnightStar yes!

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GemHeart “NP”= no problem!

lunamoonlight :)

Hey guys! Let's try to keep the stuff on here lighthearted ok? I know it's Halloween season and everyone is all into the scary goth and gory stuff but this is a protected environment and I would like to keep it that way. So please just make sure the stuff that you're posting is appropriate and not too scary? Cause I know we have a wide age range on here and some things that aren't scary to 16 year olds are scary to 10 year olds. Thanks! your friend, Happy101

JD2005 Agreed!

GemHeart KS monitors so nothing can get pass that isn't G! Don't worry ;)

KnightStar Ya

FunHeart1010 Yep!

Heeeeyy guys!! Remember me??😂 Happy101 is back!!😂🎉

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Hey guys! Just making sure everyone is having a great day!😊😉😜

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