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Hey, have you seen @anonymous lately? It seems the last he posted was two weeks ago.

An album would probably take a few months too make. That is why all people on kn are gonna get early access too songs i record.

EloquentRacer92 except me everyone ignoress me

Dash201 Do u have kidztalk

TomBoyFoxGrl don't say that Elo

JD2005 :)

GuitaristKid I dont have kt

GuitaristKid Everyone on kn will get to see the songs

The longest stretch i can make on guitar. 😅 owie.
1st fret to the 6th fret

lunamoonlight That's really difficult. Owie indeed.

Pumpkin I can do long stretches on the cello. I know your pain

JD2005 Ouch.

Hey! Any southerner userss on kidznet?

GemHeart Yes :3

KnightStar Out of all the Southern states I've lived in, I'd say Louisiana and Alabama are the best! Louisiana for the unique culture, Alabama for it's beautiful hills, downtowns and preservation of historic buildings. Florida is okay, just a little crazy if you know what I'm saying-- Tennessee is nice too but just not my style.

GuitaristKid I am from Georgia

Ash Meeee

ammyk Georgia is my favorite southern state, other than Virginia. Just because Savannah is really nice.


lunamoonlight Little more info there Elo?

ammyk Eloquent, I hate social media because it’s usually based upon sharing pictures of yourself, often heavily edited, and subtly bragging about how amazing you are. Either that, or you’re one of the people who’s self-esteem is utterly destroyed because you’re surrounded by these ‘influencers’ who make their lives look like an absurdly fairytale-like paradise that only you’re excluded from. In conclusion, I will stick to KidzNet, thank you very much. But if you’d like to go sacrifice your happiness to the unappeasable gods of self-absorption and join the train wreck that is the rest of social media, be my guest.

GuitaristKid @eloquent ???

Pumpkin daaaang it's getting heated in here


ammyk Cool.

JD2005 Cool!

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share this post if your American

I would like to make my own music pretty soon. I think for albums I would like Gem heart to make a cover. All my friends will get early access to songs. It will be instrumental.

JD2005 Sounds exciting :D

Ash Ok!

MrGoodGuy sounds cool!

AstrialFlames Ok!

JHAMMER2 If we made the first one a cover for AC/DC i could be Vocals I will pitch my voice as HIGH as possable

lunamoonlight @JHAMMER2 Instrumentals do not have lyrics or vocals.

JHAMMER2 Oh. I guess i didn't read the whole post

AstrialFlames I can sing really well, so I was thinking about starting a boy band with my friends.

JD2005 @AstrialFlames :)

Here is my method for mashed potatoes. If you don't want peels, then peel potatoes. I personally want the peels:

-Dice enough potatoes to fill half the pot. Use a big pot.
-After you cut the taters, fill the pot enough to fill the taters.
-Set stove to high and bring water with potatoes to a rapid boil
-Once boiling, bring stove down to 7
-Once the taters are soft and not crunchy anymore, turn stove off, and put potatoes in strainer(Put strainer in sink for this step.)
-once potatoes are drained, put potatoes back in pot. Set pot on stove. MAKE SURE THERE IS NO HEAT ON THE STOVE.
-Thoroughly mash potatoes with masher.
-Put a half a stick of butter and 1.5 tbs garlic. Add salt to hearts content.
- Mix spices and you are done. Dang, you maker good taters. I come from the south and taters are always good.

ammyk If I ever get my hands on some potatoes I will try this. I just wish you had continued to call them taters for the entire recipe.

GuitaristKid @ammyk i hope you like it

lunamoonlight How I make mashed potatoes: Put water in instant potato cup thing. Put in microwave for about a minute. Done. Lol.

KnightStar Ikr. Taters here are very good. @lunamoonlight THAT SOUNDS SO DISGUSTING NO SHADE LOLLL

GuitaristKid @Kluna Instant taters...bleck... You need to make taters from scratch.

lunamoonlight Heck nah. I ain't spending that much time making mashed potatoes. Besides, instant is cheaper. I'll use real potatoes for baked potatoes, but if I'm making mashed potatoes, I ain't making them from scratch. It's not gross.

ammyk Have you ever tried the blasphemous excuse for mashed potatoes that is ground up cauliflower? Don’t.

GuitaristKid @ammyk lol

Alexa Sketchy

lunamoonlight Yup


JD2005 XDD

GemHeart True-

EloquentRacer92 Wdym

lunamoonlight Alexa/Siri/Google Assistant/Cortana are basically just ways for major companies (or the government) to know everything that's going on in your house. And yes, I really am paranoid enough to believe that.

GuitaristKid @Luna I agree. You need to be careful about what you do on the internet, because the fbi could come to your house to investigate what you got going on