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GuitaristKid Hopefully this will set the mood for the day.

Pumpkin Cringe joke but still funny

JD2005 lol

Unicornfriend What in th-...

Sorry about the meme I posted. I see why it would've crossed the line. If you see the post below you will see that I am leaving. If Kidzsearch allows it iyou could look for me on a chat chat room called act chat. Look for my name ****. Good bye.

JD2005 Please don't leave. 🙏🏻

Momobami Nooo

KnightStar Don't leave, the meme wasn't a offensive as people say it is, trust me. It didn't cross the line bro.

JD2005 @KnightStar I agree.

Pumpkin we aren't gonna have that debate, knightstar.

GuitaristKid I decided I am not gonna leave.

Commando Awesome! Thanks for staying @GuitaristKid!

JD2005 Yay :D

Dear people that hating on me for the controversial meme I made,


Pumpkin wow. All we want is an apology 👀 Your post crossed the line. Are you too scared to apologize?? And once you get called out for your behavior it's somehow considered hate, even though you're the one calling me a wuss 😂

Crafter4017 This really isn't the way out though, by telling people to suck it up. If it was a Trump meme there would also be an equal amount of support as well as an opposing force. Plus this is a kid-oriented platform, it should focus on being for kids and not for issues like politics.

Autumn yall stop fighting and have some snickers

GuitaristKid Well y'all are the one getting offended, and besides have YOU shared A trump meme? If so then tell me how people reacted.If A Trump supporter saw A meme making fun of trump they would just move on, and if they did get offended then they would be a wuss too. Fine I am sorry. Now can this be over.

Unicornfriend The left makes fun of Trump why can't Republicans pu

Unicornfriend ll a little fun

JD2005 @Autumn 👍🏻👍🏻

Pumpkin I never shared a trump meme.

JHAMMER2 Bro, just don't post memes that involves politics. Easy answer

Momobami Love this game

That face you make when your song is about a toxic relationship but people dance anyway

Yusss XD

JD2005 lol

Fun fact:

To untwist you need to twist it.

Pumpkin mind blown 🤯

JD2005 True lol.

Yusss Lol true

Unicornfriend Lol

Unicornfriend Lol

Unicornfriend Yusss wanna do a follow for follow??

Unicornfriend Yusss wanna do a follow for follow??

Pumpkin Stop spamming

GuitaristKid @pumkin its about he can't help it. Sometimes posts or comments get posted twice

GuitaristKid Wait, was I spamming?

Mom reading the lyrics to a song you showed her

Autumn definitely my mom

forgxtten plot twist: it’s in another language

JD2005 lol

Yusss XD

Crafter4017 Not really the best post for the platform mate

Pumpkin Not cool dude.

JD2005 ...

Unicornfriend lol soo true

Crafter4017 Forgot to tack this on my original post, but before some goes and starts blaring about "respect other's political opinions!!" or "the left hates this!!" remember that everyone has got to fall down some stairs at one point in their lives, plus suddenly saying "Oh noes, the President has tripped down some stairs! Surely this makes him an incapable leader and we should immediate make fun at his expense lol!! XD" probably proves immaturity and maybe a signal to stay away from politics. Surely I hope this post was made/posted in some kind of edgy middle schooler phase and doesn't end up being a lasting personality factor.

Pumpkin Agreed 100%.

Pumpkin Follow the golden rule... follow the rules you preach... do on to others as you would have them do on to you

GuitaristKid @Crafter4017 thanks for hoping I don't become a wing like you

Crafter4017 again, focusing on how someone tripping makes them a bad leader somehow is rather immature, i'm not sure what you mean by "wing" either

Pumpkin: I will share any cat related posts


JD2005 👀

Pumpkin close enough