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Everyone around me is in such a great relationship.... and then theres me.... always third wheeling... never been in a relationship… Never went out on a real first date... never truly been loved...

GemHeart Welp. Same for me, really. But I aint complaining

JD2005 Yes, I see couples everywhere... *sigh*

lunamoonlight Same dude

KnightStar Same Gem I ain't complaining

FunHeart1010 Same gem

lunalovegoodmolly 😭

lunamoonlight I just say "MAH SHIP IS SAILING" whenever they are around because they make good couples.

Twentyonepilotsan Lol sorry

ArtistGirl same gem

Queeny Meh. I don't really see other people a lot, got no one to be jealous of lol

I'm going emo.... I'm piercing my septum soon.... just thought I'd share it will you..

Twentyonepilotsan Where did s that I mean on your bday

Twentyonepilotsan Body

Greyson15 Yes knight I will be.

bella07 Lol knightstar

Greyson15 Nose

Twentyonepilotsan Oh

lunalovegoodmolly Wow

KnightStar I would get one if I didn't think going through that part was so gross. Every time I think of it freaks me out, I'm a wimp!

lunamoonlight I don't want to deal with taking care of peircings, and I would prefer getting a tattoo, more meaningful with a picture.

KnightStar Not that hard to take care of 'em, I think they are just pretty lol

Welp... I dyed my hair again folks.... it's now dark dark blue almost black

KnightStar Dude you are going on a emo rampage

ArtistGirl okie. I died my hair once with kool-aid. only the tips tho, and you could barely see it, it was pink. It lasted for two days and washed out.

lunamoonlight I want to dye my hair, my mom would let me, my dad might. Thinking of a color, some of my friends think I should dye it, since my hair is blonde it would be easy.

Queeny Dark blue hair? That reminds me of Coraline lol

FunHeart1010 XD Knight, anyway cool!

Twentyonepilotsan I want my tips red (red is the BEST colo r)

JD2005 Cool.

Jabber dark blue is really cool hair color

lunamoonlight Maybe dark blue tips for me

GemHeart LOL Queeny XD

Can you guess my name?
1. It's unique
2. It's two names put together
3. Its starts with K

Kitten Idk

lunalovegoodmolly Kylin?

ArtistGirl What does it mean?

Autumn I don't know

JD2005 I've no idea. What does it mean?

Greyson15 It's a made up name so it doesn't have a meaning

FunHeart1010 zoo wee mama? Jk I dk

Kitten omg I love diary of a wimpy kid


FunHeart1010 XD

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lunamoonlight Aww

Jabber sooo CUTE!


ArtistGirl lol

Emelyisaway thanks for sharing lol

JD2005 💖

Kitten Cute

My tattoo... yes I got it underage... yes I got it with parental permission... yes everyone knows about it

JD2005 Wow cool!

lunamoonlight How much do those hurt?

Najeebsco thats a semi colon

lunalovegoodmolly Cool

KnightStar Lol now I know, I had friend that got a tat and piercing and she was 13 so not that young at least.

ArtistGirl a semicolon? ok.

Emelyisaway does it have anything to do with project semicolon? if so, that's a rlly nice tattoo!

Greyson15 Yes it does

Jabber did it hurt a lot?

Kitten Is that your arm?

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GemHeart YES Oh and I love Jack Sparrow and Johnny Depp in general XD

KnightStar so true...

lunalovegoodmolly Yup....

ArtistGirl same Gem

Jabber haha

FunHeart1010 yup

JD2005 Thanks for sharing!

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💖 💖 💖

GemHeart ;)

JD2005 Thanks for sharing!

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Dear KidzSearch, I wanna ask you something.
On Google, we need to make only one account to access all of their services, e.g. YouTube, Search, Gmail, Maps etc. etc.
But on KidzSearch, we need to make multiple, one account for one specific service, e.g. one for KidzNet, one for KidzTalk, one for KidzTube etc. etc.
Why? I think it'd be great if you can solve this problem. Then we'll need to make just one account to access all of KidzSearch! Hope you'll like this idea.

JD2005 P.S. Friends, if you agree, please share it so KS can see.

GemHeart Maybe because parents wont allow kids to be on certain things on KS?

KidzSearch That is one if the reasons, but if a parent agrees to a service you should not have to enter a username separately. There are also technical issues.

JD2005 Thanks for sharing!

This is my new piercing

ArtistGirl cool

KnightStar Oh cool, yeah FH, snake bite. Personally I think once you take them out it looks kid of scarred so I'd rather a medusa but at the same time those can be dangerous, but so are snake bites so mmhh.

Jabber wow cool

Jabber did it hurt when you got it?

Greyson15 Yes FH

FunHeart1010 I'd probably get a nose piercing when I get older lol.

lunamoonlight I probably won't get a piercing, don't see the point. Tattoo maybe.

lunamoonlight I probably won't get a piercing, don't see the point. Tattoo maybe.

KnightStar Luna, to me they are very beautiful but I see your point. I thought of getting a tat but my mom always told me think of when your older so nah.

Emelyisaway cool :>