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It's Meme time again

lunalovegoodmolly LOL

FunHeart1010 lol

Ori and the Blind Forest Review, soon on KidzTalk !

lunamoonlight I HAVE THAT GAME!

Queen157 Made a kn account! Awesome

Just chillin' at a camping, Dave is home.

"Sometimes i wonder if the moon is just a big piece of cheese..."
-Terraria Merchant

TylerTheDrummer Hi! I guess you're new here! Welcome to KidzNet. And Kidztalk! I saw your post about the Maus on KT. I LOVE tanks!!

Kitten Lol!

KnightStar That's usually what I think/

GreenGear tyler i was on Kidztalk for awhile now XD

Kitten Yeet

Kitten He was the one who posted about those funny dave the skeleton stories

lunamoonlight Oh hey GreenGear! How are you?

TylerTheDrummer oh lol


lunalovegoodmolly LOL

Kitten Lol

FunHeart1010 Lol....but they are...

GreenGear They sure are.

Kitten Heh