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Can someone delete me

GirlPower I’m not gonna be on kidzsearch anymore

KidzSearch Please message us if you want your account deleted.

JD2005 Contact KidzSearch, they'll do it for you.

People who have a crush or is dating someone. Y’all are too young for that.
(Unless your 16+)

Queeny Your really never to young to have a crush. I had one in first grade lol

KnightStar There is no age to having a crush, in fact, it's really uncontrolled in some ways. But hey, dating ain't.

FunHeart1010 Lol I've never had a crush

Pumpkin agreed

KnightStar What am I talking about I've never dated anyone, the only crushed I've had were fictional and one real life that I sadly only rarely held hands with...and not in the romantic way.

JD2005 Yes, I'm 14 and I know I'm too young to date, so I never dated anyone. But there's no age limit for having crushes and I do have a crush.

GemHeart No age limits for crushes. I had mine in kinder. Dating, yes. 16 plus at least

Pumpkin Well, there is no "limit", but I recommend not doing it at a young age.

ArtistGirl crushes are fine, just dating is... meh... YO TOO YOUNG FO DAT!

Pumpkin ye