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FUNHEART’S MY SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER (yes, it makes sense, FH XD) I would like to point out that that makes me unoffically half Filpino? XD

I like to make dark jokes and look at DANK memes, and I like Razzbowski on YouTube. 

LLM is my biggest fan. 

I am techinally a... "KS Mom" (-Knightstar), "big sis", and "mom friend" (-Queeny). I feel old.

Artist Girl ships me with Legolas. I'll name the kid after ya AG XD XD XD (#gemlas; @legolassx

I ship #neanna (Newt [HP: FBaWtFT] and our very own ArtistGirl)


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(Lindalen, my Lord of the Rings OC, sketch)


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(Lindalen by Queeny)



I am an American Christian, and I speak English (currently learning Japanese, and I know a bit of the conlang Elvish)! I am 15 years old and learning to drive. 

My fave anime is Bleach (I also like Tokyo Ghoul, One-Punch-Man, and a few others), but my least faves are ones like Sailor Moon and Jeanne, but the first anime I saw was Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki, which is a really good movie. . my fave novels are Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. My fave singers/bands are Sam Tinnesz, Melanie Martentiz, 21 Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Five Finger Death Punch, Evansence, Jon Pardi, Tom Profitt, Tori Kelly, TobyMac, and Kelly Clarkson (those are just the ones I remember at the moment). I like Christian music (upbeat), rock, alt. rock and alt. pop, some pop, some dance, and some country. My least fave singers are sugary pop singers, so I don't like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, or Katy Perry, to name a few. My fave actors are Orlando Bloom (as Legolas in LotR and Will in PotC), Johnny Depp (as Jack Sparrow in PotC and in other movies like Edward Scissorshands), and Viggo Mortensen (as Aragon in LotR and other movies). So, a bit about myself... I was born in June. I am currently 15 years old (which means I may not be around too much longer here on KS, it depends), a girl, and one of the older users here: I am also one of the most active, having the most points on KN and in the top 3 of most points on KT. I am also a quadruplet, but my siblings don't have active KN accounts. People like to call me nicknames such as Gem, Gemmy, Em, Emmy, GH, and in a few cases, GemmyHeart- you can say whatever tickles your fancy and isn't offensive toward me! I also tend to give nicknames according to your username! It usually is a shorten version of your username such as initals (if two or more words) or a traditional nickname like Em for Emily (if one word). I have had several pets, from countless fish (Lola, Charlie, Wishy, etc), 1 guniea pig (Mr. G), 4 pet rats (Scabbers, Templeton, Teddy, and Little Chef), and a family dog (Lola). I want a cat. I also like to draw, write (on KidzTalk under -GEMHeart-), and artsy stuff like that.My personality, in anime terms, has been described as Deredere (hyper and fun-loving), Tsundere (fiery on the outside, soft on the inside), Dandere (shy until you get to know me), and Yandere (crazy, basically), and Bodere (mix between Dandere and Tsundere) as well as (from a RateMe posted last year): creative, smart, sarcastic, awesome, amazing, imaginative.. etc. I would describe my fashion sense as emoish, since I like black and grey and white. I like jeans sweatpants, baggy shirts, and boots/converse to name a few. I like plain colored clothes usually, unless it's a quote shirt or a fandom shirt I like. So, it's pretty hard to find me wearing pink with a big heart or sappy saying on it. Favorite colors are green, black, white, and teal. My least fave are pink and yellow.My fave video game is Elder Scrolls Skyrim, but I also like indie mobile games like Yandere Sim/Lovesick, FNAF (also the novels), Baldi's Basics, and Granny. Yes, I like scary video games and movies, like Resident Evil, WWZ, and other things like that. I have wide area of what I like, you see.I like novels that are fantasy-driven, and some comedy or pyschological thriller books. Same for my movies. Some common ships that people have created with my OCs are the Bleach canon/OC ship Toshiro Hitsuagaya/Rinji Shukei (Riniro), and the LotR canon/OC ship Legolas Greenleaf/Lindalen Starsinger (also referred to as [the] Kemenfiniel). To learn more about my OCs (main OCS: Rinji, Uial [referred to as Iael on the show], & Goldicat; other OCS: Fellaniss Alvadottir, Jui Hanashira, and Asia Mahou) please see my funny radio show style blog on KidzTalk: GH Type Shows! Each OC is explained in depth there, with the Producer and I asking questions created by YOU! I am -GEMHeart- on KidzTalk, and I have some stories up there as well if you like to read. Now that you know, have fun here on KN!  




All art belongs to their respective artists. Do not steal or alter or use for yourself, other than for personal reasons. 

If you make a fan-art of any of my characters or just for me in general, be sure and post it on my wall! I only post KidzNet art here.

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