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#gemlas Edit. This is the digital edit

GemHeart Original (I edited the size of the eyes and length of the face):

JD2005 Awesome.

Scruffypenny Even digital its amazing! looks totally paper drawn but still epic!

GemHeart Thanks :j

harsimar Wonderful

My meet the artist image!!!

harsimar Wow

JD2005 Cool!

GemHeart Thanks :D

The illo, guys, in my new style: Lindalen (GemHeart LOL) X Legolas.
Hope you like it, I tried hard on it :D



Was storming really bad earlier, now it’s so blue!
View from my swing set

Sophiacodingirl Beautiful!

lunamoonlight Pretty!

Coolguy Nature's beauty

JD2005 So beautiful!

Going to adjust eye size, but here’s Legolas in the illo so far <3
Don’t worry he’s gonna look older, this is just me trying out proportions

Gonna add Lindalen!

JD2005 :D

lunamoonlight I think the eyes look pretty good so far!

Scruffypenny great!

GemHeart Thanks :)

Cya guys Monday.
I posted a TBT art and a Roleplay of the Day Special. You Gemlas fans will like that one LOL.

How are you?

JD2005 Cya, and I'm alive LOL.

GemHeart Good!