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So, I got Sims Mobile and Liner wanted me to add myself and Legolas.
So that’s what I did

Just sketchin

For Jay:

Recent emojis-

I don’t know why I used most of these LOL

@Lindalen :
Hello immortal

JD2005 XD

I have to rant real quick.
So, my brother likes to comment on my art when I’m making it. Like, for example, for the Lindalen one below, he said, “the lips are bad and the chin’s too sharp” like what? He can’t even draw, and he thinks he can be mean about me learning as I go. I’m self-taught and learn best through trail and error but he thinks everything I draw should be PERFECT (at least to him).

Grrrrrrrr. It gets really annoying and really makes me feel bad about my stuff.

lunamoonlight No one watches me draw. No one sees my drawings unless i show them. I get tips from my mom who is a good artist and has several art books. Tips from my dad who is self taught and good at skulls and black and white stuff and my brother gives me tips on the same except my brother is more likely to comment on the subject matter and how i portray it.

KnightStar Well, he most likely salty LOL. As Queeny said, I just hover over her and glare, then silently leave.

GemHeart Well, my brother is a hover so

Last post today.
This is Jeep’s LoTR Character Borik, a greedy side-hustling dwarf. Mostly comedic relief LOL

GemHeart *proceeds to keep posting XD*

JD2005 Nice drawing, and lol.

GemHeart Thx :)