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I have lots of art below.... and for a quick explanation,
I got hired at a local southern place and I start on the 19th
I’m not very excited, I’m pretty nervous...
But at least I’ll get some money...

Please comment below on my art!!! Thank you!

JD2005 Congratulations on your new job! Best of luck :D

spiltmilk congratulations!!!

Bijuu M I K fanart,

Momobami so good!

JD2005 Awesome! 💚

Little comic ft Linda

HarryPotterLover123 Lol


Original characters of mine,

PurpleMochi That’s so cool!

JD2005 :D

Lindalën designs #2

forgxtten i really like her modern design aslkdjasjdkfh

JD2005 @forgxtten Me too <3

Lindalën designs #1

Lindalën sketch
This is on public, I put my others on friends, so to everyone who isn’t in my friends list: I got a job, so technically I haven’t been on quite as much lately. I’ll still try to check in once a week tho!!

JD2005 Pretty! ❤