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I had to do character designs for the hobbits first (working on final lineart for the big LOTR art now). Heres Sam, Merry and Pippin!!!

GemHeart (Decided to share again cuz I only got a few comments last time.)

JD2005 Great job!

Kitten cool!

GemHeart Thx!

JD2005 NP!

lunamoonlight Awesome


Hello artists! I have an art request please! Could you draw Iael in your style for me?
If you have any questions just ask below. Here's a close-up of her if you wanna see it, and check out EG if you want more reference. (BTW Queeny, where's my Christmas present?!?!? AHHHH! It's okay if you didn't get it done, tho.)

Plz my fwends, I would wike a drawing of little Iaelyn for meh

Queeny Ahhh! I'm really tryna get it done, after I saw Lyla in her battle armor I really wanted to draw her lol. Don't worry, it'll be done before January ends!

lunalovegoodmolly Working on it

FunHeart1010 K!! Drawing her now!

JD2005 :)

GemHeart Thx yall! ;0

GemHeart And Iael is her name now, though her full name is Iaelyn Lylalva Evenstar. LOL.

Jokerrocks There is no possible way that is hand drawn.

JD2005 @Jokerrocks And how do you know that? Stop being rude or I'll report you.

Jabber Wow that looks really great

lunamoonlight @Jokerrocks, it is hand-drawn, if you look close enough you can tell. And saying that it isn't can be offensive for artists, so please don't say that.