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(Please enter a character for a future CoWR chapter!)

Oh! And soon I'm getting back onto CoWR! However, I wont be able to do Q&As for a while. First, I am rewriting the latest chapter then I'll be back with a new one, chapter 7! See you guys later. I also sent the link of the story to people I know so I hope they like it.

Last post for today.

For Christmas my sibs and I are getting the D&D game as a collective whole, and I'm getting my character planned out a bit before looking at official ideas. I want to do an anthro cat dressed in American Indian style clothes, but modernized a little bit and with fantasy elements.

Any suggestions or pictures you could provide for me?

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GemHeart B&W Ink and Pencil sketch of my Skyrim OC Oceania!!!


For Halloween, what would you like me to draw Rinji dressed up as?
a) Werecat
b) Vampire
c) Witch
d) Your suggestion. You can combine if you want!

See you guys later!!! ;D

GemHeart *a) Not werecat, weredragon sorry XD

KnightStar b) vamp!!

whereintheworld Dragon!

lunalovegoodmolly Witch

FunHeart1010 Vampire!

KnightStar Well, we all have different answers, now what?

whereintheworld Most people want vampire so maybe that. What do you think GM?

lunamoonlight Vampiric witch!

lunamoonlight With dragon wings!

GemHeart Vamp: 3. Witch: 1. Weredragon: 2. I may make ya all happy and do Luna's suggestion XD

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Okay, both AG and I have done our Sept. 1st prompts.

KnightStar, Luna, and FH, your turn! It doesn't have to be long, it can be short or super long, it doesn't matter. When all have been posted, we will edit and work it into the very first chapter!!! Post your chapter on KT (link it here) or here.

Also, any good ideas for names? Since we have 5 girls now, since LLM decided not to do it (Theodosia, Christy, Ash, Angel, and Midnight), maybe we can put 5 in the title?

KnightStar Okay! I actually wrote it but then it had gotten deleted...):

GemHeart Aw! Just write it on Word or something and copy and paste it to KT/KN

KnightStar Yeah, I always do that, I wrote it on word but it didn't auto save it. THANKS A LOT, WORD!