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My brothers and I will be collabing a story on KidzTalk! IDK what its gonna be called but oh well, it should be up soon, maybe by Wedsday if not Tuesday.

JD2005 Awesome! Can't wait!

GemHeart ;)

Currently reading THE STAND by Stephen King!

lunamoonlight cool

JD2005 Cool!

So! I guess we have more guys on here now, if you’re a guy plz comment.


JD2005 I'm a guy... LOL JUST KIDDING!

JD2005 ...I'M NOT NEW!

GemHeart LOLZ Queeny

GemHeart And Jay u r a guy, XD

Sooo see you guys later!!! May or may not be able to do tutorials, ya know. Anyway, see y'all and bye.

Queeny Okay! Bye!

JD2005 Kk! Cya!

When you guys see me, whatcha think of? What is my personality to you?
(Asking this cuz I wanna see how I portray myself online.)

lunamoonlight Artsy, Nice, Friendly ect.

KnightStar Nice, well collective, protective, etc.

Queeny Calm, funny, friendly, nice!

GemHeart Thanks guys! Protective, tho? I guess, yeah ;D

CSeriestechhero Artsy, Friendly, and almost always check posts.

GemHeart Thanks guys, again. ;)

So, will try and get the tutorials done tonight or tomorrow. The tutorials I have on que are:

-Anime eyes (for FH1010)
-Boy's Hair (for Queeny)
-Cute Animals (for Ammy K.)

If anyone wants one done, please comment by this afternoon or evening. Ammy K.'s will not be completed this weekend cuz I will do all anime-related stuff first. I will post them in separate posts on KidzTalk and will leave a link here so you can see them.

FunHeart1010 Yay! That would be cool!

KnightStar Great!

JD2005 Cool!

Queeny Cool!

Sorry I wasn't on yesterday! My Wi-Fi crashed. Gonna check up on my feed! Gonna be the weekend soon, yay!!

KnightStar NP1

JD2005 Yaaaaaaaay!

Queeny YAY!