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How are yall? I'm okay. Any good LOTR memes you've seen lately? Be sure to share 'em XD

Queen157 Lol ok

You guys witness me doing something stupid.
As my friends, you end up in jail with me cuz you were accomplices.

lunamoonlight *sits next to Gem* What the heck dude. *waits for guard to eventually have to leave for something and starts picking the lock and it works* All right, come on y'all. Ò

lunamoonlight Ignore the ò

lunamoonlight And I actually know how to pick locks. I am best at padlocks but I can pick a normal lock or privacy lock if I need to.

ArtistGirl @lunamoonlight me too, I picked a lock with a pencil once

ArtistGirl *sits in the corner reading something random* Gem: Are you gonna help us get out or what? me: Wait, get out of wha- *realizes we’re in jail* dang it. *continues to read*

lunalovegoodmolly *makes one call that is avalible and have real life friend pay bail* see you later my friends!!


Would ya rather:
Meet your celeb crush
Get to punch someone you hate without consequence
Be given the choice to live in ANY fandom world you want for the rest of your life

Queeny Be given the choice to live in any fandom!

supernuggets77 Obviously choice to live in the Wizarding World for the rest of my life. But I always live 24/7 in imaginative Wizarding World!!

Ada4 Be chosen to live in any random world

KnightStar This was hard, but hate only brings pain to yourself - though I would love to punch a BTS member, just for all those BTS fans that attacked me hehe. I would also love to meet my celeb crush but they are waaay older then me so it's kind of useless.

lunamoonlight I have already punched someone I hate without consequence. I am gonna go live in No Game No Life now.

ArtistGirl Any fandom world? I’d get to do that while meeting my celeb crush, so yeah sure

lunalovegoodmolly fandom!!!!!!!!!

Watched Ice Age Meltdown yesterday (first time in a few years) and some of the stuff hit me hard now that I'm older XD

Same when I watch Shrek, or those sorts of animations.

supernuggets77 Guess what?? I can't remember when I watched Shrek! My mom says I did tho

Describe me in one word.
Describe me in one sentence

supernuggets77 Cool. You are a nice and unique girl. sorry I dunno u much but you were one of my first friendsoon KN!

supernuggets77 How come soon went there??

Ada4 Social

lunamoonlight You are my big sister.

ArtistGirl Craziness comes in different forms. lol

Queeny Big sis vibes

Nan *orders us some toilet paper*
N: *realizes when it's being shipped that it's from China*

Mum: *leaves the package outside and Lysols it repeatedly* We ain't getting COVID, kids

GemHeart *Nana

supernuggets77 LOL🤣🤣

KnightStar OH MY GOSH MY MOM HAS BEEN LYSOLING EVERYTHING! She went outside today just for an hour with FOUR trash bags over her, big glasses that look like they were for construction, a mask tight against her face and a Lysol bottle looking like she was ready to spray. Oh yes, and gloves.

ArtistGirl My mom does that...

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JD2005 Mom... *sob* MOM... *sob* (LOL)

ArtistGirl LOl

Queen157 Justin Bieber gives me allergies

UmmKairi Mom pick me up, mom, pick me up

lunamoonlight Rap battle, Justin VS Harry, Harry won.

lunamoonlight Rap battle, Justin VS Harry, Harry won.

GemHeart Orlando Bloom: *punches Justin* Daniel Radcliffe: We be BFFS dude

Queen157 xDDDDD

supernuggets77 Bruh it is Justin

JD2005 XD

Edz07 XDDD!!!

Cya guys later!

Queen157 Baaaaaiiiiii

JD2005 Cya!

Kemenfiniel (technically me XD) sketch

Queen157 Cool 😎

JD2005 Cool!

GemHeart thx!