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Rinny Sketch! Posted some on PW and my club,

lunamoonlight I saw those!

JD2005 Wow...

FunHeart1010 Awesome!

So, I'm about to start working on lineart for a digital drawing of Rinji! I'll see you guys later, whenever I can get on. Also, those who are entering the Rin contest please tag me or post it on my wall if you're doing it here on KT/KN. Also, same if you're doing it on PW. See y'all later!

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During the Arrancar arc, some Reapers go to Ichigo's hometown to help him with some missions, and they have to wear school uniforms to appear unsuspicious. Here's Rinji in that mindset!

Kitten Amazing!

Sketch of Rin! I'm gonna post some new stuff on my club (GH CLUB 2) in a minute. This is evil Rinji!

And Rinji fanart by @deromero on PW! BTW, plz enter my Rinji fanart contest here on KT/KN+PW!

FunHeart1010 oh cool!

KnightStar I will!

GemHeart Thx Knight! ;D

Rinji fanart by @daydaycoocoo on PW!

lunamoonlight THAT IS FLARFING WOW

FunHeart1010 Wow, I've never seen this side of Rinji! it's awesome!

GemHeart Thanks Luna, thanks FH, I really liked it when daydaycoo drew it. And yes, Rinji does have a side like this!

Today's drawing! My Bleach OCs, from r to l: Rinji, Hiroshi, Jerri, and U-ezuri.

FunHeart1010 KooOoL~!!

JD2005 Cool!

Queen157 I like the second one the best!

GemHeart Thanks guys!

My birthday is in a month!! Yay! (June 12th)!