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So I turned that WIP in greyscale so now it looks better lol.

GemHeart Proud of the nose but that’s all lol.

CoralSophie08 Ooo very nice!

lunamoonlight The nose is really good! I like the whole drawing too

JD2005 Awesome! How did you make the nose like that? :O

Thanks y’all

WIP that is failing...

GemHeart Yes I am awareness how creepy those eyes r o.o

GemHeart *aware (spellcheck? A word plz- *yanks into my office*)

Pretty fanart for Spirited Away <3

lunamoonlight Cute!

JD2005 Wow, so cute! ❤

JD2005 BTW, I was thinking about watching Spirited Away a few days ago. Haven't watched it yet, might watch it sometime soon. I've heard that it's a really good film. ;D

Should probably just stick with a style, lol-

lunamoonlight Lol it's fine.

CoralSophie08 I mean, they're all amazing.

ammyk Wow! Great job! My favourites are the top left and bottom middle.

lunamoonlight Hm, both middles.

JD2005 All of 'em look amazing, believe me! ❤

GemHeart :3

Hard shade mixed w a stylized Chibi kinda thing?

ammyk Cute!

JD2005 Aww... So cute! ❤