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So I decided to redraw some Frac/Ture pages to make the story more interesting and kid-friendly so I can post them. I'm only on page 5 or 6 and I'm planning on 10-15 pages for Episode 0 (the try-out episode I may turn into Episode 1 if it's successful). If you'd like to see Episode 0/1: BE MY GUARDIAN then please share or like this post! I hope you like the characters and the plot! Here's an overview.

Yukinohana Akikaze is an average, hot-headed teenage girl when Tatsu Hakugin enters her life. He's calm and collected, but the most shocking thing is that he's one of the supernatural warriors that protect humans from the traitorous group of the Dotenshi, or Ex-Guardians.

I'm planning on her becoming a Guardian more or less to give the story more action.

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Thank you for posting guys! I can't post cuz of my restrictions now, but it'd be great if you guys could keep posting!

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Hey guys! You guys got any good songs that are like Alan Walker's? If so please share them!

Queeny Well, not exactly like Alan Walker... but I song I really like that give me Alan Walker feels sometimes is "I Found" by Amber Run :D

So, I'm checking in and I decided to start drawing cartoon GOLDICAT again! But she's Mickey Mouse old cartoon style. I won't draw her that much but she can be something like an exercise to draw.

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It's my dad's birthday today! He's only a few years off of 50 now!

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Checking in!

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Hey KS!

Is KidzArt still subject to be released this spring/summer? When will KS users get to try the beta of the share feature (the coloring feature can be accessed through the link you provided)?

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Can only check in every few days now. Will try to post art though.

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