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Art Queeny sent me with a letter

JD2005 OMG :O

For Knight, she asked me to make an Oc of hers (a river ghost)

JD2005 Cool!

Sketching 5 minutes and boom...
Problem is, it was supposed to be me and now I’m like, “ w e l l...”

JD2005 In just 5 minutes? Wow. That's amazing! :O

JD2005 But- Those legs are making me laugh lol.

lunamoonlight What are those legs lol

GemHeart Ikr

When I was 11, my music was anything FNAF, including Nightcore, The Living Tombstone (Die in a Fire is good), and Mandopony (I liked his other music too), and TryHardNinja, NateWantstoBattle...

Saying this cuz I just rediscovered it

Ash Were you on KS at that time?

JD2005 Cool.

KnightStar @Ash I think she first came on when she was 12.


lunamoonlight AAWWWWW She looks adorable!

PurpleMochi :D

JD2005 Really cute! ❤

GemHeart :333

Ash I love her hair!

Art I made for Queeny

lunamoonlight Bootiful!

Ash Pretty :O

Emelyisaway cute!

Queeny i love it sm o(*^▽^*)o


I watched Ep2 of TPN, and decided to watch Little Witch Academia for my sister. While the plot is kinda eh, I love the art style (why does remind me of MHA style and of the series itself? Someone tell me lol, I never got into MHA because the episode I watched kinda threw me off lol).

The style is adorable, so I think I’ll be trying it out.

lunamoonlight It is cute!

Ash I watched a bit of episodes for that. I didn’t get into it either.

JD2005 So cute!

WIP of that painting,

lunamoonlight PWETTY

JD2005 Wow!