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lol guys i got locked out from kidznet but now i copied the passcode from lastpass and i got in :D

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If any of you play roblox, there are some types of ads that are a side bar like the picture below.
I think i know what these are. They make you curious what that person is, so you search the name of that user. Then the accounts have free robux scams, which lead to your account being stolen, which is bad. Please spread awareness to the Roblox community.

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How to exist:
1. Read this
Done! Easy as pie!

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ArtistGirl Thanks, I’ve been wondering how to do that for a long time now!

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GamerMcNoober Sorry people from the afterlife, didn't think this through :(

lol i amm postinng this on vr browser

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Emelyisaway nice, and is that the bloxxer from roblox as your profile picture?

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