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Bill Cipher Gravity Falls tv show
Tags: humor, mystery

JD2005 Cool!


I love Gravity Falls!

FunHeart1010 YESS! *CLAPS*

Queeny *Claps along with FH*

cookie122105 lol

GemHeart Haha!

This guy gets me! lol 😂😂

KnightStar haha

lunamoonlight IKR

FunHeart1010 Loll!!

cookie122105 lol


Queeny Lol!

lunamoonlight I sometimes go to wikipedia pages for bands or people for a couple facts and end up reading the entire thing.

lol! 😂😂😂😂😂

CSeriestechhero OEUF

FunHeart1010 Lol!

KnightStar Hahah

lunamoonlight Summer school, as if 3/4 of the year wasn't enough prison time.

cookie122105 lol\

TylerTheDrummer WOW


I Treat this place like my Blog!!😃😄😄

CSeriestechhero *claps for no reason*

FunHeart1010 Cool, i do too kinda!

KnightStar I do too, sort of haha!

cookie122105 lol

GemHeart Hm. I treat it like... IDK. A blog???

lunamoonlight I treat my diary thing like a blog, i treat the news feed like... a wall of posting randomness.

Ok, On a scale from 1 to 10, how similar is KidzNet to Twitter?
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CSeriestechhero 3

FunHeart1010 Hmm never used Twitter, but probably...8.5/10?

lunamoonlight Idk, I don't go on any social media except this, no facebook, no snapchat, no twitter, no instagram, ect.

KnightStar I don't know! I only have one social media other than Kidznet, so I'll choose 4/10?

Queeny Idk, don't have Twitter.

CSeriestechhero I rarely go on Facebook, I have gone on Instagram. I signed up for Snapchat, but never used it. I haven't used Tik Tok in a while. And I do know some about Twitter, but never want to sign up because of their strict rules. Like most computer users, I have my own Google account.

lunamoonlight I am not signed up for anything (that I remember) except Kidznet, KidzTalk, Kidztube, Discord, Brainly, Power Poetry, and another website (unnamed). I almost signed up for YouTube but my mom doesn' allow me on YouTube, so that would be even worse if she found out.

GemHeart I don't have ANY smedias except dis.

lunamoonlight I also am signed up for Animal Jam and Pottermore (I am Lunamidnightshade on Animal Jam if anyone on here plays and would like to buddy me)

About to take an EXAM!!😓😓

cookie122105 that sucks

KnightStar Don't worry!

FunHeart1010 Good luck!

cookie122105 hope u get good grade

lunamoonlight Exams suck

GemHeart Yes, exams suck

Can't wait to go!!!😁😁😁

cookie122105 ool

KnightStar AWESOME!

FunHeart1010 Ooo cool!

Queeny Cool!


cookie122105 SAME

KnightStar Me too!

FunHeart1010 Same

CSeriestechhero I wish I didn't eat that cheezit bag i ate recently so early 😢😢

lunamoonlight i dont.

Queeny I haven't had cheezits in so long I can't remember what they taste like, I'm sure they were good though!

GemHeart They'r eokay

GemHeart What is wrong with my typing lately??? My fingers keep slipping!

Happy White Day! 2019!
Spread the Love💗💗💓💕💌

KnightStar Happy WhiteDay!

CSeriestechhero huh?

Queeny It's a holiday in Asia that's similar to Valentine's, it's where men give woman white chocolate (on Valentine's women give men chocolate!) and Happy White Day!

CSeriestechhero OOOH. It's on Pi day! hahaa. But still, happy white day!

GemHeart Glad someone else knew what it was! ;D Thank you GW!