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I’m a day late. Whoops! Well happy Father’s Day! Weather you celebrate Fathers Day or not, I hope you had an amazing day!

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raffle time B)

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the winner will be randomly selected. they'll get a drawing from me of anything they want (as long as it is within kidzsearch's and my own moral code). i'll pm the winner in 4 days.

i'll post the winner's prize in my art group once i'm done with their drawing

Hi everyone! 3 days ago I posted that I hurt my arm and was going to get an x-ray.
The results came back that same day, I just didn’t have the chance to tell you all the results. So I got the results back and I actually broke my wrist. The good news is no surgery needed. Although they mentioned I’d need a cast so I got that today. That went really well. By the way, thank you all for your sympathy! It meant so much to me to see that you all cared. Also, I’m very sorry if I’m not uploading constantly for a little while. My life had gotten crazy busy these days! 😊

spiltmilk yay!!!

PrincessAnu Super @Fuzzyjellyowl

JD2005 I'm so glad that you're okay :D

Fuzzyjellyowl @JD2005 Thanks! :)

JD2005 NP :D

Well, I hurt my wrist yesterday….. ): I fell, used my wrist to brace myself and now going to go get an x ray

Update: https://net.kidzsearch.com/u/Fuzzyjellyowl

Pumpkin Of

Pumpkin *of

Pumpkin Autocorrect. I am trying to say oof

PrincessAnu Get well soon

PrincessAnu Even I had a fracture in just below my wrist

PrincessAnu If it was my wrist I had to take a surgery

HarryPotterLover123 😱 hopefully you feel better soon… I hope it’s not broken 😞

Chubbybunny omg my grandma literally broke her hand......hope that doesn't happen to u!

Fuzzyjellyowl Hey guys, thanks! You guys are being to kind to me!! I’m okay. :) Making a post with updates soon. I’ll link here.