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I put Chewie in his rain jacket today since it was raining!

FunHeart1010 Here's him with his hood one!

lunalovegoodmolly Awww

KnightStar Aww!!!!!

Emelyisaway Aww!

GemHeart Aww!

Queeny Aw!

Oh my...

KnightStar LOL that's hilarious.

lunalovegoodmolly E

lunalovegoodmolly Wut?

ArtistGirl oh my gosh thats so mean...

Crafter4017 Antivax question mark

lunamoonlight That is funny in a dark humor sort of way.

FunHeart1010 XD More dark than humor.

lunamoonlight Yea, but still funny

KnightStar ??? more humor than dark



FunHeart1010 Idk if "bloody hell" Is counted as a cuss word. But if it is i'll delete the post.

KnightStar It's not, don't delete it! Pottah is the most bootiful thing I've's my religion

FunHeart1010 XD Same

lunamoonlight Bloody hell, pottah was counted less!?

Queeny I was almost 100% pottah was gonna be counted the most

KnightStar Of course Luna, but that means that at least Draco is not obsessed with Pottah, he's just there and annoying (in his eyes lol)

OK, If you may know I live in Texas. Usually in Texas about this time, the weather is about 80-90 Degrees. WHY IS IT 46 DEGREESS WIIITTTHH RAIIINNN??!? But honestly I really like this type of weather lol.

KnightStar It was raining, really hot then really cold, then just decent.

GemHeart XD Here in FL it's been cooler!

lunalovegoodmolly It snowed a little in MN today. Didn't stick tho. It is supposed to rain/snow more this weekend.

lunamoonlight 41F as a high in Iowa. My dad made me walk home. Flarf.

KnightStar Ugh. I love snow, I would kill to live somewhere where it snows.

KnightStar I would kill a bug

lunamoonlight It is freezing here, no snow but cold, and my dad keeps making me walk home from school instead of picking me up.

KnightStar It 30 where I live, I'm freezing and my fingers are numb, but no snow ):

ArtistGirl it’s 80 something here in CA, IT NEVER GETS COLD AND I DON’T LIKE IT!!!

Inktober day 10- Pattern (nothin spoopy today, I am feeling lazy lol)

ArtistGirl great!

lunalovegoodmolly Oooooooooooooooo

FunHeart1010 Thank you!

ArtistGirl np

Drawing right now!!

ArtistGirl I have that lamp!

ArtistGirl its white tho

KnightStar Awesome!

FunHeart1010 Cool! I want a white one lol

GemHeart Me too! Mine's teal.

lunalovegoodmolly Cool! I like the setup

Queen157 Ur bedroom is so pretty!

KnightStar Queen, it's the aesthetic lights, I want them

ArtistGirl GH I was gonna get teal, but I didn’t. it was too expensive even though it was the same design... ???

That moment when you actually drink tea, and when you sip it you feel like you're about to spread gossip

KnightStar IKR?????? I drink tea ten times a ten, most likely means I have a kidney stone o will get one, BUT LET ME LIVE MY TEA SPILL DREAM

GemHeart LOLZ "Yes, Sherry, do you hear about the postman's new activity? Apparently he's having teatime at Matilda's and talking about Americans and how they don't use the letter "u" in color."

Queeny LET'S *clap* SPILL *clap* THE *clap* TEA

KnightStar GemHeart, we don't? I put the "u" in colour and I'm America 0_0

KnightStar *American

lunalovegoodmolly i don't get it

GemHeart We're not supposed to, Knight XD Colour, color. It even spellchecks colour for me!!!


ArtistGirl same gem!

KnightStar I wondered why it spell checked it...