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Hello and welcome to Frac/ture's official account, managed by GemHeart. 


This account is used by me to keep all my Frac/ture manga in order. I will not post manga via this account until I get my manga copyrighted, which should be done by June. Until then I'll just post art and updates regarding the manga, as well as when episodes are completed. 


You are not allowed to reproduce this manga in any shape or form unless given express premission from me, the artist and author. You are not allowed to claim this manga as your own, or steal it, which is basically the same thing. You are not allowed to copy or steal any incidents or characters, or anything within this story. All characters and incidents mentioned herein are fictional. 


If you want to read this manga, please request a friend request with this account, as only those who have friended will be able to read or view special content. If you have a question or comment please message me via this account. When special polls, such as character polls, come around, please follow any rules. ;) Thank you!


If I ever get this published, I may be required not to share any of the manga, so I will give an advance notice. My brothers may get access to this account as well, for answering questions or replying to messages, but I think I'll be able to handle it because this manga (most likely) won't get a lot of publicity.


When new episodes are announced, or if an event is approaching, it will be listed below.



P.S. If you would like to contact me directly, or personally, please use my personal account. 




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