I hope you guys like it!

lunamoonlight Looks great Crys! What app do you use? IBISPaint right?

JD2005 Wow!

Foxlover Yeah ibispaintx

My sisters dog is better now!😁

lunamoonlight Nice drawing Crys! And glad the dog is doin better

GemHeart Very cute!!! :D

Scruffypenny cute!

JD2005 Good job!

Foxlover Thank you

There's something wrong with my sisters dog and I'm really worried for her I don't want her to be put down im scared of losing her

JD2005 :(

lunamoonlight Oof. Sorry about that Crys. My uncle's dog Radar had to be put down a few years back, I get the dread and stuff that goes with that.

Hi everyone!

lunamoonlight Awesome Crys!

lunamoonlight Omg it looks like Lumine in his little puppy form!!

ArtistGirl hey!

Jabber Cute!

Jabber WB @Foxlover!

Foxlover Thanks everyone!

lunamoonlight For the most part she posted this because my phone can't get images, but she wanted me to see her drawing. I HAVE BEEN TELLI

lunamoonlight TELLIN HER TO COME BACK TO KN!! She had to ask me for her own username... Hey

JD2005 Hiya!

Foxlover Lol

Hi everyone i'm back sorry i haven't been on lately!

FunHeart1010 WB!

JD2005 It's okay. WB!!!

GemHeart Heyya!

Queeny Welcome back!

Kitten kk

Jabber hi!

lunamoonlight I was there when you made the post and see you everyday, but WB

lunalovegoodmolly WB


Foxlover Thanks Everyone!