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FortnitePlayer thx roblox

FortnitePlayer the reason was me saying yes

lunamoonlight that's unfortunate...

KnightStar That's bad! What'd you do? You don't have to tell me.


JD2005 What do ya mean?

FortnitePlayer something from a yter i watch

Any one online?

CatGirlTiti Yep!

JD2005 Yeah!

Queeny I'm here!

KnightStar Yes!

Brrrrr... It's chily

cookie122105 yeo it snowed oon tuesday this week

KnightStar It NEVER snows where I live!

lunamoonlight it is snowing a lot where i live (AND MY ROOM DOESNT HAVE HEAT IN IT.)

JD2005 Same Star!

lunamoonlight There is srsly ice covering the inside of my window whic is never open

Queeny Last time I saw a snow was more than 5 years ago...

lunamoonlight last time i saw snow was 2 hours age when i looked out my window.

KnightStar It was extremely hot today, I was sweating!

lunamoonlight Lucky you.

I live in MI

cookie122105 OK,US

lunamoonlight I'm in Iowa

Queeny Florida!

KnightStar I live in FL

JD2005 IND!

How do you change your username?

CatGirlTiti Message Kidzsearch

KnightStar You can't

cookie122105 tell kidzsearch a good reason why they should changeit

GemHeart You can! ASK Kidzsearch. ;)

KnightStar Oh! I saw some people ask idzsearch but it not working so..

What gender are u?
I'm a boy

CatGirlTiti Girl!

WhizKid Should be obvious by my avatar. Boy.

lunamoonlight I'm guessing there are more girls on KidzNet, lol

GemHeart Girl. KidzNet is like 70 percent girl anyway. We need more guys.

KnightStar Yeah! More girl's than boy's are on

cookie122105 yeah

TylerTheDrummer Boy

lunamoonlight i dont mind more girls than boys

Queeny Nobody minds, but it would be nice to even out the gender's more!

KnightStar Yerpp!!!!

What time zone are you people in?

FortnitePlayer I'm in eastern time zone

lunamoonlight Central Standard Time

TylerTheDrummer Im in the Central Time Zone!

Shared Post

I love people who makes jokes like this :

Want to hear a scary story?

cookie122105 so true

FortnitePlayer I have one

FortnitePlayer The most scaryist thing in the world is NO WIFI

FortnitePlayer LOL

cookie122105 ikr

GemHeart YEP. All horror stories should happen on Monday. Like dis: kid at campfire: "SO ON A DARK AND STORMY MONDAY NIGHT...." all kids: GASSSSSSP

lunamoonlight XD Gem

Make sure to join my group if your a Gamer
Group name is AWSOME GAMERZ

cookie122105 i did

Kitten I'll check it out

KnightStar KK! I'll go see it!