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What is your favorite season? (And why?)

FortnitePlayer Mine is winter because it’s my bday when it’s winter and because I like the snow. Also because school can be canceled if it snows a lot. (Yep I don’t like school that much)

FunHeart1010 WInter, cuz its cold.

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You know I play fortnite like 90% of my day!(on Saturday)

FortnitePlayer Cool

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Almost... if it’s not a school day though.

ArtistGirl you could’ve just commented on the original post instead of just making a new post

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Does anyone know that my house was hit by Hurricane Dorian? It really was! I was sooooo sad when I saw the remains of our house. Well there really were no remains of our house at all actually.

ArtistGirl and what does this have to do with FortnitePlayer?

lunamoonlight Could've just been on NATHAN'S page and posted something.

ArtistGirl yeah, probably just thought it went straight to the feed.

FortnitePlayer RIP

I’m gonna be this for Halloween

GemHeart So you can shoot scary clowns that look like Pennywise?

FunHeart1010 XD Gem

FunHeart1010 So your gonna dress as a pile of leaves?

FortnitePlayer Ghilie suit

FortnitePlayer No so I could ding dong ditch lol (jk) Just because I’m a military lover

(Im not a vsco lol)

lunalovegoodmolly ME EITHER

whereintheworld #savetheturtles!!

FunHeart1010 Same lol

KnightStar YOU HAVE TO BE A GIRL---I'm just a vsco boy all ya want XD

lunamoonlight Egirls are better.

Queeny and I O o P-

KnightStar AND I BIG O O P-

FunHeart1010 S K S K S K S K S K S K S K KS KSKSKSK

Just seen the movie Olympus Has Fallen.
I liked it.

ArtistGirl Cool! I never seen it! what’s it about?

ArtistGirl oh wait never mind I think I’ve heard of it. Is that the one with the Secret Service calling the White House Olympus and the president was kidnapped?

lunalovegoodmolly Cool