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Why am I even doing this

KittyKat I watched all Six minutes and 57 seconds and I can say that I like all of it!

lunamoonlight BONGO CAAT!!!

lunamoonlight I emailed this to my friend (my friend's nickname is Turtle) and Turtle liked it and gave me a high-five.

This was one of my old posts when I wasn’t very popular.
Its kinda embarrassing lol

JD2005 XD

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lunamoonlight Don' question the random white dot on the r

lunamoonlight I just want to see this though.

lunamoonlight When I get older and am allowed to have Facebook, I'm posting this.

GemHeart <3

lunamoonlight 💕

Kiddlol288 <3

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You should have a little thing that tells you when they were last on!

JD2005 Agreed!

KidzSearch This is in development.

lunamoonlight They already have who is online currently and who has been online recently, I figured it would be in development.

Happy Veterans Day!

JD2005 #VeteransDay2019

lunamoonlight We had an assembly for today at school. (assembly+2 hour delay = 20 minutes classes and no PE!!)

ArtistGirl you too!

Why not I do a eye reveal?

FortnitePlayer #EyeReveal

JD2005 :)

KnightStar u eye nice

lunalovegoodmolly Cool

Are you allergic to anything?
(If so say what you’re allergic to)

lunamoonlight Mosquitoes

JD2005 Mosquito repellents.

GemHeart I used to be allergic to kids shampoo and body washes XD

KnightStar I'm also allergic to make up and earrings, they have to be silver.

KnightStar *pure silver

KnightStar @ArtistGirl I think cologne is attractive but not cheap perfumes that are sprayed everywhere because I am too allergic.

ArtistGirl I’m also allergic to earrings they have to be titanium, nothing else worked.

Queeny I'm allergic to cheap earrings, like Knight.


KnightStar Queeny no ur not

Updated my cover for my profile

lunalovegoodmolly Kk

ArtistGirl like it!

JD2005 Kk!