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How many notifications do you have? I have 2385

KnightStar 26685

lunamoonlight 42873

hkc 39996

Queeny 12583

Scruffypenny not much

HeyitsBabyKiki Nsbdkdvdjd. :)

lunamoonlight I still win

Anybody like to skateboard

Scruffypenny I got a penny board? counts right?

lunamoonlight My oldee bro is pretty good at it


JD2005 Same Scruffy, and same question Knight.

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KnightStar @lunamoonlight jsjqkoqoijqjpeoJknho?!!! why you attacking me???!!!

lunamoonlight Eisnd, eisnd! Dinrvdkdnskcncndkcmsk. Ecimxaomddimeic, einsomdkvmr?

Queeny Tuvxdfcghik nvghj? W fc uifcggrdvgfryhhnjiikk!

KnightStar @Queeny??!! nosNDNPQn njiqwSKNI???!!! NOW U TOO??!?!

Queeny Ffgw j v f bjfdcfhtfbngd jkhgvb

KnightStar hhhjashJS


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FortnitePlayer E

GWTreecko I wonder how markiplier would feel about this...

Bravetea3 Hi

Shared Post

Dear KidzSearch,
Can you please add reactions (e.g. Love, Haha, Wow, Angry, Sad) like Facebook? They'd show up once you click on the 'Like' option, and then you'd have to click on a reaction.
It'd be so cool then!

JD2005 And friends, please share this post if you agree.

lunamoonlight There is on Kitten's version of KN

JD2005 @lunamoonlight Then it's also possible on KN. As far as I know, Kitten and KS use the same open source software.

Kitten Correct!

Ada4 Oh that would be cool

JD2005 Thanks for sharing! BTW, welcome back! Where have you been?

KidzSearch We will try to include them for our next update.

JD2005 Thanks KS!