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me and my dad actually got a ps5 i am exited

cutieDream23 good for you

JD2005 OMG... You're lucky! 🤩

cutieDream23 hes way lucky my mom wont even let me play anything besids roblox and amung us and tiktok

FortnitePlayer me too

Bravetea3 Dang Lucky

Bravetea3 welcome back

Ash Good for you!

AstrialFlames Welcome back FortnitePlayer! I thought you left for good!

JD2005 WB!

JHAMMER2 Hey, Are you Branchy 84, if not do you know him. He plays fortnite and among us

I will not be coming back online kidznet at all cya

lunamoonlight ? Why?

AstrialFlames Yea why?

Autumn Okay but why?

JD2005 Wait... Why!?

EloquentRacer92 :) We will miss you! :)

Ada4 Hmm? Forever? Why? We will miss you @fortniteplayer

Pumpkin You always say that and you're online again

Raven Is there a problem pumpkin?

Pumpkin yes

ammyk Dang it, my science textbook lied to me.

lunamoonlight Appropriate reaction.

lunamoonlight I've heard hot water freezes fast than cold water, so I mean, I can understand her logic but-

lunamoonlight For some reason recommended videos after watching this are all among us, channel is fyrburnz... dunno them.

ammyk So, I saw that cold water will heat up quickly until it reaches the temperature of warm water (I'm not sure the exact temperature.) Then it will take the same amount of time to get to boiling temp. as warmer water would. So, in the end, it actually takes longer. That is just from one source.

Kitten stop commenting on my posts I blocked you for a reason

JD2005 Mhm. Not to be offensive, but I think you're being kinda rude. Even after Kitten has apologized.

Ada4 FortnitePlayer, don’t wanna be rude but just cuz Kitten comments on your posts doesn’t mean she should be blocked .

Queeny *he

KnightStar @Ada4 it was a thing between users & kitten, which was why he blocked kitten. KS removed the block feature, hence kitten now being able to contact forniteplayer. He, forniteplayer, is probably annoyed that kitten is abusing the now restrictions. also, kitten is a boy

lunamoonlight @Ada4 he*

Ada4 Sorry, I keep forgetting it’s a he

lunamoonlight You were on his page Kitten.

FortnitePlayer You called something I posted cursed even though it wasn’t even cursed

Pumpkin Nathan, I called the bacon hair post a Cursed image. That's not offensive.

Raven I think it was a video not a image

FortnitePlayer Bacon hair 3 releases today!

Pumpkin Cursed

Raven You are cursede

Roblox movie

FortnitePlayer How is it cursed

KnightStar This is amazing

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lunamoonlight I think KN may be glitching because i see the Bill Cipher Orders a Pizza video

FortnitePlayer STrange

FortnitePlayer It supposed to be engine raps to rap god with spongebb music

FortnitePlayer spngbob*

FortnitePlayer spongebob**

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chicken wing chicken wing hotdog an baloney chicken and macaroni chillin with my homies

JD2005 Eh?

Pumpkin wut

CoralSophie08 Yass my friend

Ada4 What?

Autumn chicken 🐓 wing 🍗 chicken 🐓 wing 🍗 hotdog 🌭 and baloney ✨ chicken 🐔 and macaroni 🍝 chillin 🥶 with my 😘 homies 👯‍♀️

lunamoonlight @Kitten FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT