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Nevermind,I'm back. Won't be much active tho.

ArtistGirl I’m glad to see you’re back! I missed u

JD2005 Welcome back! Yay!

supernuggets77 Welcome!!

lunalovegoodmolly Ok

I'm leaving Kidznet today to live life.

lunamoonlight ??

lunalovegoodmolly Okay. I will miss you

JD2005 What!? I'll miss you... :(

KnightStar :( kay bye

supernuggets77 Huh??

Everyone I know dislikes adopt me and says it's a game for little girls all of players are bots etc etc. But hey, it's not that bad.

CSeriestechhero I agree, they aren't terrible games


Jabber samee

JD2005 Stressed...

how do earn money on meepcity?

Post picture of ur pets! (If u have one)

lunalovegoodmolly Here's my little dog, Molly

KittyKat This is Diesel! I pet sit for him a lot, but he's technically not mine

Kinso CUTE

FairyPrincess So cute!

How do I earn money on adopt me?

Kinso You get a check every 20 minutes and you click chash out and then thats your money

KnightStar There's the cash out as Kinso said that give's you 20 bucks, but to truly get money you must complete tasks like going to the playground, feeding your pets/yourself, sleeping, and whatever shows on your screen that you have to complete. Doing this I get 1,000-1,500 adopt me bucks each day alone. Hope I could help!

Kinso Oh yeah I forgot about that honestly I haven't played in a while.

KnightStar Also, Tip: To earn money quicker I suggest you to be a baby and have a pet, it gives you twice as much then you just have a pet vice versa.

Neomarshmellow Funny story about adopt me: someone wants traded me an article rainder for a rattle. Lol

Neomarshmellow * artic *

Kinso NICE

KnightStar They must of really wanted a rattle.

Guess What? I have fever.


Jabber oof stay safe

JD2005 Oof. Get well soon.

Emelyisaway omg stay safe dude

ammyk Get well soon!

KnightStar I was pretty sick too, I still feel a little congested. Get better soon

ammyk @Knighstar get well soon!

lunamoonlight The last one is more like preventing salmonella... but yeah.

Queen157 Cool if ur Muslim join the IKC on kt

lunamoonlight It says avoid contact with animals... I have dogs and a cat.

lunamoonlight 2 cats, forgot about 1 for a minute

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what are you looking at

JD2005 :O

ammyk XD

supernuggets77 Lol

Ada4 what did you do to that poor kitty?

fluffykitten12 omg so cuteeeeeeeeeeee

Queeny I wanna boop the snoot

lunalovegoodmolly what the....

Twentyonepilotsan AWW lol