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Do you have an accent?

lunalovegoodmolly Yes. everyone does

lunamoonlight According to my cousin in Tennessee I do.

KnightStar What kind I meant lol

KnightStar I have a country accent sort of? All my friends say I have a country accent but at the same time Spanish? I am from Central America so...it confuses me.

FairyPrincess I have American accent and a little British accent.

FairyPrincess At the moment I'm trying to improve my British accent.

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Last TBT. A manga episode cover for my Bleach fan-comic from a while back.

FunHeart1010 Awesome!

Kitten looks good

Dear KidzSearch,
Please add some more Hiho kids youtube videos on Kidztube. I have seen bunch of their videos on Kidztube. But can you add some more please? Thanks in advance.

KidzSearch We will add some more today.

FairyPrincess Thanks for responding!

Kitten good job kidzsearch!