This one is mine, but my sisters were my first.

TwilightStarDust Haha!

TwilightStarDust They look so cute!

Pumpkin cute!

JD2005 Cute!

I make these little monsters!

JD2005 Cute!

I am not here often, but I am still here. If that makes sense. Welcome newbies!

Who else is laying on their bed trying to make a heart out of their toes? Just me? Okay...

TwilightStarDust No but I am in bed so i'll try to make a heart with my toes....I'm not sure I'm doing it right but I'm doing some what of a heart.

JD2005 I do that with my hands while lying in bed, lol.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! I cannot wait! It is my boyfriend and I's one year mark. I wrote him a poem. 💜

TwilightStarDust How cute!

Happy101 Aww!

Crafter4017 Congratulations!

Crafter4017 🎉

Jabber cute

JD2005 :D

Sorry if I don't respond to much. School started and I have been busy!

Minnion Nice u should study 📖 👍🏻

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QueenOfTheUnicorns *hugs you tightly*

Fae Thank you!

"You are as stinky as sugar cookies on butts!"
~ Sister

ossosMada It is sweet

harmain friends! there are functioin my school please send me a funny drama in written form

"Gymnastics Doctor Sentenced To 40 To 175 Years In Prison"
Now... your telling me he will be in prison when he's dead? Just say life sentence.

JD2005 LOL...