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A question: Can I share my Roblox username? I am asking because, you get banned if you share your name in any way. The platform has a filter, blocking bad words with tags. Is it ok???

KidzSearch We need to make sure your personal information is not disclosed on another site.

EpicToaster Ok the site is www.roblox.com and my username is *******you log in and type my username ******** in the search and click players. Then you will see a player with a yellow shirt. That is me.

KidzSearch Please don't give out usernames

EpicToaster Oh... Sorry about that... Any way to privately share it with you? Mabie email?

Crafter4017 you could use the messaging system on Kidznet

Crafter4017 email is also confidential

Morning! I am posting just to ask if anyone has Discord and wants to join my server. If you would like to join, just ask my for the invite code! Have a awesome day!

GemHeart What’s Discord? Sorry not to be in the know.

100musicmaniac I also don't know what discord is

EpicToaster Ok, Discord is like a chatting server where you can chat with others. I have like 20 sensors to protect the server, but you just chat, that's all

KidzSearch Sorry, but we don't allow usernames of other services on kidznet for privacy reasons, but you are welcome to talk about it.

EpicToaster That is 100% fine kidznet, Thank you for letting me know

Crafter4017 Discord is a app for chating with people.

Crafter4017 It is used by gamers

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Like if you are looking forward to summer (but not so much to the heat)...

FunHeart1010 yeah I love summer just the heat kills that vibe.

Dorothy I like summers

EpicToaster 100% Me

Ok, so I was browsing this site and found a post with someone's nice home screen, so I have decided to send out mine! #ThisIsMyHomePage

GemHeart You like FNAF too? Cool! I’m a big fan! I have a club that has lots of FNAF fan art in it, check it out!

Hope Good Luck To All Students That Take The Parcc Test In New Jersey! If You Don't Live In Nj But Take Parcc Testing This Week, Good Luck! 😁

Cindy7872AJ We don't take Parcc Tests, since I'm in Michigan. Instead when I still went to school, we took M-Steps, which stood for Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress.

LouTheLuver We are just taking state tests, which take over 6 hours to do. 😩

EpicToaster Yeah.... After my first day of Parcc, I go straight to my phone.... Still, Lucky!!!

GemHeart We took our tests in March, still waiting for results. Gonna haveta do SATS and ACTS next year...