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ms paint doodle

Autumn You made this on ms paint??

JD2005 Nice! 😜

lunamoonlight It so gooooooood

KnightStar my hand cramps

Emelyisaway yeah mspaint :) also thanks guys !!

JD2005 NP 😝

i drew my animal crossing character lol
art thingie

JD2005 Cute!

mycatlovesme99 cool

lunamoonlight It so amazinggg

Emelyisaway thanks :)

JD2005 NP :)

HarryPotterLover123 Cute!

HarryPotterLover123 K :D


lunamoonlight My tablet is being weird, so where i posted the I promise you video, it replaced it with this one, and this one is showing up as the I promise you video lol.

lunamoonlight Interesting song tho, Devil Town. I like it, kinda eerie,

Emelyisaway Woahh lol also I’m glad you like it :)

lunamoonlight Mhm

Queeny ya got good music taste

lunamoonlight Keep in mind, I listened to the song on my post when it was switched and then I went to find this post and comment LOL

KnightStar Laura wanted to play that song in the car a few months ago but i said n o