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jj finally responded, but he didn't answer my question. instead, he sent me this
enjoy (:

here's another thing i did for art lol

Queeny This time I saw an intestine, what is wrong with me oof (btw that is top tier shading right there 👌)

ammyk oooo!

Emelyisaway thanks lol, i thought it looked like a blob of skin instead of looking like paint lol

JD2005 Same Queeny, lol.

ammyk Its so detailed it looks like an organ!

lunamoonlight Reminds me of an upside down dog paw


ammyk Just keep spamming them that every day until they answer your questions

JD2005 @ammyk XD

I'm doing this too lol
Nicknames inspired by Luna

Nicknames for people I know:
JJ- Jacob
Jac- Jacob
Dan- Danny (my other cousin)
Lai Lai- My friend Laisha
Lashonda- Also Laish (inside joke)a
Vera- My friend Berenice (inside joke)
Noy- my mom

Nicknames People Have Given Me:
Null- Roblox friends (lol)
rep- Roblox
Ping- Roblox
Emy- roblox
M4D- roblox
emyelnooba- my friend kevin
Emilia- Danny
Melanie- Berenice (inside joke)
em- literally anybody else
mom- friends
corvid queen- friends (inside joke)

lunamoonlight Lol, I do not have nicknames for myself, besides Jay, Jade, and Luna.


JD2005 Oof.

ArtistGirl 😣 trying hard not to go crazy

KnightStar nothing has really changed tho

Emelyisaway same AG :(


GemHeart Welp we doing it already

Emelyisaway i wish we were lol, short wave signals r like radio signals in certain areas. they were used during the cold war, using codes to communicate. some still exist, they're called number stations and they're kinda eerie. i kinda wanna do it just to mess with people and the code we're sending actually be something rlly dumb lol

JD2005 XD

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