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i been grounded, so i snuck on. anyways, here's brahm's waltz fnaf version (:

here's a pic of the moon i took abt last week?? it was the super moon lol (:

JD2005 Wow!

lunalovegoodmolly Cool!!!

lunamoonlight My phone or tablet taking a picture of the moon looks like a white blob lol

lunamoonlight Super moon according to Google is a larger than normal new or full moon. So it could be.

Emelyisaway thanks guys :'), and actually idk my cousin told me it was the supermoon? it didn't look any bigger to me so it might not be lol

KnightStar pretty!

Queeny So pretty! My dad made me go look at the super moon, it was a little bigger!

hey guys, i haven't been on coz I need to do some overdue homework and stuff rip
I'll do the requests soon I just gotta actually do my assignments bc I'm a procrastinator

JD2005 WB!

lunalovegoodmolly Hi!!

lunamoonlight Okay, that is perfectly fine!

KnightStar same me too

any requests for drawings? if you want to request something or someone to draw maybe send a reference just to specify. I'm bored pls send requests TvT

lunamoonlight I just realized everything I can think of are ships. Well anyway, Malori x Queen Vel, Kappa x Siren, and maybe Komine (Kody x Lumine). This one is Mal x Vel.

lunamoonlight Kappa x Siren


lunamoonlight As for Komine, it isn't a canon ship so I can't post any pictures. Komine is only fanon.

lunamoonlight I just realized all of my ships are gay... lol.

KnightStar yes! i will request. i know this annoying to ask, but can you draw an icon of me with a frog hat? I have shoulder length thick hair so a little big, roundish big glasses and more tapered eyes. I have brown hair. I would like the frog green to be dark green if possible. THX!!! Oh yes, and you don't have to do a special outfit, just do what makes it look nice.

Scruffypenny srry for posting them both twice, I didnt know that happened

GamerMcNoober you know this anime stuff is pretty innapropiate

lunamoonlight It's not inappropriate, the first one they are looking at each other, the second they are hugging, and the third is kissing, which unless you are a kid who goes "eww" at their parents kissing, isn't a bad thing.

Emelyisaway ok guys i'll try em' :D

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Queen157 Yay

lunalovegoodmolly Thanks