Some art I made
Also, do you guys have a favorite band?

Queeny My favorite bands would be Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, and Panic! At the Disco ( does that count? P!atd mostly consists of Brandon Urie...) Awesome drawing by the way!

cookie122105 good job

GemHeart Haha, reminds me of a game! Very funny. Same, Queeny! But Panic! has a lot of odd stuff....

Emelyisaway Oof those are my favorite bands too! And yes I think P!ATD counts because it's classified as a rock band.

Emelyisaway Thank you!

lol im dying 😂 😂

Queeny Let me die with you 😂 😂

JD2005 LOL

petitelouis123 HAHAHAHAHA

petitelouis123 did you draw this?

FunHeart1010 XD

Emelyisaway No I didn't draw it lol

cookie122105 same queeny

GemHeart WUT?!?!? XD

lunamoonlight Man, don't get a big head about it. XD

Imagine you hear something screaming in space lol



Queeny You can't hear screams in a black hole, by the time you enter you'd already be crushed to death. Besides, you can't hear anything in space. This is a funny meme though, sorry to be the space police XD

FunHeart1010 XD this is very weird.

Emelyisaway Right that's what I thought! I don't know if this is supposed to be serious or not lol

JD2005 XD It's weird!

cookie122105 XD

GemHeart If serious, you're crazy. If funny, then XD!

Hi guys! This is my first post; it's based on the painting called the Creation of Adm. It's quite bad but...

AlbiSeli Wow!

AlbiSeli Really good!

GemHeart Good job! I do anime drawing, so I admire those who can do realism!

KnightStar Wow! Did you do that? Its awesome!

FunHeart1010 HOLY COW!! I love this! You're so good at drawing! I have actually seen this in real life, and this is quite similar!


Emelyisaway Thank you guys :)

KnightStar Haha ya..I can NOT do hands!

cookie122105 Good job same nightstar

lunamoonlight same Knight. half the time when i try to draw people, I just get lazy and make it look like their hands are in their pockets. or behind their back. or off page.