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There's this song called "La Bala" which is played at lots of Hispanic parties. I've always loved that song coz I grew up with it. Just now I realized that the lyrics are so threatening.
"La bala, bailar la bala, y la tienes que bailar. Porque si tu no la bailas te la pueden disparar."
That roughly translates to:

The bullet, let's dance the bullet and you have to dance it / because if you don't dance it, they can shoot it
wow lol

lunamoonlight Huh.

KnightStar Yeah, that song is good. I don't go to parties, I don't even have birthday parties look at me

KnightStar Lol which part of the Spanish world are you?

GemHeart I LIKE THAT SONG XD (Sorry, I do, tho. Thx for introducing me to it XD)

Emelyisaway I love that song too lol. Also, KN, my mother's from El Salvador and my father was from Mexico!

KnightStar Oh cool, I'm from Panama, we semi-live there and my family is from there and I was born there, but we can't pay for flights all the time, so I haven't been there in two years. Lolz my mom barely knows how to speak English, she's getting way better but y'know.

Emelyisaway That's sick! I've never left the country and only recently I left the state for the first time oof.

KnightStar Oh, cool! Where'd you go?

KnightStar I don't leave but going to Panama, that's only ever when I do, so I want to visit England thoo

Emelyisaway I went to New York! It'd be so cool to travel out of country! England sounds fun :0



FunHeart1010 Oh, o h m y. Lol the chat btw.

ArtistGirl Moto Moto? WHYYYYY



lunalovegoodmolly Cool

FunHeart1010 Awesome!

Kitten :D

ArtistGirl @LLM and FH ditto!

Emelyisaway Thank you! I wasn't sure what to draw oof

This is based on a Junji Ito manga oof

lunalovegoodmolly Interesting

FunHeart1010 I love it

Kitten ok

ArtistGirl same both of ye

Emelyisaway Thank u hehe

Forgot to post these

lunalovegoodmolly I like it!


KnightStar Nice!!

Kitten nice!

ArtistGirl wow!

GemHeart Cool! I did the first day prompt, with wedding bands, but eh.

Emelyisaway Thanks guys! Also, I was gonna do like the girl from "The Ring" but then I decided not to oof

KnightStar It was too hard 0_- no stress me out Inktober!

ArtistGirl I drew a trapeze artist

"In California, to obtain a hardship license for a minor, the minor must be at least 14 but under the age of 18." ????? What??????

lunalovegoodmolly xD

Queeny So, you need to be between the age 14-16? I'm confused lol

KnightStar WHHHHAAAATTTTT?????? California is messed up.

Queen157 It means that you need to be between the ages of 14 and 1

Queen157 *14-17

ArtistGirl hey... KnightStar, I AM OFFENDED!!! just kidding, I agree

ArtistGirl and you live in CA, Emely?

KnightStar LOL, I mean, everywhere in America there's always something messed up! Or everywhere in the world, no where is perfect!

Emelyisaway Yeah AG, I live in Cali. Also, I did some research. "This license is only issued in cases of family hardship and are limited to specific needs. Proof of hardship must be mailed with a Hardship License application to the Driver Services administrative office for evaluation. Each application is reviewed and evaluated on an individual basis. Less than one percent of all licenses issued to minors are hardship licenses. If approved, the applicant will receive a letter authorizing application for a hardship license."

ArtistGirl so do I. and I don’t wanna get a license that soon, so I’m glad I don’t have a family hardship.

Holy heck. I'm about to turn 14. I'll soon be old enough to drive and it makes me uncomfortable to think that someone of my age could be trusted to drive lol

lunamoonlight I am 13 in 6 months. April.

ArtistGirl I’m 13 in late(ish) May

KnightStar I am in like a year LOL

GemHeart I’m learning to drive... it’s stressful...

KnightStar GemHeart, me too.

ArtistGirl wow gem, you’re OLD!! XD. You’ll get the hang of it someday... wait 3 years... I can’t drive for another 3 years

GemHeart I TIS NOT OLD!!!!!!!!!

GemHeart I'm only 15!!! XD

ArtistGirl your old to me. I don’t even hang out with the 13/14 year olds in my class. they’re too old for me XD I hang out w/ kindergarten and TK. and 1st grade.

ArtistGirl *you're

I have lots of memes but most of them r videos
So instead take uhh... this (:

KnightStar 0_0 interesting

ArtistGirl ok.

Kitten 😄

lunamoonlight Hey Felicia!-What?-im a banana!-you're a what?-IM A BANANA!-what happened to your clothes?-IM A BANANA!!!! I'm a banana, I'm a banana, LOOK AT ME DANCE!

lunamoonlight Sorry, I had to XD

lunalovegoodmolly Lol


ArtistGirl wha...

I love this song