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here it is. my magnum opus
i call it
me screaming

lunamoonlight Beautiful

Queeny Incredible


JD2005 Great job!

Scruffypenny Gg

ArtistGirl bootifullll

Emelyisaway thank you :D

lunamoonlight BOOTIFUL

JD2005 NP :D

Foxlover I am amazed, I wish i could draw as well as you. This looks sooo good i love it!!!

lunamoonlight Chris, you are an amazing artist! Plus you can do floofy things really well and furries which i dont understand. HOW U DRAW FLOOF?

Foxlover Lol

i drew a boy :0

hkc Cool

Emelyisaway thanks :)

KnightStar you're really good at side profiles!!

lunamoonlight Ekenfkvjdnskfjrjcekc. How u do the side profile so well tho? I can draw pretty well but admittingly my side profiles are crap half the time.

CSeriestechhero WOAH

CSeriestechhero WOAH

Emelyisaway thankyyyy

Queeny That is such a good side profile!! And the hair is really good too!!

Emelyisaway thanks guys! and luna idk i just used a reference and then stylized it :0

cactuspot12 This looks really good

Got officially diagnosed for depression, anxiety, and adhd. They gave me medicine called strattera but my mom is scared that it'll mess with my mind. idk aaa

Scruffypenny AHHH. IM SO SORRY FOR YOU. I sincerely hope that the medicine works but you must trust professionals (not in all cases) but be weary ad stay safe. Praying for you to get better!

ThatBluePikmin oof moment

lunamoonlight Well that is the point of meds like that.

lunamoonlight If you ever need to talk emely, PM me.

HeyitsBabyKiki I’m so sorry !

JD2005 OOF :(

GemHeart Ouch, yeah, ;(

hkc Oof

Twentyonepilotsan Oof hope u feel better

Emelyisaway It's okay don't worry :), and thank you guys!!