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I decided to see how many people were in my notifications. 40% were JD's. Out of my 385 notifications, 156 of them were from JD2005. Thanks for boosting them, Jay.

6.4% are from Manu (25)

6.2% are from Ash (24)

Ash Haha, sorry!

JD2005 😎

CoralSophie08 Lol JD is amazing at that-

Jellyfishlover what abt meeee

DukeSilver I now have 456. I give up.

So, I finally did 'Luna's Challenge.' This is what the top (later) bar of my search history looked like.

Anonymous "fixed blade knives" and "skinwalker ranch" somewhat (can't think of word, kind of intrigue and creep me out, )

JD2005 Nice.

Queeny @anonymous Skinwalker ranch is notorious for it's paranormal activity. I saw a lot about it after researching the lore of skinwalkers themselves, it's a popular topic amongst paranormal communities. Even has a movie based on it.

Anonymous Of course you know that.

DukeSilver Skinwalkers are some of the only things that make me truly worried. Have you seen their doumentary yet?

Here's the other part of my search history for "Luna's Challenge."

Bookworm456 HUH??

Anonymous Do I want to know about all of the "goatman sightings" and "devil sightings"

JD2005 :O

billyB0b goat men

HarryPotterLover123 Omg goatman sightings...

DukeSilver The Goatman is this legendary creature that is claimed to haunt people around here. I was looking into those and devil sightings because a whole bunch of people around me and on the reservation have been claiming to see them. It's not usually anything when just one person says that they found the devil (It makes me think, "Sure. And how much crack did you smoke today?"), but when a bunch are people are describing the same thing, stuff gets a bit sketchy. The police and the tribal police were all out looking for these things. That's why I was trying to find the police reports, to see what was actually going on.

Ash Why were you researching about goat men?

To continue my series of ridiculously terrible drawings...
I got bored after school earlier and so spent a couple of minutes sketching this. Say what you like; I already know that they're really bad.

Bravetea3 Are we sure that that pencil is not a drawing cuz knowing you're that good at drawing it probably is a drawing

MaryleboneLausanne looks gr8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

boyyyy77 yeah awesome!

Ash ❤️

Jellyfishlover Omg that's awesome!

DukeSilver Thanks, guys.

JD2005 NP, Duke!

Anonymous Quit being so self-conscious, that's really good!

billyB0b thats acctually really good

Manu2009Gymnastics Amazing

Luna, I tried to fix his thumb, so that it (hopefully) looks like he's bending it to hold the cards in place. I'm not sure how much better it made it. It's still awful. I don't get why everybody is giving me compliments.

CoralSophie08 Nahhh, it's awesome!

DukeSilver Again, thanks.

JD2005 Cool!

DukeSilver Thanks to you, too. Now I'm just waiting for Manu to say something about it (Like, "Were you asleep and with a concussion when you drew that?")

Ash 👍

Jellyfishlover I love it!

DukeSilver So is the thumb at all better? Or can you not tell that it's bent, so it's really stubby?

Jellyfishlover No no, it's way better than I could ever do!

Anonymous Dude, stop. You are actually really good at art. Quit saying it sucks. I've shown some of my first drawings to friends, they were intended to be cute, and had my friends horrified, so you're doing good.

Manu2009Gymnastics Much better!

Since I couldn't get any bad comments on my weird horse, I sketched this. The picture makes it look fuzzy, but the hand is still better defined. All the same, it's pretty bad.
Oh, also, I drew a tumbler of whiskey and a smoking cigar, but left those out because I figured KS wouldn't like them.
It's called "Best Hand," because, since its supposed to be a poker scene, the cards show the best possible hand: a royal flush. It means that you not only have the exact cards shown (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10), but they are also all the same suit. Again, it's not done, but I think that I'm going to stop anyways.

DukeSilver Thanks. @lunamoonlight, the thumb does look weird; I was trying to make it look like it was bending. I think that I made it too long, combined with the fact that I took the picture at a funny angle.

Bookworm456 That is way better than I could do in a million years practice just saying that is awesome. You should try doing people I think you would do pretty good.

JD2005 Except the thumb, it's really good!

DukeSilver Yeah, the thumb. He must've had a long-thumb disorder. Maybe "Thumb-legation," (thumb-elongation).

JD2005 @DukeSilver Lol...

Bravetea3 They're actually is a disorder where your thumb is wrong so yeah nothing's really wrong with the phone he just has a disorder I have a friend who is 20 because he needs friends at the park who has the shortest fingers ever and then this huge thumb who's bigger than his hand

Ash I wish I can draw like you?

Ash *!

Jellyfishlover Oohhh I like it!!

Manu2009Gymnastics Super realistic, I love it!

If you could make it rain anything, what would it be?
I would make it rain human blood and gore, and I'd make it thunder the screams, cries, and shrieks of tortured people.

And KidzSearch, delete or hide this post and I'll change that statement to be about you.

Manu2009Gymnastics Bruh sour patch watermelon

boyyyy77 yeah

Subway i love eating human flesh

Subway so i'd do the same

HarryPotterLover123 money

Subway okay so now i sound like a edgelord

Jellyfishlover I- love is that a bit uh- gorey?

DukeSilver Yeah, probably. Like I said; I wasn't having the merriest of times there.

EloquentRacer92 KIDZSEARCHES

Manu2009Gymnastics Uhhhhhhh