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I'm about to turn into poor country. Now, look. I know that many (most) of you are going to turn on me, but just let me get my point across. I'll just have to turn on my 3:00 AM stupid winger poker mode.
I don't care if some people 'like' those of their same gender. Leave people to do what they want; that's their own business. Sure, it seems weird and unnatural sometimes, but whatever.
Yet, I have to contradict myself a bit. I only have a problem with this whole, "There is no gender!" stuff. Yes, I know, people can do as they like. But, seriously: they say that you've got yourself a mental disorder if you get distracted. And if you can't tell whether you're a male or a female, THAT'S fine? Sometimes I myself wish that I was female (okay, just because I hope that then my dad would get in more trouble, but that's besides the point). But I'm not taking estrogen or wearing leggings.
I know a...um...person (?) that was once a...female, I guess. She (it) or "they" or whatever the **** they call themselves now, wasn't too bad looking. But now she's (it's) got herself (itself) a mullet and wears men's clothes, even going to far as to take testosterone, so that you can't judge by her (its) voice, either.
So, yes, I'm going against my ideologies here. But you can't change biology. If you struggle to remember somebody's name from a week ago, you have a problem, and this whole "non-binary" thing isn't a problem? What about your birth certificate, eh? I guess that the docs just don't know know what they're doing when they take a glance at someone's genitals.
Sorry. I know that this is probably going to be my last post (look at country), but I need someone to explain this ridiculousness to me. Personally, I think it's just called social media.

DukeSilver ...And now everybody's going to hate me.

hilolo not me cuz i didnt red it

Jellyfishlover Well, it’s been scientifically proved that transgender people(someone who doesn’t identify with the gender given at birth) minds are wired as the opposite gender, so it’s not just their imagination, their brains actually work like the opposite gender. As a person with ADHD, it’s not forgetting something. It’s constantly forgetting, lose track of thought 24/7, not being able to concentrate whatsoever, people telling you you’re not trying hard enough, etc.

DukeSilver ...

JD2005 ...

DukeSilver What about those that are seen to themselves and everyone else as female, then sees stuff on the Instagram and the Snapchat, and suddenly becomes a male? Because that is literally exactly what happened to a friend of mine.

Jellyfishlover Hmm. Idk abt that. You can’t become the other gender. Bc for transgender ppl, they’ve always been the opposite gender just born in the wrong body

Yusss Hm..

You guys probably don't remember...
The bodybuilder that drove us through the prairie in his brand new red Mustang? I just found out that his great-uncle is EARL SCRUGGS! So, I am officially able to say that I personally know the grand nephew of this guy. And then here's Brad, listening to My Chemical Romance and Avatar and stuff.

I'll be willing to bet that not a single person here knows what I'm talking about. Okay, then.
How about this: Not Dead Yet.

forgxtten listening to avatar

DukeSilver Punk, forgxtten

JD2005 @forgxtten lol

GuitaristKid Cool!

GuitaristKid Cool!

Commando I do!

Commando Hes is/was one of my bluegrass heroes

Commando Flatt and Scruggs right?

DukeSilver Leastways SOMEONE knows him.

Behold, Pumpkin: Kitty/Kitty 1/Skinny Kitty/Young Kitty/Other Kitty/Other Other Kitty/Angry Kitty/The noise that you use to call cats that I don’t know how to spell. She’s going to the vet tomorrow, along with Panther, who might have gingivitis and needs dental work. The other three will have to wait.
And don’t worry; she’s fine.

DukeSilver She just wouldn’t hold still.

Commando Umm...das kinda creepy the way shes looking at me