feedback-? xD

Queeny It's really cute, you've got a really nice style! My only advice would probably not to use so much soft shading on th hair, as that can give it a blurry/muddy look. Overall, really good!

lunamoonlight Extremely good! I love it, the style is really good and cute

KnightStar colors looks very professional :3 it's clean, love the colors you used for the line art, and the facial expressions are stylistic and I love them.

hi lol qwq

KnightStar hello uwu

Scruffypenny hello!

Lol haii, just started this. Neomarshmellow setup my account lol. Now what do i do? qwq

lunamoonlight Interact, communicate, converse, speak, talk,

Emelyisaway hang out :D

JD2005 Welcome to KidzNet! You can do a lot of things here. :)

Neomarshmellow XD sup dizzy!!!