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To everyone wonderin No, i did not leave.School and other things started o get in the way and i just took a temporary break.What's new?

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Im back if anybody cares

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Out of all the Hamilton song I posted, which one is your fave? I like Congratulations.

In the most recent song,Stay Alive Reprise, you can hear Philip’s heart beat in He background.He got killed in a duel with Mr.Eaker.Mr.Eaker only counted to 7 cuz he’s a ***, so when Philip says “ I’m sorry for forgetting what you taught me “ he thought he had counted wrong.

Two people had fallen in love with Hamilton,but Eliza had gotten him.I wish I could post ‘satisfied ‘ which is basically the inside story, but there ONE bad word!!!! Angelica Schuyler and John Laurens had loved Hamilton.

Crystal I don’t know why it censored the word ***, but okay.

Crystal J. E. R. K.

FunHeart1010 I like Congragulations too!

FunHeart1010 OMG IM ADDICTED TO HAMILTON! #LinamonRoll