To everyone wonderin No, i did not leave.School and other things started o get in the way and i just took a temporary break.What's new?

cookie122105 hi

JD2005 Hi Vivi! I missed you! WB!

TylerTheDrummer Welcome back! We got some more new people here!

KnightStar Missed you!!

Im back if anybody cares

petitelouis123 yay!!

lunamoonlight I care...

KnightStar Yay!

Queeny I care! Welcome back!

cookie122105 hi

JD2005 I care! WB!

TylerTheDrummer Welcome back!

HorseGirl221 Yay!

Sixth grade....

Scary!! People are changing.Im changing.ThInGs ArE ChANgINg.Someone just came out of the closet and admitted they like the same gender.I still have that crush.I found out he is now a single Pringle so yey!

FunHeart1010 WhO cAmE oUt oF tHe ClOsEt?!? anyway yeah cool

GemHeart Heh... if the person who is gay is a girl, I'd run far away... my mum had a friend who was gay but he was a guy, so she was okay with him (though she didn't share his morals). And yey on the crush! I hope everything works out for you.

KnightStar Ya, all my friends that are boys like the same gender!

Queeny LeGiT AlMoSt EveRY bOy I mEeT iS EiTHER gaY oR bI aND iT'S AlwAYS tHE CUte OneS. And yay!

GemHeart I'm glad that I don't know anyone who is gay IRL on online cuz IDK how I would deal with it! I've never actually thought about how I would deal with it, heh. And Queeny, my mum thinks that with the gay couples, one is more feminine and the other more masculine. IDK tho. I heard most male fashion designers are gay? I'm totally not bi or LGBT- I'm fine with the "old-fashioned" stuff!

Queeny Yeah GemHeart, my mom doesn't exactly support the LGBTQ+ comminuty either. As a Christian, she rather stick to the old fashion way as well.

KnightStar Yep!

KnightStar And my gay friends are nice, but weird. One is..well, said to be "nice" but isn't. The other one is a colorful rainbow of smiles.

FunHeart1010 CAuSe I didn't cOmE oUt Of ThE cLosET O>O

GemHeart R u saying u tis LGBT?

FunHeart1010 Awesome..!

Out of all the Hamilton song I posted, which one is your fave? I like Congratulations.

In the most recent song,Stay Alive Reprise, you can hear Philip’s heart beat in He background.He got killed in a duel with Mr.Eaker.Mr.Eaker only counted to 7 cuz he’s a ***, so when Philip says “ I’m sorry for forgetting what you taught me “ he thought he had counted wrong.

Two people had fallen in love with Hamilton,but Eliza had gotten him.I wish I could post ‘satisfied ‘ which is basically the inside story, but there ONE bad word!!!! Angelica Schuyler and John Laurens had loved Hamilton.

Crystal I don’t know why it censored the word ***, but okay.

Crystal J. E. R. K.

FunHeart1010 I like Congragulations too!

When Philip Hamilton, their son died

WARNING screams at the end so lower your sound!!

KnightStar THAT'S SO SAD!!

Queeny The screams were.... emotional. Actually, this whole video is emotional, it was so sad :'(

Crystal So Alexander stays at home while the rest of his family goes to Albany,and while they are there he cheats on Eliza

KnightStar I really like this one!

ItS yO GiRl CrYsTAl CoMiNg ATcha ( anyone one else watch Liza koshy?) sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, the baby is noisy, I can’t sleep ( see reason 1) ,in school, grades are closing, and feelings are being weird in my brain and I look forward to seeing a certain someone walking by in the hallway everyday who just so happens to be a boy.Yay - _-. Love.

KnightStar Same! And welcome back haha!

KnightStar Same! And welcome back haha!

FunHeart1010 ItS yO gIrL PaIgE cOmInG AtcHa ( I watch her XD)

FunHeart1010 Awwww my baby girl is growing up....she discovered LOVE. (don't try it)

GemHeart Heyya! AND LOL FH XD I hope everything goes well and that you and bis boi become good fwends ;D LOL, Gemmy will tease you forever about this when you're older XD

GemHeart *dis bio

GemHeart *boi (-_- spellcheck)

FunHeart1010 XD

TylerTheDrummer Welcome back!

scroll down for de arts I have made.

Crushes are crushes because that’s what they make you feel.Crushed

FunHeart1010 Girl I feel u ;-;