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Coloring is bad because I rushed and it doesn’t look like a cat because I didn’t bother to add a tail

lunalovegoodmolly It's really cute

lunamoonlight Cute

Queeny It looks cute!!

Crystal Thank you everyone and yes I did draw it :)

lunamoonlight Everyone said cute.

GemHeart Awwwww Vivi!!!!

JD2005 Cute!

Angelica at Eliza’s wedding with Peggy right next to her ( Hamilton) and rd I know Angelica’s dress is abnormally large

lunalovegoodmolly I like it

ThatBluePikmin Nice job!

GemHeart Awww you've really improved! Great job!

GemHeart Awww you've really improved! Great job!

Jabber its so COOL

ArtistGirl hEpEssS


JD2005 I like it!

Ok I’m SpAmIng but we need to catch upppp

I’m in 7th grade now
I’ve improved in my art like by So MUch
I’m still as cringe as I used to be
And yeah that’s all ig
Not one of my best pieces but you get the memo

Crystal The pic didn’t show up oof

JD2005 :D

FunHeart1010 Lol thanks for the SPaM

Haha I’m surprised people like GemHeart are still here we the real ogs 😂

JD2005 XD

GemHeart XD Yep we are