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Coloring is bad because I rushed and it doesn’t look like a cat because I didn’t bother to add a tail

lunalovegoodmolly It's really cute

lunamoonlight Cute

Queeny It looks cute!!

Autumn Did you draw it? cute!

Crystal Thank you everyone and yes I did draw it :)

lunamoonlight Everyone said cute.

GemHeart Awwwww Vivi!!!!

Angelica at Eliza’s wedding with Peggy right next to her ( Hamilton) and rd I know Angelica’s dress is abnormally large

lunalovegoodmolly I like it

ThatBluePikmin Nice job!

GemHeart Awww you've really improved! Great job!

GemHeart Awww you've really improved! Great job!

Jabber its so COOL

Ok I’m SpAmIng but we need to catch upppp

I’m in 7th grade now
I’ve improved in my art like by So MUch
I’m still as cringe as I used to be
And yeah that’s all ig
Not one of my best pieces but you get the memo

Crystal The pic didn’t show up oof

JD2005 :D

FunHeart1010 Lol thanks for the SPaM

Haha I’m surprised people like GemHeart are still here we the real ogs 😂

JD2005 XD

GemHeart XD Yep we are

So its been a while.....

JD2005 It's been a long time! Welcome back, my friend!

FunHeart1010 AAAAH! Crystal!! Welcome back girl!!

Jabber welcome back!

lunamoonlight Sup

Queeny WB!!

lunalovegoodmolly Wb. I hope we can be friends

ArtistGirl hiiii!!! WB and I hope I cn be your friend cuz we da same ageeeeeee


Lili07 😎 😎