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My brother decided it would be a great idea to use all of my favorite drawing felt pens on the new dry erase board. Now my pens don't work and the ink on the whiteboard isn't coming off.

lunalovegoodmolly sounds like brothers

lunamoonlight Use rubbing alcohol to get the marker off, and buy some more pens or ask your parents to get some.

For those of you who have read Mockingjay, the third book in the Hunger Games series, I rewrote the 20th chapter from Peeta's perspective. Please give feedback.
Peeta Mellark, Chapter 20

It happens so fast, so suddenly, so out of the blue, I have to ask myself if it’s one of my hallucinations again.
But no, it isn’t, though I wish it was. You can’t hallucinate the screams that escaped my fellow squad members’ mouths. The blood splattering the brightly colored pave stones. The sight of Boggs’ body hurtling through the air.
I see Katniss rush forward, kneeling next to Boggs as a second explosion makes the most horrible sound, seemingly splitting my skull. I fall to my knees, clutching the sides of my head, nauseous and disoriented. My eyesight blurs in and out of focus. My skull feels as though it has been struck with a blunt axe. I vaguely notice Homes and Jackson attempt to help Katniss with Boggs, but I know it’s in vain, as both of Boggs legs have been ripped off by the blast. The others rush around like ants, their goal unclear to me.
I begin to rise from my crouched position. I sense a commotion behind me. I turn around and see a wave of what looks like oil rising up above the street, getting bigger by the second. Finnick and Messalla rush past me to escape the inky black substance. Still disoriented, my eyes sweep my surroundings, landing on Katniss standing over Boggs’ corpse. My vision tunnels. She killed him. She is a Capitol mutt. She isn’t human. Is she real? Yes, she’s real. She’s evil. She’s a vicious, sneaking creature of unnatural vileness. She killed Boggs. I must kill her.
I start toward her, clenching and unclenching my hands on my shirt, as if part of me is attempting to pull me back, to stop myself. Mitchell sees me and immediately rushes forward and puts his hands on my chest to stop me. Anger rises to my mind. Doesn’t he get it? While Katniss still breathes, we’re all in danger. If someone doesn’t do something fast, she’ll kill us all.
“Mellark, don’t you dare-”
Fuelled by the unlimited strength inside of me, I half push, half toss Mitchell ten feet backwards. He falls on the bright yellow paving behind him, and a loud whip-like sound escapes the cracks between the pave stones as a barbed wire net thrusts Mitchels into the air, cocooning him in the lethal steel cords. He becomes a red demon as he thrashes around helplessly twenty feet above the ground, covering himself in his own blood. I turn my head to face a horrified Katniss. Gale’s distant voice yells, “Run!” and she sprints after the others as the black river rushes towards us.
I begin to run too, not from the wave but at Katniss, determined to let us free from this disgusting beast, and then two pairs of hands grab me from behind. Castor and Pollux. I scream and kick my feet as they rush me to the door into a pink-painted apartment building, screaming for the death of one that I love and hate at the same time, the Capitol’s muttation, the lying monster, Katniss Everdeen.

lunamoonlight Idk the book

ArtistGirl I love it

Ok everyone, what is your favorite...
Color (mine's red)
Anime (still not sure)
Song (Fell in love with a girl by The White Stripes)
Animal (the Blobfish)
Book (The Hunger Games)
Videogame, if you have one (The Wild West on Roblox)
Hobby (Reading)
Food (California Rolls)

Also lately I haven't been able to see other people's comments except on my own posts has anyone else had this bug?

lunamoonlight That could just be slow moderation. Anyway, blue, couldn't give a top ten, depends, i have a whole playlist right now, nice but mine is probably a wolf or a fox, The Outsiders, Sly Cooper 2 or 3, drawing or listening to music, honey smoked ham.

ThatBluePikmin color : blue anime : little witch academia song : uhh c e n t i p e d e is one of my favorites animal : greyhound (dog) book : the miraculous journey of edward tulane video game : it changes all the time hobby : gaming food : white rice and black beans

I have been off of kidznet for a while. Sorry. Had to catch up on a bunch of schoolwork, and my grandfather recently moved in. But I am back, and I need an anime recommendation

lunamoonlight Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun, Assassination Classroom, Black Butler, No Game No Life, I have several more-

CrispyPlop OoOoOoOo good ones

Uhh @lunamoonlight your pfp and cover are both gone. you have 0 points as well. Is this just a normal thing that happens?

lunamoonlight It happens when a user changes their pfp. It's only until KS approves the picture.

KnightStar Yep every time a user changes their profile picture

CrispyPlop wow

List your favorite anime. I'm curious.

Queeny Ahhh The Promised Neverland is amazing, probably in my top 5 fave animes. When I finished the manga I cried. I also like Tokyo Ghoul, though the anime doesn't really live up to the manga. Cowboy Bebop is incredible, would recommend. Madoka Magica is good too. Fullmetal Alchmist is another one I'd recommend, it's adventurous yet can also pull your heartstrings at times.

CSeriestechhero uhhh my fav is serial experiments lain

lunamoonlight Too many to choose. I do like the manga for The Promised Neverland, it's interesting to say the least.

Emelyisaway serial experiments lain!!!

CSeriestechhero yes emilyisaway i am a cultured human being

RobloxPlayer It happens when you run and you sometimes lose weight

GemHeart Bleach, Ame & Yuki, Tokyo Ghoul, Assassination Classroom, SPirited Away. Too many to list, really

lunamoonlight Ikr Gem?

KnightStar Corey in The House

HarryPotterLover123 Spirited away

Just found this old drawing of mine from the 4th grade. Back then I was really into blobfish.

Emelyisaway cute!

HarryPotterLover123 👍

RobloxPlayer Cute

How many of yall play roblox?

CrispyPlop If ya do, my username is CrispyplopYT. Friend request me

lunamoonlight Nope

Autumn I do :p

Autumn Ks will delete this post later because we aren't allowed to share usernames from other websites.

Marsba4 I do

RobloxPlayer I do

lunamoonlight @RobloxPlayer I could tell lol

Uh, can anyone see my profile pic? My profile, no cover, nothing. 0 points, as well.

lunamoonlight It should appear later.

lunamoonlight I see it

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