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has anyone played among us?

CrazyMan73010 ya

CrazyMan73010 and im new to among us

ammyk It's not very fun unless you can play with someone you know, in my opinion.

ammyk @guitaristkid, you raise an interesting point. I think in a way, it's kind of one acting. It really depends on how much your personality is shaped by video games and things like that. For some, it might make them better able to detect lies, but for others who are not mature enough, it could lead them to naturally lie more easily. In the end, it all depends on the player in particular.

GuitaristKid @ammyk good point. I also don't want to lie just to win a game. It is a command BY GOD not to lie.

Ash @GuitaristKid My mom said that if you lie for a game, it wouldn’t count. God understands that it’s just a game.

CrazyMan73010 UM.....OK

JHAMMER2 @Ash A lie is a lie, and that would also mean in games. If I ever HAD to play among us, I would play the online ones, where you play against bots and the chat fetcher is disabled, or the SOLO MODE when you are a detective and you have to find out what color is the imposter(, the solo mode is single player).

Ash @JHAMMER I guess you are right.

ammyk @JHAMMER2, I've never played those versions, they do sound better than the original, I guess. I'm just saying in this case it is a little different, just like in acting.