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does anyone know what XD means?

FunHeart1010 Just like a laughing face.

TylerTheDrummer It's an emoji-it's supposed to be a guy closing his eye's because he's laughing so hard. It doesn't stand for anything, it's just an emoji! XD

Holahi same as lol

Romi330 XD is an emoji but in text form. BTW XD is actually supposed to be spelled xD its a common mistake that most people make!

lunamoonlight Emoticon. Emojis are pictures, emoticons are text pictures.

Crazy4GUINEAPIGS Oh Now I see it


I know I have been offline for awhile know. But I'm online now. I kept forgetting about KidzNet.

Help the turtles. RECYCLE! 😃

lunalovegoodmolly Yes!

lunamoonlight Yep. Also with trash I find one thing odd though, if you litter, it will take about 5-15 years (depends on what you were littering) to decompose, but if you throw it away it ends up in a landfill where it will likely kill a bunch of animals, like turtles, and with the amount of trash it will take an extremely long time to decompose if ever. This is why I support reduce, re-use and recycle.

Crazy4GUINEAPIGS Correct, and plastic takes about 1000 years to decompose

I just got a cool timeglass!

Queen157 It big :)

whereintheworld nice!

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This is Her my precious little hamster.

cakelover Super cute!

lunalovegoodmolly So cute!

JD2005 So cute!

KnightStar Cute! What kind of cage is that?

KnightStar What kind of hamster is she? My guess is she's a Russian dwarf hamster (correct me of I'm wrong.) I suggest some more chew toys, and a wheel since those kind of hamsters are especially active. And maybe a bigger cage? I suggest more then a 40 gallon. But cute hamsters!

Crazy4GUINEAPIGS Awwwwww

vanillacake cute!

Scruffypenny @Knightstar, Our cage has three floors a house and this is the bottom floor. it has a wheel on the third floor and a bunch of hamster toys on the topmost. She is a normal hamster. Thanks for the suggestion but all the needs you mentioned are all already met.


KnightStar Penny, you should never get a tall cage for you hamster. If she is climbing it means she is stressed. The most important in a hamster cage is floor space so she can run around. Judging by the size if the second floor the while might be too small. But just in case, make sure the wheel is big as they are. If her back curls, its unhealthy so it can shorter her life span. Your cage isnt a totally bad cage, but if you consider upgrading, i suggest a bin cage. I got the biggest one i could find at walmart for 20$. Normal hamster? Im talkimg about her breed. But she is a dwarf hamster just not a russian one. Though im not judging, just my persom prefrences.

whereintheworld Omg!!!!

whereintheworld *jumps up and down 10 times*

Crazy4GUINEAPIGS so cute

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This is Fleurs Opulentes the rabbit. She is 14 years old and wants to be a professional ballerina someday.

100musicmaniac So cute

Fae I actually saw a video of someone who was cosplaying a purple rabbit girl!

FunHeart1010 Cute!

Crafter4017 👌😀👍

Crafter4017 Cool

Thob12105 omg

LouTheLuver #LUV

GemHeart LOL! So cute!

Kiddlol288 Can I join? The group? I love harry potter!! 😁

Pumpkin yup

Like this post if you love guinea pigs.

Bewitched67 Cute😘😘

Pumpkin noice!

cakelover Adorable

lunalovegoodmolly So cute.

FortnitePlayer So cute and fluffy