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Derp Combat Evolved will be coming to an end. All I will say is it will sting.

Who wants to become a character in Derp: Combat Evolved?
Choose armor

Recon: Stealth
Scout: Stealth, and is lightweight
Mark VI: Everything but lightweight
Hunter: Lightweight, has tracking device
Helljumper: Can withstand a lot of pressure, can work outer space for 15 minutes

State color of armor
State weapon

Crafter4017 If y’all don’t appear in the first chapter, don’t worry. You will be slowly included.

Crafter4017 First come first serve.

lunamoonlight Hunter, dark blue, katana.

Crafter4017 Also say character names, descriptions, and personalities

Crafter4017 If you want

ArtistGirl Hunter, olive green, bow and arrow (I do archery), name Will or bill

ArtistGirl kinda funny but serious. also, I hadn’t read it before, just read them all today, is it based on Halo 3 or something?

Crafter4017 Originally halo combat evolved

Crafter4017 But then reach

Crafter4017 Guardians

Kid in class starts saying that I have no talent
I tell him the person with talent doesn’t cry because he can’t test a piece of scrap metal with wheels
He says that doesn’t need talent
I say that crying also doesn’t count as a talent
He then gets mad and says I’m being racist
And i say people with talent stay silent
He gets even angrier and starts swearing
He starts banging his iPad on the table
I say that it pays to be the strong silent type
He then proceeds to keep staring at me.
He then keeps saying my name over and over again
I say my name must taste good because you keep saying it
He then starts saying things about how I’m a prick
I say you being a prick too doesn’t make it bigger
He starts calling me a baby
And then someone says that his talent is being annoying
And i say who’s the baby now
And he says that’s the 3rd time I said it to him
And i say that being strong silent type pays.

GemHeart Okay, it’s a bit mean, both sides are wrong in this case.

KnightStar Agreed Gem!

Crafter4017 True

Crafter4017 But I mean

Crafter4017 There needed a decisive action

Kitten Agreed