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The title of the book is To Kill a Mockingbird. The mockingbird can be interpreted as a symbol of childhood innocence. “To kill a mockingbird” thus means loss of innocence in the most violent way. Set during times of racially torn Maycomb County, Alabama, a character named Scout Finch was caught in the middle of a social disruption. Being the daughter of a white lawyer defending a black male accused of rape, she is constantly heckled by town folks and occasionally haunted by a phantom that hasn’t seen light in years. In spite of the hardships, she emerges as a heroic, resourceful, and strong (both physically and mentally) character to be remembered.

Maycomb County in the book is a steaming pot boiling with overt racism, rampant white supremacy, and disturbing social unrest. Atticus Finch, the father of Jem and Scout, has taken on the case of a black man, Tom Robinson, who is accused of rape of Mayella Ewell. The citizens of town do not take this news very kindly as Scout and Jem often hear remarks such as “Yonders some Finches” (Harper, 1960, p. 291). But this does not affect the children too much until the day of the court hearing, when Tom is convicted of the crime. The children sulk home, and Jem go on about how “it ain’t fair.” His father Atticus reassures Jem that life isn’t always fair by saying “No son, it’s not fair” (Harper, 1960, p.164). When they get home, Scout realizes that this event makes her grow up faster than she could ever imagine. Her youth days are no longer innocent.

The plot unfolds nice and simple. Scout Finch, or Jean Louise, is having fun with her brother Jem (Jeremy Atticus Finch). And then along came a new friend, Charles Baker Harris, also known as Dill to his friends, train their sights on another member of this boring town. Boo Radley, as Scout as the gang tend to call him, is the phantom that resides in the Radley house. Scout goes on a great deal about how the pecans from the pecan trees in the Radley house will kill you, what crimes Boo happened to pull off, and accounts from neighbors. They then focus on the point of getting Boo to come out of the house so he could hang with Scout and her friends. But their plan is foiled when Atticus, Scout and Jem's father, finds out, and tells the children to “stop tormenting that man” (Harper, 1960, p. 115). This is where we see Scout use one of her traits that isn’t useful. Being a little rat that she is, Scout then spits out the entire plan on how they were trying to get Boo Radley out of the house. But there wasn’t anything serious. It was just putting a note in the windowsill. But even then, Atticus tell the children to not try and attempt to get Boo to come out, but there were better things to do for the remainder of the summer. Eventually, Dill has to leave back home for Meridian, Alabama, and Scout and Jem go to school. We don't hear anything about Jem at school, but we sure do hear about Scout’s first day at school, and it didn't sound fun. When Scout gets caught reading, her teacher, Ms. Caroline, told Scout to tell her father to stop teaching her how to read. Scout, who had been reading all her life, protests this, Ms. Caroline abruptly puts an end to it by saying “Your father doesn't know how to teach. Have a seat” (Harper, 1960, p.47). So then later on when screams of the teacher were heard, everyone rushed to figure out what happened, we meet Little Chuck Little, who then instructed that the door be closed. What happened was a mouse escaped from Burris Ewell’s hair, and so when Little Chuck got Ms. Caroline a cup of water, Ms, Caroline forced Burris to go home and wash himself. Naturally, Burris refused to do so. After Ms. Caroline told Burris that he was going to get reported, he went out into the hallway, cursed at Ms. Caroline by saying “Report and be ***ed to ye!”(Harper, 1960, p.26) wandered around, and returned outside. Ms. Caroline felt a brief spasm of depression afterwards, so everyone in class try to encourage her away from the depression. They then tell Ms. Caroline to read them a cat story. Ms. Caroline feels better, thanks the children by saying proceeds to tell them the story. We skip ahead and we see Scout trying to explain how Walter Cunningham is poor and cannot simply take a quarter from Ms. Caroline. Scout has yet demonstrated the trait of being overly noisy, and she receives a “dozen quick little pats” from Ms. Caroline, via ruler (Harper, 1960, p.22). Being forced to serve punishment in the corner of the classroom, the bell rings and Scout sees Ms. Caroline holding her head in her hands.

Later on, we see the observant side of Scout. A trait that is rarely seen in characters in books. Scout can often be found explaining things when bored, or simply when she wants to. She observes some hair colors during the trial of Tom. But at the end of the book, Scout makes an important observation on whether Jem was the one who killed Bob Ewell, or if Bob Ewell killed himself, on accident. Heck Tate, the county sheriff, insists that Jem did nothing, but Atticus insists that Heck Tate stop by saying “Heck, it’s mighty kind of you and I know you’re doin it from that kind heart of yours, but don’t start anything like that” (Harper, 1960, p.45, but then Scout chimes in with the fact Bob had been struggling to hurt Scout, which Jem pulled him off, preventing Scout from falling into the ice cold death grip of Bob. Atticus then gets the idea that when Bob got pulled off, Jem had somehow obtained the knife (Harper, 1960, p.457). Another important observation made was when Scout was the only one to notice a “inside shutter move” (2 in the Radley house, which naturally made her scared. A less useful observation was when Scout dragged Atticus have shaven to show her interpretation of “the world’s endin’”. (Harper, 1960, p.112). It was snow. Another useful observation was her explanation of how Walter Cunningham was poor when he refused to take a quarter from Ms. Caroline (Harper, 1960, p.37). Despite having to receive the punishment of getting whipped with ruler and then standing in the corner. But Scout got her message clear. She is an observant person.

As we get to the final trait (physical and mental strength). Scout is known to be fiercely protective of her friends and especially her father, Atticus. She is not afraid to confront characters such as Cecil Jacobs and her cousin Francis who are not respectful of her father’s deed. For example, Cecil Jacob made derogatory comment that Scout’s daddy defends blacks (used the n-word in the book) (Harper, 1960, p.129). Scout does not like this at all and threatens to beat him up. When Scout goes home to confront her father about this, Atticus explains to her the case about Tom Robinson (Harper, 1960, p. 130). Afterwards, Scout commits to a “policy of cowardice” (Harper, 1960, p. 154), but not for long. Next comes Cecil, who goes around saying that “Scout Finch wouldn’t fight anymore, her daddy wouldn’t let her” (Harper, 1960, p. 154). They underestimated her tremendously. When Francis visits, he uses the same insult, but this time, Scout does the talking with fists (Harper, 1960, p. 145). Scout then gets tackled by her Uncle Jack, who tells her that she is in trouble and reminds her that violence is not always the answer (Harper, 1960, p. 145).

In the end, Scout manages to crawl out of the bowels of the chaotic Maycomb County. All these happen in the span of three years (age 6-9), the most vulnerable and precious years of one’s childhood. Instead of flowers, honey, and fairytales, Scout is showered with a series of events in a town deeply divided along the color line. “It is not fair” as Jem would say. Atticus would chime in “no son, it is not fair.” It is a painful truth that one must stand to reality regardless of his/her age. For Scout, her childhood is cut short by the dark side of humanity. She comes to realize that childhood is like a mockingbird: you have to kill it in order to grow up; and it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird. Scout is the hero of the story to bring forth this truth.

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Lee, H. (1960). To kill a Mockingbird. New York, NY: Harper Collins.

For those of you who think wearing a mask in public isn’t cool, you might want to think again after reading this. While watching the news during my rejection, something came to light that I haven’t bothered to notice. People being entitled and not wearing masks, saying they are “the devils law”, “inhumane”, and “throwing Gods wonderful breathing system out of the window”. Being slightly *** over a lack of common sense, I strolled my way over to twitter, only to see entire comment threads choked with all sorts of “information” about masks being used as “torture devices” and that “we need to stand up”. Clearly, one would dismiss this as a lack of information, and leave it at that. But today we will proceed to rant about how wearing masks is none of those. Wearing a mask should be common sense, especially if you wanna be stayin alive during times like this. If you are science oriented, it has been proven through hundreds upon thousands of years of medical research: masks help. How is it difficult? You are simply putting a piece of cloth on your face to help protect you and your friends and family when you are in a public space. It’s like wearing clothes, clothes protect you from weather conditions and other forms of deadly nature. Wearing a mask is the same thin you don’t even have to wear it full time! Just an hour or two out of your life! Masks protect you and others from deadly nature, just in a microscopic form! Don’t trust ANY advertisement claiming that masks are “in humane”, because that’s misinformation at its greatest! Knowing a little bit of something is far worse than not knowing at all! So don’t be stubborn and feel like your some beacon of authority, humble up, don’t be entitled, and actually wear a mask like the rest of us.

Crafter4017 If you see an emoji, it’s supposed to be a g

JD2005 I agree with you.

lunamoonlight The only reason i used to not wear one is because i didnt have one. My grandma got me one and now i wear it when i go into public. I like it because my glasses rarely fog up too.

GemHeart I don’t wear one because hardly anyone here wears one, also my state is open.

Scruffypenny I agree. I dont wear one in public because that is not neccessary but on any public transport or if me and my mom go shopping we always have a mask because there is more chance to be infected than while walking. you also have to mandatory wear a mask in busses/trams/etc.

Coolguy Great. Well sometimes I feel awkward wearing a mask.

Behold, the brand new alternative to 5 gum, tiktok, fallout 76, halo 5, fortnite, and soy sauce packets

To the town of “Agua Fria” rode a stranger one fine day. He came riding from the south side, slowly looking around. Hardly spoke to folks around him, did not have anything to say. No one dared to ask his business, no dared to slip up, because the stranger had a large, six chambered revolver commonly nicknamed as a “big iron”. It was during the twilight hour of the day when he rode into the town of “Aqua Fira”. He came riding from the southern direction, slowly observing around him. “There is a outlaw that has escaped the authorities and is currently residing in this town clandestinely”, came forth his mouth as a whisper. He wishes to perform a series of tasks primarily in the goal of catching the outlaw with his Colt Single Action Army, chambered in .45 ACP.

Texas red was here

Lots of ppl tryna take him but dead

He is 24 and a killa

He had 19 notches on his pistol

Ranger wants to fight

Ranger encounters texas red

Ranger inflicts critical hit on Texas red


If you ever played a mobile game and had to watch some sort of an ad in any form at a time, you know that the ads may seem very saccharine and have all sorts of cringe to get you to download. Unfortunately, they often become the brunt of joke. I myself,
oftentimes praise the unorthodox strategy, but for the most part, no. You might’ve heard the term of “false advertising”, where the ad you get is a completely unreal experience from the game itself. You might get an ad where it seems like a high resolution, fun, puzzle game, but you actually get a game where it is low quality, plasticine, and looks like a cheap coding project some kid made for school. Oftentimes, such games flood app stores in their merciless conquest to attract more players and acquire a fan base of little kids who don’t know what’s going on, to older children and adults falling for the ads. If your parents nag you about video games corrupting your brain, ask them to take a peek at these games. These games oftentimes have no meaning, and require no thinking. If you were to play something like perhaps Call of Duty, Minecraft, even games like Minecraft are better on a higher level. You need to possess skills, knowledge, and luck. Playing those raw, barely cooked, stirred, lamb sauceless mobile games just saps your time when you could be playing something worthwhile. If you say “ThAtS JuSt YoUr OpInIoN”, I think it’s a relatively unanimous that these games are crap. Maybe you play em’ as a time passer, maybe you like them somehow, but I feel like you should make the most of your time here on earth and play something a bit more engaging. The floor is now open, the lamb sauce has been recaptured, and you may voice your opinion.

GemHeart That’s true. Games like Skyrim and CoD actually require you to think. Mobile games don’t as much.

lunamoonlight The only mobile games I use are Chuzzle2 which is a game with different puzzles and you can also take care of little fluff balls called Chuzzles too, MLPFiM because I love My Little Pony and it's a good game with a lot of events, and that's about it. I also have Panda Pop and Fairy Kingdom but I just play those when I don't have internet and am bored.

So… For many of you, the school year is over. Some of you enjoyed the experience, some of you didn’t and say “school sucks” and ”*** school” in big bold capitals. But maybe you want to reconsider that even the teachers are often more miserable than you when it comes to school… Come to think of it, most of the teachers at my school, especially those in the art department, often have to put up with more bull crap than you often think. Oftentimes, you overlook the parts of the school that doesn't suck. For example, a brief period of time you get to eat lunch or go outside, how does that suck? If anyone doesn't want to do homework, the teachers don't want to grade it. They could be having time with family, doing something they love, but they are stuck slaving away over some child's homework that's done incompletely. If you think not bringing your PE kit to school and having to wear some decade-old filth that is located in the storeroom, your PE teacher has to pick up crap and put it there. The janitor likely has to clean it too. Speaking of janitors, you being the little bugger you are and launching mashed taters at the roof is likely not counted towards overtime pay for the poor **** that has to come and scrape it off the ceiling. If you hate school because of the people there, you gotta learn to join them. If you can't beat em, join em. If you get bullied, talk to someone. Keeping it bottled up there like a shaken-up bottle of pop is bound to cause some troubles. If the schoolwork is hard, ask for help. Don't try to do it all on your own and then screw off to go play video games, ask your siblings, parents, teachers, to help with whatever grueling algebra homework you have. If it is of a zero-tolerance policy, then If you think this sounds like communist propaganda, maybe it is. I can't change anyone's views apparently. But maybe you should stop being a little ****, suck it up, and learn that you have more school.

Queeny Oof i'm online schooled so i've never met my teachers. But, you have to remember that, while public school teachers do have hard jobs, they chose that job. If they can't stand kids being annoying, being a teacher probably ain't for them. They're free to quit. Sure, kids are entitled and selfish, that's nothing new. But, kids, especially teenagers, go through things like trying to find their identity, fitting in, and for some dealing with depressive thoughts. It's not as easy as people make it out to be, just telling someone when you get bullied doesn't always solve the problem. Same for schoolwork. Personally, i hate asking for help from anyone for anything, especially in the household I've been raised in where asking for help is frowned upon. And, as sad as it is, teachers who don't care about their students exist and they're usually not the most helpful or encouraging.

lunamoonlight 1. My school has never had a food fight, the kids wash the tables, pop is banned (though there is Sparkling Ice whiched is carbonated),

lunamoonlight 2. I actually like school. I enjoy learning new things (although I think my social studies teacher is an idiot considering he had to take me to another teacher just to translate what I was saying about the homework). I try my best on all of my work, I usually ask my mom or a teacher for help if needed depending on where I am. I also do relatively good in school and am in an advanced class (although my English is not that greatest, I suck at essays).

Twentyonepilotsan 🙂

GemHeart Please do not use cuss words.

lunamoonlight @Queeny Yeah, telling someone about bullying pretty much never works. Unless someone is expelled, but if your school is crappy and less like a zero tolerance policy and more like a "We'll let you off for beating a kid half to death with a warning" tolerance policy, that doesn't happen.

Junior Lol I'm homeschooled, so I have never experienced these things lol.

Autumn ngl, there are no bullies in my school and I have never been bullied In my life.

Alright, here’s a PSA. If you are looting and making lives hard for store owners, it isn’t the same thing as “oh I can get back.” Their future isn’t like losing some subscribers or not getting a tv, their kids may need that money to get out of that situation and into a school so they have a chance. Anything you take, even if it’s inexpensive, couldve counted towards some kids chance to get the hell outta dodge. Before posting balconies squares on social media, remind yourself other minorities and ethnicities also matter. Again, if you participated in looting, you are doing something to someone not involved and maybe you deserve to be served a knuckle sandwich, get tased, or get pumped fulla lead.

Scruffypenny yes agreed.

lunamoonlight I get your point, I do not disagree. Also, why I do not loot, along with the whole illegal part.

Also stop posting black squares on social media. It does nothing more than waste valuable oxygen

GemHeart It also prevents others from seeing valuable information related to the hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter and etc.

GemHeart It also prevents others from seeing valuable information related to the hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter and etc.

KnightStar Tell that to my half sister

Yesterday it was COVID 19. Now it is looting and “peaceful” protests. Maybe sometime later it is the Human Covenant War. But today we will talk about how it’s not ok to tie in looting with protesting! Let’s go back to the 90s. In 1992, Los Angeleswas stuck in a headlock with protesters in a similar situation like Geroge Floyd’s untimely death. Both riots start as peaceful. They eventually turn into all out war. Now back to modern times. No, just no! If you are reading this and getting involved with the looting, consider yourself as scum! If you want to be peaceful, don’t be a jerk to small business owners and steal whatever they have! Their business’s isn’t like losing a couple million subscribers, dropping a few bucks on the ground, their future depends on whatever goods they can scrounge up to sell! You stealing things equals you making a terrible future for someone that could have legit aspirations! You might think it is revenge, but no one selling anything was involved with the incident! Your throwing innocent store owners under a bus! This is why “Roof Koreans” was a term coined by many, because they, the Koreans, want a future for all! They don’t want to have their wares stolen by some stringy, overrated YouTube star, they want to fight back. So if you do go to protests, keep in mind that looters shouldn’t be considered human no more.

Queeny Looting is such a horrid thing to do. I don't care what your protesting for, but if you think looting and stealing from people's businesses validates your arguments, you are sorely mistaken. Honestly sad this needs to be said.

lunamoonlight There is a line between protesting and rioting. Protesting is peaceful and non-violent. When it gets to looting, starting fires and such, that is a riot, not a protest.

Autumn I have a question. What is looting?

Crafter4017 You take things after destroying something

lunamoonlight Looting means stealing. I always remember that after playing Sly Cooper when I was little. (In Sly Cooper you are a thief and things you steal are called loot.)

KnightStar I have no pity towards looters, even so "peaceful" protesters.

As the days go by seeming more and more hopeless in terms of 2020s reputation, I have come to notice the protests are no longer protests, but a hodgepodge of posting things on social media to make it seem like you care, going to a protest and getting shot at for someone whom you don't know, and the worst part of it all is people not even bothering about the COVID 19 Pandemic anymore. If people really put their own lives on the line for someone they don't know, that's showing some flaws in the system. I'm not trying to say that you shouldn't care, or that it doesn't matter, many other things are being overlooked. For example, there's plenty of people who would respect that if their lives we're counted into this equation. Plenty of Asian lives, especially Korean, are forced to defend their stores from raiders. Speaking of Asians, I was one who got bullied when I came back the day airports were being shut down. Hmm, I wonder why no one spoke up there! Back to the point, protecting doesn't count putting some empty promises on social media or posting a black screen. That's called following mindlessly. That doesn’t change anything. It disappears in a few years. So maybe don’t get so involved for something that you don’t even know about!

KnightStar I've seen a lot of people change their profiles to BLM and ACAB in the time span of three days... like girl, you didn't even know what it was nor cared about it five days ago? Now you've become a full on BLM activist pretending you care about the situation when in reality your really using it for your woke tumblr aesthetic. You get what I mean. I do sort of agree generally on BLM, but people are mindlessly following it as they listen to the herd that they assume as the same political stance as their selves. But that's how I see it. I do agree w/ you.

GemHeart IKR? Everyone should be treated the same!

lunamoonlight Preaching to the choir dude.

Scruffypenny I agree with all commets. I dont have any kind of like "global" social media apart from this and whatsapp. But like everyone is already spreading the world of #BlackLivesMatter and like there is not rlly need to riot because plenty of people are doing things about the problem in a more concentrated, controlled and useful manner than people vandalizing and going around and protesting.