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Right, so. It's been a while since I've posted, and well, time to give an update. Me and my family are doing well, we've all been fully vaccinated, and we can once more venture out into the world.

My last post was from when I was still in 8th grade. Now I'm going on to 10th grade in August. During this time, I sorta forgot about Kidznet. After all, Discord was a thing and I had more of a obligation to go on there instead of here. I then remembered Kidznet was a thing, and decided to come back every now and then to see what's poppin. It has been a long time since the early days of my account on here, and they were kinda cringy to be honest. But now I realized that this site is a part of my childhood, and so I now have chosen to forgo deleting my account. Thanks for the fun times, peeps, and I'll still check out the place every now and then.

JD2005 Hey!

forgxtten ayyy how are you now

Pumpkin yoo

Crafter4017 @forgxtten doing alright, trying to focus on school

Crafter4017 @Pumpkin sup

Crafter4017 @JD2005 Hi!

Out of honesty, how are you’re school districts plans on reopening? Mine is strangely optimistic and flaky about certain details, while focusing primarily on “minimizing mask use”. I see this as an absolute loss.

LesbianWolfFurry They have 3 plans for reopening depending on how a majority of parents and students feel. They might go online, they might open normally with social distancing,

LesbianWolfFurry Or they might do a hybrid plan where half the class does one one day and the next day they do the other.

KnightStar well I'm online schooled HAHAH well the school I'm going to this year is already open but I don't know anything bout it sooo

KnightStar @LesbianWolfFurry the hybrid plan actually sounds pretty neat

lunamoonlight I want the full school back. I dont want to do online school, WE SAW HOW THAT TURNED OUT, for the first time my report card for school looked like "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF".

cactuspot12 no idea what my school is planning. if they did, the students have not been informed of it

KnightStar @lunamoonlight, honestly better than just doing online because I don't want to do that again :(

Queeny I'm so tired of all this, at this point I don't care if I catch 'rona, I just want human contact

EloquentRacer92 Half the day is online, half the day is in person.

While I’m not a big fan of anime, I have recently procured and consumed a somewhat unknown anime by the title of “Girls Und Panzer”. Being the history buff that I am, I rejoiced when I found out that it was about tanks. Mostly tanks. I felt like this was someone’s dream, pretty much anyone’s dream: What if an alternate universe existed where tanks were crewed by girls, specifically by anime high school girls? Then this anime is your answer. However, even though it only had 12 episodes and 2 movies, they convey the plot pretty well and give a good insight into this strange world. Pretty much it’s like any high school anime drama/whatever high school thing, except no guy friggin’ exists apart from a few minor characters. They go to school in large scale aircraft carriers turned into “school ships”, becoming a school on a boat. Each of the main schools shown in the anime, Oorai, Kuromorimine, Pravda, Saunders, and Glorrian. They mainly are meant as a training ground for the art of “tankery” or “sensha-do”. It is a sport practiced to make young women disciplined, strong, and focused. The entire tv anime is about the Oorai ship almost getting scrapped to winning the high school championship. The two movies had more of an emphasis on the events afterward, and are part of a supposed 6 movie series. Overall, you should watch it even if you don’t like tanks, watch it even if you’re not a big fan of anime. It is has it’s funny moments, interesting characters, and is surprisingly accurate to history looking at the tanks. 11/10, would definitely recommend and watch again. Also, the first movie is pretty good, so watch it as well.

GemHeart 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

lunamoonlight Sounds interesting, i will have to see if i can watch it.

JD2005 Interesting.

For those of you who think wearing a mask in public isn’t cool, you might want to think again after reading this. While watching the news during my rejection, something came to light that I haven’t bothered to notice. People being entitled and not wearing masks, saying they are “the devils law”, “inhumane”, and “throwing Gods wonderful breathing system out of the window”. Being slightly *** over a lack of common sense, I strolled my way over to twitter, only to see entire comment threads choked with all sorts of “information” about masks being used as “torture devices” and that “we need to stand up”. Clearly, one would dismiss this as a lack of information, and leave it at that. But today we will proceed to rant about how wearing masks is none of those. Wearing a mask should be common sense, especially if you wanna be stayin alive during times like this. If you are science oriented, it has been proven through hundreds upon thousands of years of medical research: masks help. How is it difficult? You are simply putting a piece of cloth on your face to help protect you and your friends and family when you are in a public space. It’s like wearing clothes, clothes protect you from weather conditions and other forms of deadly nature. Wearing a mask is the same thing: you don’t even have to wear it full time! Just an hour or two out of your life! Masks protect you and others from deadly nature, just in a microscopic form! Don’t trust ANY advertisement claiming that masks are “in humane”, because that’s misinformation at its greatest! Knowing a little bit of something is far worse than not knowing at all! So don’t be stubborn and feel like your some beacon of authority, humble up, don’t be entitled, and actually wear a mask like the rest of us.

Crafter4017 If you see an emoji, it’s supposed to be a g

JD2005 I agree with you.

lunamoonlight The only reason i used to not wear one is because i didnt have one. My grandma got me one and now i wear it when i go into public. I like it because my glasses rarely fog up too.

GemHeart I don’t wear one because hardly anyone here wears one, also my state is open.

Coolguy Great. Well sometimes I feel awkward wearing a mask.


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