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Hi, guys I will be going back to school, So that means I will not be on KS for a while. I actually live in school.

Pumpkin boarding school?

JD2005 @Pumpkin I think so.

JD2005 Cya!

Autumn Okay, see ya!

Does anyone know any good music making app.

JD2005 Well, if you're using an Android device, check out BandLab. The best thing about BandLab is that it's 100% FREE, easy-to-use, and all you have to do is just make an account and chill. Music Maker JAM is another one which is really popular among Android users, but you've to pay money to buy some items. Caustic 3 is also good, but same, you need money in order to use it. If you're using iOS, then I would also recommend BandLab. I've heard that GarageBand is a good one, despite the fact I've never used it, and you've to pay 'cause it's not free. If you're using Windows/macOS, there are plenty of popular DAWs out there, for example FL Studio or Ableton Live, and obviously they're great if money is not a factor for you. But if you don't wanna spend money, I would suggest CakeWalk by BandLab. It's completely free as well, like the Android/iOS versions. Hope this helps! :D

lunamoonlight Idk... Garage Band is the closest i think of lol.

Ada4 GarageBand is good there’s this other website also called Chrome Music Lab created by Google chrome

ammyk Ada4, I think I have used that. It's fun and fairly easy to use.

lunamoonlight WOAH JD


Coolguy Thanks Luna

EloquentRacer92 Garage Band if you're on Apple. I don't know if you're on Android because I use an Apple device.

Has anyone ever wondered how roasted bread taste?😂#Crazy questions.

lunamoonlight Like toast?

Queeny … isn't that just toast?

Pumpkin LOL Luna has big brain

JD2005 XD

lunamoonlight I mean, that is what toast is, so wouldnt it?

JD2005 Yep Luna, lol.

cactuspot12 Totally toast.

Merry Christmas to all.

lunamoonlight Same to you

JD2005 Same to ya! ❤

Hi guys, I'm back. But I might not be staying for long.

lunamoonlight Kk

JD2005 WB!

I will soon leave KN, I will really miss you guys and KS.

lunamoonlight Why is everybody leaving


It's a new month, Happy birthday to those born on this month and a Happy and prosperous new month to you all and KS.

JD2005 Thanks!

. If someone is not part of your struggles, don't let them be part of your success.

Coolguy I can't stop crying, Ed Sheeran is the best.

Hi, how do you post videos on Kidznet?🤔🤔

GemHeart You can’t. :(

HeyitsBabyKiki Idk.

lunamoonlight To post a video from YouTube, go to the youtube website, go to the video you want and copy the link and then paste it into the post box. When you click post it will turn the link into the video. This does not work on comments and there is no way to upload videos from your device.

JD2005 You can't post a video directly from your device, but you can post a video from YouTube or Vimeo.

THEMEGAMAN i copy and paste the link