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I am leaving kidznet

I will be gone by December 10th

Pumpkin okay

lunalovegoodmolly :( we will miss you

Twentyonepilotsan Wh uhh

Twentyonepilotsan Why

PrincessKittens What why????

hghux555 It's december 4 right now..

hghux555 6 days ;w;

forgxtten :( bai

CoolKiid Wow i didnt think you guysd care...

PrincessKittens Why though

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lunamoonlight Don' question the random white dot on the r

lunamoonlight I just want to see this though.

lunamoonlight When I get older and am allowed to have Facebook, I'm posting this.



lunamoonlight The emoji icon is gone..

lunamoonlight Can't comment with a heart

JD2005 Same luna, it's a glitch.

lunalovegoodmolly Me not like these things but I would miss you

lunamoonlight 💕there

CoolKiid Wow I didnt think you guys would care

forgxtten *repost* lol

EloquentRacer92 ❤️