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Ok guys I want to ask ya'll something. Do you like my posts and such? I notice that I get a lot of views but I get hardly any comments. I am not mad or offended or anything like that, I am just wanting to know is all!

JD2005 I do!

Unicornfriend I love them!!

So people. This isn't on my club on KT but I needed to say it here I think.

@guitaristkid posted a meme he thought was true and cool. He received plenty of hate mail. Now I ask you something. Is it right be hated on for something you believe? He does not like Biden and likes Trump. Therefore, he posted his meme.

But was it right for this platform? No, it really wasn't. That would have been better off on discord or somewhere like that.

Now this whole Biden/Trump debate. Some people love Biden and some love Trump, so they hate each other. Why should people attack each other for different political views? It is not right. Guitaristkid is a good person. From what I can tell he is fairly popular on KN. He posts a lot, is funny etc. etc. But he has expressed his beliefs rather harshly at times and does not respect another persons if they dont agree with him. Guitaristkid, I like you. I dont want you to leave. But I ask you. Please. Just try to respect Biden supporters a little more? Biden is not the best of presidents. I will say that now. But was Trump the best either in some ways? Please don't leave.
I just wanted to stop arguments and keep guitaristkid here so that is why i posted this.

JD2005 Agreed.

Pumpkin I think you should expect hate mail if you post something controversial. It's how the internet works. Is it right? Maybe not, but that's just how things are.

Commando @pumpkin I quite agree.

HarryPotterLover123 Kids shouldn’t even worry about this stuff.

So...I have a random thing to say. Scrolling through older posts and such I have noticed that lots of people have gotten attacked for either supporting the...LGBT? LBGT? community. I am sorry. I don't know how to spell it and I do not feel like googling it at the moment lol. Anyways. I want people to know here and now that I am neutral on the subject. I will not be swayed to one side or the other. I don't support it, but I don't not support it either if that makes. I will still gladly be your friend if you are A, bi, trans, pan, les, gay, etc. IMO the LGBT community is composed of normal people. While I may not entirely agree with it, they are still people and don't deserve to be shunned for what they are.
BLM, again neutral on the topic.
Politics, Lets see. I liked Trump as prez but not as a person. Biden I dont like as prez but like as person. So...Neutral again.

I just wanted to get that out there. If you need a person to solve an argument on a subject that is neutral on it, I am your guy.


Pumpkin It's cool that you can like presidents as people even when you disagree with them over politics.

Momobami It's LGBT

KnightStar I agree, understand, but... I would like Biden as a person if he didn't like little kids, and 'like' in THAT WAY.

Autumn He likes kids in that way?-

Pumpkin That's a myth. While both presidents have allegations of pedophilia, none of them have been proven. For example, Trump was allegedly hanging out with teenagers (beauty queens) while they were getting dressed, and Biden allegedly touched girls hair and stroked their heads.

Commando @Momobami Thanks! @Knight, Hmm. Lets put it this way. Biden is a bit of a "Weirdo" you know what I mean. But overall he is not the worst person in the world ya know? Trump refused to accept that he lost and basically threw a tantrum. I lost a lot of respect for him after that. When Biden took down the picture of Andrew Jackson, I lost a lot of respect for him too. But what im trying to say is that, Trump did good and bad and so will Biden. There is no sense in arguing over something as trivial as that because the other person does not share your beliefs. We are our own person with our own thoughts and ideas. And to force it on somebody else or to attack somebody for not agreeing with you is wrong and stupid.

Commando @pumpkin. Perhaps...I will have to research it some. Thank you for your opinion.

Pumpkin Preach

Commando *takes a bow*

Momobami hi

Hi guys. I'm back. I should post in my club soon. Past few days I have been battling with a brief bout of depression. Im kinda better now so I figured I was good enough to come back and not be a jerk to everybody.

Pumpkin welcome back :)

Autumn good to see you back commando. war -Autumn

Unicornfriend Commando I can help with that if u have any questions please tell me ASAP ill do my nest to help u

JD2005 *Virtual hug* Welcome back!

Commando Thanks guys lol. @unicornfriend, no I don't have questions. Thank you very much for saying that though. @JD, *Virtual hugs back* @atumn, peace-Commando (You need to chill! Lol jk) @Pumpkin, thanks!

Commando oof. sorry. Autumn*

Hey guys I wont be posting in my club for a while. I also wont be posting here or messaging. I am about to go nuts at this stage in life. I have successfully hit puberty making my mood swings ten times worse, I am looking at a ton of colleges, jobs, park ranger requirements, degrees, etc. etc. I am going crazy and I am so stressed out its hard to write my articles from an unbiased point of view now. And the fact I am about to go into 10th next month is going to make everything worse.
I know most of you all don't care but the ones that do there ya go.

JD2005 Oof- That's sad. Hope you come back soon!

Littlemixfan201secondacount Your back ? How?

Autumn hope things get better for ya man. honestly i've given up on degrees.. i'm just gonna drop out aftter high school and start a family (maybe??) oh and i will continue studying, i just won't get any degrees. and it's probably my last year here on kidzsearch. i'll be leaving at the end of 2021... growing up is scary.

JD2005 @Autumn Wait- Why are you gonna leave KS so soon? :(

Autumn @jay well- I'm turning 15 next year and I'm already halfway thru my first year of senior high school. So I think I'll move to a bigger community like discord to find like-minded people. I realized I spent a huge part of my life just by playing games and browsing online. Now that I'm 14 year old, I need to move on from these stuff - don't you think? I'm leaving social networks and online games in general, that excludes youtube and pinterest. Next year I hope to spend more time on things that will help me grow as a better person.

JD2005 @Autumn :O

Hey guys! I just wanted this to be to all the ones that use KT on here. I am going to be posting my...philosophies you could call it on there. i will be announcing things from an unbiased point of view, I will post things from the creationist standpoint and the evolutionist standpoint when it comes to science, and the topics will vary from BLM, the causes that led up to today's protest to Hunting. Right or wrong?
Hope ya'll can check it out!

forgxtten aight

DukeSilver "Peace"

forgxtten what if you start saying ‘war’

EloquentRacer92 OK!

JD2005 Okay!

Commando WAR -Commando

KnightStar Oki!

Interesting...I was on KT and looked at the boys advice column. The latest post was
I found a rare insect!!
I do believe us boys are weird.

Commando *news flash. not*

Autumn interesting- now i have to see what that insect was

Pumpkin eh

JD2005 xD

Ok...I was scrolling through old chats and saw some people doing this....

Name: classified.
Age: 14 (15 in october)
Country: U.S.A.
State: Also Classified
Likes: Minecraft, riding my horses, reading, writing, Trump (as prez. Not as a person really.) dogs, music, biking, playing guitar
Disikes: A few things but if I post them people will get mad so I wont.
About me: I am almost 5'8 I live 15 miles away from the nearest town, I have blondeish (Is that a word?) reddish hair, I am skinny, stronger than I look, I am a fan of fantasy series for books, I like all genres of music except for R&B, soul, and rap, my favorite singers are Johnny Cash (R.I.P. "man in black" Billie Eilish (I am not a big fan of modern pop, but a friend had me listen to her and some of her songs are actually kinda good), I like a few bluegrass bands, and some country bands but thats about it. ALSO I have blue eyes, and i joke a lot.

Relationship status: Unwillingly taken perhaps? Maybe single? Its confusing
Gender: Male
Sex: Straight (But I have nothing against anybody who isnt)

Ok I THINK thats all for now

Commando And I forgot to mention, my personality is sorta laid back, chill, etc. I used to get riled up a lot but ive gotten pretty tolerant of most things now. I forgot to mention I love drawing and i like biking too. Peace.

KnightStar Strawberry blonde? I don't like any of Billie's recent songs, but her songs she made in 2018 were pretty good, as well as her Spanish one. I had her songs saved on a streaming platform since she was 14, my age, so I've seen her grow for sure.

Commando Hmm. Tbh I like 4 of her songs. Bored, Ocean Eyes, Bellyache, and one I can never remember the name of.

Commando I havent found any others I like much but hose 4 are pretty good.

forgxtten is it idontwannabeyouanymore? i feel like that one goes with the 3 you said

Commando no no

Commando some of the lyrics are...if we were meant to be we wouldve been by now

Commando The name my mp3 player gives me is Watch 2017

forgxtten right after that it goes ‘see what you wanna see but all i see is him right now’ right? it’s called watch but there’s another one called &burn that’s similar

Commando Yup. Thanks

I made this! Please don't claim it as your own.

Commando @Pumpkin. I did make it. I used a site for it. It is mine. I did not steal somebody elses work. there were SIMILAR images to it, but that one is different than all of them. I went to your link and there were none of that image.

JD2005 Nice!

Commando @JD2005 Thanks!

JD2005 @Commando NP!

Spoppy Thats great what's cool is that my profile photo is made by someone else but you can change the image and know its my image but its not mine

Commando Ive just started on digital art. I make characters for a book im writing and do that in my free time. Its hard getting it to look realistic as proven up above ^^


Autumn cool photo tho

Commando They scared you?...How might I ask? If it is not personal that is.

DukeSilver Oh, is it your mom?