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I have a Scratch account known as haroldt519
Here's the link:
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I took a break from kiddo net bcuse no 1s nice

EloquentRacer92 I’m am so sorry if you are being offended, but I think you might need to work on your social skills a bit. But I think you are being mean and this is a nice place. Since you always call people names, would you want to be called mean names? Probably not. So stop calling people names. And I understand that you don’t like some posts, everyone does, but you don’t have to respond to those posts! I will explain more tomorrow

JD2005 @EloquentRacer92 👍🏻👍🏻

spiltmilk i agree with elo, treat others how you want to be treated basically (p s. you were not treating others well)

People be like:

Ash XD

EloquentRacer92 That’s not me all I said was happy pride month

Heyo it's pride month and I got a song
my computer was unable to add a flag so sorry

youngshezzy15 who ever made this music video and used this person song which i know her how dare you !!!!!

Nintendo Hmm.....

CodyA3176 @youngshezzy15 😒

I searched for Nintendo's account. THEY'RE NOW HERE!!!!
Username: @Nintendo

KidzSearch The email used to create the account is not from Nintendo.

JD2005 lol

Nintendo Even if we use a different email still means we aren't a scam.

CodyA3176 It's legit. Trust me!!! I saw their posts and they are 100% official.