Hi guys.

GemHeart Hi Cindy! How are things going, are you OK?

TylerTheDrummer Hi! How are u doing?

FunHeart1010 Oh hi Cindy! I hope you're feeling much better.

Hello everyone. My sister created a KidzNet account. She might've stated that I won't be on much, only to quickly pop in and maybe post an update and then come off. I will miss all of you so much and thank you for helping me along the way.

GemHeart Hay Cindy. How are you doing? I hope everything’s OK. We are all praying for ya. ❤️

TwilightStarDust Hang in there Cindy! I've been praying for you!! I missed you sooooooooo much!!!!

LouTheLuver Hi Cindy! Hope you're doing ok! How is everything? We all miss you a ton and of course, as you heard, we are all praying for you. Have a luvly day and make sure, if you have the time, to check on Kidznet every now an then! :) <3

CatGirlTiti We missed you so much Cindy!!!

FunHeart1010 hmmmmm

FunHeart1010 So whats your story again???

Cindy7872AJSister FunHeart, her story is that right after she turned 13 in 2015, she was diagnosed with heart cancer. She had many tumors in her heart and had to have lots of surgery and chemotherapy to try and remove them. Some were removed, but more tumors started growing in not only throughout her heart and we discovered in early 2016 that tumors were growing in other parts of her body too, not just her heart. To this day she still has lots of surgeries and chemotherapy to try to keep them under control. Me and my family don't know how much longer we have left with her, so we have to cherish every moment.

GemHeart Aw thx...

So as most of you should know, months ago I had a heart transplant, but I still had the disease. Recently, I’ve been having chest pain and so we went to see a doctor about it, but we knew it came back. Like we suspected, I basically have type 4 heart failure, which basically means I am in discomfort, even when resting. I have been suffering heart disease for almost 2 years now since I was 13. I will make it through this, for myself and all of you. #CindyStrong

GemHeart Be strong, Cindy. God will help you through this, for He knows all things and helps and loves those who worship Him. I wish you the best, and I am still praying.

100musicmaniac Just know, we are here for yu!

TwilightStarDust You can do this we love you so much and your not alone!!!!❤❤❤ God loves you too!!! ❤❤❤💗💞💕💖💓❤💛💚💙💜

LouTheLuver TBH, you are one of the most strongest people I've ever met. Even if we are cyber friends. I know you can get through this, I know you will. We all will stick by you no matter what the circumstances. You are so kind, with a very pure and strong heart and soul. We all have hundreds of prayers for you, Cindy. Stay strong. 💕 💗 💞

MusicTigerSmile Be strong, Cindy

MusicTigerSmile We're here for you!


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You can do it Cindy!!!! No matter what happens, we got your six!

TwilightStarDust Hay Cindy how you doing? Hope your feeling better we're here for you!

100musicmaniac WOW, inspirational....

TylerTheDrummer I haven't seen you in awhile!

Before I saw anything, please do not be overly angry or something with me saying this. This doesn't have to do anything about kidzsearch or the people using it. Instead, I am talking about the people I know in real life.
Now, I have been getting a lot of hate comments because I still have heart diseases. People go on and on to me every day almost through texts and at school. Even my friends starting saying it as a joke, and then say that since I have heart diseases nobody will ever like me. I know that isn't true because I have all of you, but I am just telling you all this because I want to tell you that no matter what people say to you, stand up for yourself. People don't deserve to talk to you like that as people don't deserve to talk to me like that. Sorry for such a random post, but I believe that this can all stop in real life, because I have heard from some of you that this has happened. We can stop this together because we are strong together.

TwilightStarDust Thank you Cindy! That was beautiful and vary inspiring!!!

100musicmaniac Very inspiring!

Crafter4017 #CindyStrong

Crafter4017 Get well soon

LouTheLuver I am blessed for you being here. Thank you for being the positive presence that fulfils Kidzsearch's beauty. THANK YOU! #InspiringLuvAllAround

FunHeart1010 We got your back!

GemHeart #CindyStrong We got your six, Cindy! Just remember, you have a karate girl in your midst (me), so if anyone insults you, expect me to kick the living snot outta them!!! “Warning: may kick at any time!”