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Hi KidzSearch, can you please check out and respond to the PM I sent you? I would really like a chance to be able to communicate with others after I leave this website, so I'd really appreciate if you could talk to me about it! Thanks!

KidzSearch We just responded to it with details.

hey I guess I noticed in some people's posts, they were allowed to say their real names, like Luna said her name was Jaden.
So, if you didn't know this already, my real name isn't Cindy, it was just the username I used on Animal Jam several years ago.
I haven't ever shared this on this website because I thought I wasn't allowed to, but apparently other people can so I thought I might as well
My real name is Elizabeth, and obviously I can't share my middle or last name.
That was all! Have a nice day and Merry Christmas!

lunamoonlight Nice Elizabeth. I figured for my name it isn't that uncommon exactly (considering there are about 5 people in my grade named Jaden...) so it wouldn't really matter if I say my first name.

lunalovegoodmolly Cool! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

ArtistGirl You have a pretty name!

Kitten okay, hello

JD2005 Nice name! (You remind me of queen Elizabeth, of course.)

JD2005 Merry Christmas!

Chaarkol Cool

Monkeymad60 Love your name! I also got my username from my animal jam account, it was the first game I played where I had to determine a username. Of course, this was several years ago.