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Sorry i havent been on in a while!

JD2005 It's okay!

Pumpkin kk!

Chaarkol738257 Again!

Chaarkol738257 Lol

JD2005 It's okay! WB!

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JD2005 #PrayForAustralia

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#SaveTheWild #SaveOurPlanet

More than 500 million animals have died due to the terrific bushfires. 😭
Will you still remain silent? Please #PrayForAustralia.

Chaarkol738257 #PrayForAustralia.

JD2005 Thanks for sharing. #PrayForAustralia.

KnightStar What's the cause for this bush fires? I might need to search it up, I saw this video of this baby roo being survived a fire.



JD2005 #Christmas2019 #TheSeasonofWinter


lunalovegoodmolly HAPPY CHRISTMAS

Havent been on much recently sorry! I see @kittens created a website

JD2005 It's ok! WB!

GemHeart *@Kitten

Chaarkol738257 *@Kittens

Chaarkol Actualy she changed it to @princesskittens

Pumpkin WHAT about, my website?

Chaarkol She is already a member on anskids

Pumpkin ok

Chaarkol738257 Lol

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I have bad👎news and more bad👎news...

Let's start with some bad👎news: I am probably not going to leave the hospital till the beginning of march😞

Now for some MORE bad👎news: I have some slight damage to the _scientific_word_😕 (the part used for memory) section of my brain and have mild short term memory loss😞 (thankfully my long term memory is perfectly fine!)😁

lunalovegoodmolly That's all to bad.

PrincessKittens OH MY GOD!!!

lunamoonlight At least long-term memory is fine! Try to look on the bright side, it will help

Chaarkol @lunamoonlight Yes you are right it does help!

Chaarkol738257 :(

Pumpkin D:

Chaarkol738257 :(

Raven Sad

Happy thanksgiving!!

lunalovegoodmolly Same to you

Pumpkin :)