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CatGirlTiti Dunno why but I LOVE to create accounts on pottermore.

lunamoonlight It's fun, I like the patronus test the most. I'm Slytherin btw

FunHeart1010 Im a slytherin too!

CatGirlTiti Oh hi slytherins!

Zixxzy Griffindor

GemHeart I get Ravenclaw 55 percent of the time, and Slytherin the other half, I've gotten Huffle once.

OMG Gem's drawings are on google!

GemHeart Yep, cuz I use PW!

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Do y'all wanna see some of my Five Nights at Freddy's fan art (for those who like art/FNAF). I can also draw pretty good animals and animatronics. (I can draw you as an animal... just request what type of animal [please just mammals}). Example of FNAF fan art: (I'll edit and stuff better next time! I can draw them cuter too :3)

Crystal Nice! Im not a fan of FNAF,but you d

Crystal Oops! Sorry,my comment cut made them

Crystal UGH! U made them look cool! (not mad at you)

GemHeart Thx! Those are my OCs, Ravvie, Rattie, and Rattle!

TwilightStarDust Nice!! Whish

TwilightStarDust Oops I meant wish kidz net would let me post pics 😳😓😊

GemHeart Wowza this is soooo old!!!

FunHeart1010 Please draw some animatronics! That would be awesome! And some Afton family fan-art would be cool!

GemHeart I did actually draw an animatronic recently and posted it on PW. I could try and drawn an Afton Family sketch. My brothers and I call the mother Evelyn.

FunHeart1010 Yeah, isn't she ballora? But anyway ill check those out later today!

Kidzsearch has a roblox account?

GemHeart LOLLLZ.

KnightStar Wow so many followers

CatGirlTiti XD but I'm not sure if it's really KS or Someone else.

FunHeart1010 wutt

How many textbooks do you guys have? we have 16 textbooks in the 7th grade.

GemHeart Oh my gosh, like 20.

CatGirlTiti OMG THAT'S TOO MANY! Are u in 8th grade?

lunamoonlight IDK, I never counted.

Emelyisaway Like 20 or 21? But they're pretty interesting ig

Since school has not started yet I'll read some extra chapters of my books.But I think the Internet affects on my grades.When I was younger, I didn't know how to use internet, I was the top student in my class.But now I'm an 'ok' student.It displeased my parents.I feel bad.I wanna focus on my studies. So I promised to myself that I'll use my this phone on friday.I have my old phone which doesn't have Internet connection in it.So I'll use that phone if needed.That means,I can use kidznet on fridays.I'll see y'all on friday.Bye!!

GemHeart SAME!\

KnightStar School is ending for me!

Happy Birthday Tyler! 🎂🎆

ammyk Happy Bday!

TylerTheDrummer Thank you so much TiTi!