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Hi! I'm CSeriestechhero (or Lettuce Cobbler Twinkie)
I'm a computer whiz, so I also like to code, and want to learn more about computers too. I actually have a Github you can check out.
Me and some of my friends formed a coding group called LCTapps/1994 STUDIOS, not much happens there. 
I really like to draw, make music, make videos, watch anime (one of my favorites is serial experiments lain), I also enjoy playing games but I do not consider myself a hardcore gamer. The video games I play usually are Earthbound, SM64, DDLC, LSD: Dream Emulator, and very small games. A small addition to some of the things I do is I like to play around with google slides. Like, did you know you could make a game or an animation just out of a slideshow?
I probably will post memes or updates on my projects usually on kidznet, so that's neato. 
Funny enough I have my own social media network called Lettuce.it (that's not the URL though, I can't reveal the URL because of KN guidelines)
Here is a little backstory:
When I was 5 years old, my mother passed away 3 days before my 6th birthday. I now live with my dad and my stepmom.
Why did I choose CSeriestechhero?
Don't get confused or make fun of my username! My name does seem similar to T-Series but I made up my name a long time ago before I ever had a clue what T-Series was. well some may ask, well why did you name yourself that and what does it mean? Good question! I have an answer for that. First, lets break up the name like this: C-Series-tech-hero. What does the C mean in "C-Series-tech-hero"? Well It's the first letter in my name. I cannot tell you the name because KidzNet has said that we are not allowed to share real names on this site, but now you know that my name starts with a C. What does the "Series" in "C-Series-tech-hero" in my name mean? Simple. It means all the SERIES of things I have gone through in my life. What does the "tech" in "C-Series-tech-hero" mean? Even more simple. I love computers and tech, so I thought of fitting it in my username. What does the "hero" in "C-Series-tech-hero" mean? I had to find something to add for a good name, so the word hero just jumped into my head. And there you have it! That's why I like to be called CSeriestechhero!
I don't know what to add to my introduction, I hope you enjoyed listening to my TED talk (haha how funny)
Lettuce Cobbler Twinkie

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