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test post testing 1994

JD2005 What are you trying to test though?

EloquentRacer92 ??????

Ada4 Yeah, what are you testing?

CSeriestechhero seeing if this post was succesfully made via a linux terminal

i made this post via a linux terminal. kn is hard to navigate in text from ngl, i will post screenshots of what the website looks like in CLI form later

JD2005 Cool.



JD2005 Never heard of Lain, so nope lol.

Ada4 What/who is lain?

CSeriestechhero where is emelyisaway????

lunamoonlight Emely comes online every once in a while.

Hey @KidzSearch !
I have a suggestion!
I finally went back to KidzTalk after forgetting about it for some time and had to update my password. I discovered there are some themes you can change KT too. I really liked the frapuchino theme since it mocked material UI sort of. Can you guys somehow add customizing themes to KidzNet? And maybe add a frapuchino dark theme too?

JD2005 Great idea!

Autumn I agree!

Ada4 Great Idea!

I want to turn an old wifi router me and my little sister found in a dumpster into a web server so like
You connect to the wifi network, or plug in with ethernet. And then you can access my website. The only exception is that it cannot provide access to the internet as that costs money. I want to be able to make a "mini" operating system without using complicated scripts and present it in the LuCI interface so you can use the router from browser tab. The big issue is: I don't have a power adapter for it which results in nothing happening :'( also if I did, I would probably not be able to modify the router since OpenWrt doesn't have an OS image for the specific router I have. it supports v4, v3, v2, and v1 for the router model but I have a v5. When are they going to work on that?

Well enough of me ranting about modifying wifi routers. I just really got inspired by the idea bc my dad had to setup up the home router again because my big sister reset the settings somehow. When I figured out he could manage the router settings via a website stored on the router (since you cant connect to the internet unless its set up so that means the website is stored in the router)
Oh god, did I just rant more. I just have so much to say I guess!

lunamoonlight *doesn't understand anything* Cool!

JD2005 Same Luna, lol. 😅

I really love KidzTalk's WYSIWYG editor, I can add customized HTML and make my posts have a little style to it.

JD2005 WYS- What? 😅

CSeriestechhero WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) is an editor where you can customize text, add links, images, and with enough knowledge add html elements such as buttons, divs, and other simple elements.

Autumn WYSIWYG= What You See Is What You Get (but what does that mean tho?)

lunamoonlight Same Jay lol

lunamoonlight So basically the buttons on the post/answer/comment thing on KidzTalk.

JD2005 Ooh, cool.

Pumpkin More specifically, it is ckeditor version 4

my channel reached 69 subscribers. unfortunately, I cannot share the channel link bc in some of my skits and stuff my face is in it

JD2005 Congratulations!

Sugarrushfa Congrats dude

Sugarrushfa (Or dudet)

CSeriestechhero Update: just a few hours later i reached 70 subs

Ada4 Congrats!

7 years ago, my biological mother died of a heart attack in her sleep. At that time; I was 6 years old, 3 days before my 7th birthday. The night before her death, she turned on the movie Pet Cemetary.

It is now January 14th, 2020. I am about to be 13 in 3 days, and I spent slightly more than half of my life with my Dad, and step-mom.

lunamoonlight *hugs* I am not sure what i can say, but *hugs*

5rjuju R.I.P my mom died wheni was 8 im 11 now

JD2005 Same Luna. I feel so sorry for you, CS. *Virtual hug*

CSeriestechhero oh my, thats crazy!

**Note i dont know anyone named George the op prolly made up the name anyway**

lunamoonlight Wonderful

Queeny George looks mortified. As he should.

lunamoonlight @Queeny Well, if some skinless person was coming after my skin, I would be too.

Queeny hahaha, if you wanna read a story about skinless people try Flesh Colored Horror. Skin is no where in sight, only pure beauty 👌

CSeriestechhero @Queeny now i am interested

Queeny here ya go mate https://imgur.com/gallery/QUO8twZ

CSeriestechhero you—oh wow

Queeny part 2, if you wanna continue https://imgur.com/gallery/0JXsnwW

CSeriestechhero ngl it kinda gives me barefoot gen vibes. maybe it's just the art style

Queeny mmm, you should check out more of Junji Ito's works if that caught your attention. The Long Dream and The Enigma of Amigara Fault are two I'd recommend. If you like longer stuff rather than short stories, Hellstar Remina or Uzamaki may be your thing.

I wonder since some kn users are from around the world, do you use the QWERTY keyboard layout or something else?

JD2005 Ofc it's QWERTY lol.

lunamoonlight Qwerty.

CSeriestechhero i think its crazy people type with the ABCDEF format. the keyboard layout looks painful

CSeriestechhero but i am querty