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I'm slowly moving my websites onto my virtual tablet from my Chromebook.

Has anybody noticed how Cortana (ur personal assistant u windows 10 users) is a legit Diet Coke BonziBUDDY? Look up what BonziBUDDY is, then look up what Cortana is.
Now find a picture of cortana and BonziBUDDY together.

FunHeart1010 Oh i heard about BonziBuddy, If you wanna get a virus, DOWLNOAD IT! :)

KnightStar Hmm, I haven't noticed, but it's cool!

lunamoonlight I don't have Cortana

GemHeart XD Cool but odd

TylerTheDrummer I saw a vid where a guy put a BonziBuddy virus on his pc on PURPOSE!

Boy: I want to buy this

Boy: Please let me buy this

Parent: I said no!

Boy: But pls. Y U Bully me?

Parent: Do you even know
what ur buying?

Boy: Yes. It is this:

cookie122105 Lol

KnightStar Haha

JD2005 LOL

Queeny LOL

GemHeart Oh cmon!!! XD

I just wanted to play Kirby, The Blob That Inhales People And Their Own Kind (cannibalism?)
I got this!
(new character???) whatisthis????????????????

cookie122105 ????

KnightStar LOL

lunamoonlight It's the meme emoji.

JD2005 LOL


Queeny lol

Somebody teach me on how to get this merch!!!

cookie122105 I want one with heart face

KnightStar hahahah!


Queeny haha

*finds this on the web*
Hmmm. Maybe this is how man became and will become too!

KnightStar IT IS NOT A THEORY!!!!

JD2005 LOL

GemHeart XD The emoji evolution is the only true evolution theory XD

Queeny Lol

Don't believe me? Look at what I'm doing right now.

cookie122105 lol i have gmail no one replies cause thier in the phone have a phone

KnightStar I have questions...

lunamoonlight I have Kidzsnet, YouTube and my email open in case someone comments on my stuff on power poetry

JD2005 I have only KN open!

KnightStar I use to have 30 tabs open before I deleted most of them!

Man It's hard to keep on on notifications. I'm doing graphics designing and doing more homework, checking my emails, talking to my friend (he won't reply), and keeping up on KidzNet notifications.

Why the pain????? (╥ o ╥)

KnightStar lol, me today

JD2005 LOL

Queeny lol

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I need to do this with my headphones.

lunamoonlight nope, I will have to wait till i get home to find a mechanicle pencil.

FunHeart1010 Ooo

CSeriestechhero Genuis!

KnightStar Lol

JD2005 XD Great idea!

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wat yall doing

CSeriestechhero Nothign

KnightStar Nothing much!!

lunamoonlight sitting down, scrolling through Kidznet, commenting on this post, typing, eating foooooooooooood, watching YouTube.

GemHeart School

Queeny Waiting n cleaning!

CSeriestechhero School

FunHeart1010 Same Luna, except im also listening to music lol.

JD2005 KidzNet!

Queeny Lol, same as J!