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🐽Igpay 🗿Atinlay

FunHeart1010 elloooohay ! iyay idntday owknay ouyay okespay igpay atinlay ! iyay oday ootay ! (Hello! I didnt know you spoke Pig Latin I do too!)

FunHeart1010 xD i forgot this was still a thing!

KnightStar Hi

GemHeart I still don't understand Pig Latin, someone teach me plz XD

KnightStar (I know!) Yyyoot iyay hooti mmoooo! (does anyone else know?)

I drew this with the most basic t00l$

Octolongboi12 Not bad

TwilightStarDust How cool!!

Artist Guarenteed oops typo

GemHeart Haha! Good Mario!

Octolongboi12 It’s-a me, MAAAARRRIOATHNDJDFZNJ

CSeriestechhero btw i drew this

Gryffindors Welcome!

GemHeart Awww thx!!!

yES MOOR... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGuZjipWkvc

TylerTheDrummer I paused JUST at the right time! (15 seconds in)

TylerTheDrummer 9:00-10 seconds LOL

CSeriestechhero ok