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What if KN had themes like KT does?

(Share if you agree KN should have themes)

ammyk I agree, but I won't share. The feed is already being overwhelmed enough.

JD2005 Agreed!

EloquentRacer92 I agree. But who will design the themes?

JHAMMER2 The KS website has themes.(Only on the desktop version I think)

lunamoonlight KS and Pumpkin could probably work on making some themes.

Pumpkin ;)

CSeriestechhero Hey what about me, i'd love to help make themes

lunamoonlight CSeriestechhero as well

JD2005 @CSeriestechhero Yeah, you too. But Pumpkin is more active on here lol.

Little did peach know that Vietnam did not have mushrooms and stars.
This is the aftermath:

JD2005 oof

ammyk I-

Ash Lol

KnightStar LOL WUT

If KidzNet becomes the next Twitter, then I'm going to delete my account.

EloquentRacer92 Nah.

lunamoonlight I don't think it will

HarryPotterLover123 Probably not

JD2005 Hopefully that won't happen.

Ash What do you mean by that?

ammyk I don’t think there are enough users for that, but I’d leave too.

CSeriestechhero @ash Twitter is a place where people argue over opinoins and a lot of dramatic and annoying stuff happens there. I'm trying to imply that if we end up with homophobes and transphobes on the network, and they start drama. I'm going to delete my account then.

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share this post if your American



ammyk Looking pretty sus over there.

KingLouis Among us

CSeriestechhero @KingLouis **AMOGUS (im kidding) amogus is the ***ized version of among us

CSeriestechhero oh shoot i just realized a nonoffensive word was censored?

JD2005 a m o g u s

ammyk @CSeriestechhero, are you sure you didn't misspell it?

CSeriestechhero @ammyk ***ized or amogus?

Hello everyone!
I've finally released the rl_m2621 build of LCTapps browser! New feature highlights include:
- Revamped UI, slightly mocking material UI design
- Fixed the new tab shortcut. You press ctrl+u instead of ctrl+t. (Make sure you are focused on the browser tabs or controls. Will not work if you have focused on the webview)
- Added smoother animations for the Tabs, and URL bar!
- You can navigate across tabs with ctrl+1-9.
You can download the latest version from the LCTapps page here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vQw7l4XopIFZVjztgCItTSt5Fl-iqkvYf3iqbw2p6vrq0lOskPLGld6Q3p_jgyYyRv3ElJ228FI38CT/embed?rm=minimal&slide=id.p
Just click DOWNLOAD LCTAPPS BROWSER or if you'd like to get an older version of LCTapps browser, go to OTHER VERSIONS. Once again, thanks for supporting and motivating me with the development of LCTapps browser!

Note: This only works on ChromeOS platforms. Chrome Packaged apps are deprecated everywhere else forwhich means that LCTapps browser can not run on any other platforms.

CSeriestechhero So kidznet wont let me paste braille unicode

CSeriestechhero But yeah, for the people who've never heard, LCTapps browser is a browser I made back in august and it's goal was to be a second browser for chromebook users since installing non-ARC browser are a bit challenging and is a slight hassle<br style="">Since chrome packaged apps are deprecated on Windows, Mac, and Linux i saw this as an issue at first but also an opportune for school kids who are desperate on trying to access sites without potentially being watched.<br style="">So if you are a kid who's got a school issued chromebook, and can install extensions, this is something you should consider adding!

CSeriestechhero oh jesus i cant break lines without KN inserting HTML code inbetween. ok time to break line<br style=""><br style=""><br style=""><br style=""><br style=""><br style=""><br style="">this is fun

GemHeart @CS plz don’t use Jesus’s name in vain plz, it may not matter to you but to us Christians/ Catholics/etc it is offensive. Thanks :D

lunamoonlight To break lines in comments, shift + enter works, but not when you actually post the comment

CSeriestechhero Oh sorry<br style=""><br style="">I'm just an atheist™ and i didn't expect this to offend one like you. I'll try to minimize on using those terms ig.

CSeriestechhero @luna i know how it works, i've been using the computer for years. it's just that kidznet is glitching out

JD2005 😲

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Share this post if you hate football

Ash I hate it too.

KingLouis Football? Yucky

EloquentRacer92 It's OK.

CSeriestechhero Football is unkek™ I despise the concept. It pains me that football is the USA's sport. I mainly despise sports but I am willing to play socceror basketball. or discount tennis but yeah overall i don't like sports. I despise athleticism.

lunamoonlight I like sports I can actually play lol. Volleyball and dodgeball mostly (I'm good at hitting things and dodging things lol)

CSeriestechhero I forgot dodgeball. That's a fun game.