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You are at a café, and you are hanging out with your friends from KidzNet.
What would you order?
What would you do while waiting for your order?

Emelyisaway *orders water* nice :]

KittyKat *Orders a Frappuccino* "Ok! My first time trying a caffeinated drink!" *tastes it* "MmMmMmMMm!!! Sugary!!!!" (I have never had a caffeinated drink...)

KittyKat Gem!! How can you put salt in the coffee??? I am confusion!

CSeriestechhero I get a decaf coffee and add some peppermint coffee creamer, then drink it in the most annoying way.

GemHeart Me: *drinks some coffee* I do it all the time, it helps take the bitterness away

KittyKat *drinks my over sugared frapp* Ok Gemmy! If you like it like that, I won't judge you.

lunamoonlight *gets a wrapped peppermint out of endless pockets, unwraps it, and drops it into hot coco* Anyone want a peppermint?

lunalovegoodmolly *confused* Is this roleplay gem or does she really put salt n her coffe?

KittyKat *raises hand* *immediately thinks that that is dumb* *puts hand down* Luna can I have one please?

GemHeart *grins, takes peppermint* I actually do put salt in it. It actually works!

Google added customizable themes to Chromebooks and Google Chrome! I'm so happy!
If you are a Chrome/Chromebook user, you can actually do it yourself!
Make sure you are on the "New Tab" page.
Click the pencil>Color and Theme> Then select a color you want! (you can also choose a custom color by clicking the eyedropper circle (top left)) This only works on Chromebooks and any other desktop computers. Phones/Tablets don't have that feature from what I know
Here is mine!

JD2005 Cool!

lunamoonlight I know

OMG OMG I feel soooo happy! KidzNet isn't blocked anymore!!!! No more unblockers needed for KidzNet!

CSeriestechhero See? It's in a normal web-app window instead of a website unblocker that looks like Windows XP.

KidzSearch That is great to hear. We contacted GoGuardian last week and requested to be removed from their block list. Can you access KidzTalk or do a search? What happens when you go to our games section?

JD2005 YAY!!!

lunamoonlight Awesome. Securly is still a pain in the neck for, but i'm glad your blocker doesn't block KN anymore.

lunamoonlight for me*

GemHeart ;D

CSeriestechhero Hold on, KidzSearch. I will check them and message you guys when I check.

KidzSearch If any sections are blocked, just let us know.

lunalovegoodmolly Yay!

ArtistGirl yay


GemHeart Ya I feel ya

JD2005 Ok...

lunalovegoodmolly Ok

Are there any writing contests?
I am trying to make a story.

lunalovegoodmolly I don't know....

Greyson15 I have a group for writing contests

lunamoonlight Mine, but I forgot a theme/starter this week cause I have had a messed up schedule lately, will make one next week.

FunHeart1010 I am not sure

JD2005 IDK...

Elizabeth11 i"ll see i can do a writing contest in eco club PS:join today https://net.kidzsearch.com/group/925964/

lunalovegoodmolly Ok

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JD2005 💖

I'm at NavTime chilling to jazz music while posting and stuff

lunalovegoodmolly cool

Queeny yA lIKe JaZZ???

lunamoonlight I prefer rock, jazz is no where near my favorite music genres.

Kitten ok

CSeriestechhero i dont hate jazz, but i don't completely like it

Haven't been able to post in a while, I am too busy with chores, I'm sooo sorry.
I will be hopefully able to post in my journal on Wednesday so stick around, OK?
I'll be able to make small posts before Wednesday so I'll still see what's goin on.
See ya tomorrow!

KnightStar Okay! C'ya!

Scruffypenny its okay

GemHeart KK!!! ;D

Kitten k

lunalovegoodmolly kk

ArtistGirl TODAY IS WEDNESDAY!!! no post yet...

1922 person: "I can't wait to see the Great Depression end and flyings cars and us going to space and-"
the other person from 2019: "SHUT UP!! have you seen 2019? you are gonna love it!"
1922 person: I'm disappointed.

JD2005 😂

FunHeart1010 XD I posted a meme about this lol

Emelyisaway I love this girl. This is all satire btw

KnightStar this is what we've come to....SATIRE I SAY

Queeny Doesn't she act dumb on purpose? either way, she's hilarious lol

lunamoonlight She is a troll, yeah she acts dumb.

ArtistGirl IKR queeny

FunHeart1010 XD

CSeriestechhero no, she does not act

CSeriestechhero i looked through almost all her videos and i wish the kid to die