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Ok just to give a little context, this is related to coding.
I'm sooooooooooo happy! I finally learned how to make a website using GitHub (specifically GitHub Pages). This means I don't have to use JSitor anymore! And JSitor is random and unreliable. I made a post in the google classroom I made for my friends who are willing to help me with it. I call the group LCTapps/1994 STUDIOS.
OK. Well... I switched because JSitor randomly errors out and makes my sites unusable, so I was looking for alternatives to host a static website and github was one of them. At first, I had doubts on hosting a GitHub page since it's soo complicated... At first but I was doing everything wrong. Soooooo I had to find out why it wasn't working, and I finally found out how to do it, and it's easier than I thought.
Another reason why it's sooo much easier is because I can upload the files in the Git repo (repository) and easily locate them rather than uploading it to another service and then copying the URL into the src part of a element/tag. And smaller file names take up less data, and space in the code, which Is more convenient instead of copy-pasting a URL (that takes up more bytes and causes more clutter).
I am actually gonna provide some links to some of the GitHub pages I have made (the app hub beta isn't in this post since KidzNet does not want me to post it here. I might post it once I remove the chat site since I am not using it anymore and am going to move to also remove the chat site from Lettuce.it, since the tribe team [the people who let my network exist] added a messaging feature)(also i cannot share LCTapps Devmail since that's for LCTapps/1994 devs haha)

i am now addicted to kero kero bonito

JD2005 Well, what is that? 😅

CSeriestechhero a british music trio. they are the people who made the song "Flamingo" which was a big meme in 2018

Why flies? lmao

JD2005 XDD

KnightStar hhhahahahha

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CSeriestechhero Test passed! I caught you, @JD2005

WAIT WHAT 2 MONTHS AGO?? Whyyyy did I not know— oh... right I wasn't here

JD2005 Yes, she came back for a while at that time.

CSeriestechhero Makes me sad, hopefully cookie122105 will return again and wont abandon us forever

What if KidzNet had a dark theme? I have created a dark theme before using CSS for my social media network (Lettuce.it [that's a name, not a link, the link is way different but I can't share it]) I created the dark theme using AdBlocker by copy-pasting CSS element names and adding their features via the network settings. This is also part of the reason why I am very advanced in terms of writing CSS code. If possible, maybe the KidzNet team can work on a dark theme? Using my help possibly? I also learned that darker, and warmer colors are good for our eyes! Which is what I did for Lettuce.it. The dark color(s) is #000, #111, #222, #333, The secondary color (also the warm color) Is #af0a0a (one of my favorite colors) I have a screenshot of what a post would look like:

lunamoonlight The red is a bit dark for it, it makes it difficult to read. I get it is daek mode an supposed to be dark but that is one thing i dislike about dark modes: it makes it difficult to read when there are dark fonts used.

KnightStar i agree with u and luna

KnightStar u have to have it white tho

KnightStar its like having your normal one and a grey font ya cant read it so ye

CSeriestechhero Who here wears glasses, cuz i do and i can see it AOK<br> Oh

lunamoonlight I wear glasses

hkc Ugh

JD2005 Sane Luna.

CSeriestechhero Congrats JD2005, Luna is mentally sane.

What should i change my character's face to next? I have a normal meh variant 1, normal meh variant 2, happy 1, happy sqiggle 2, mad, and one where the mouth just says "Why"
I'll upload all the face variants below:

CSeriestechhero forgot to add meh variant 2

CSeriestechhero no worries though, it was sorta lame

hkc Lol

Queeny Idk, i'm really vibing with "why"

lunamoonlight Why. It describes my life.

winning solitaire is really like that

hkc Look

lunamoonlight Lol

Anyone have a TI calculator on their Chromebook? I got mine today and I can't remove it oof

KITTYLOVER What's that

CSeriestechhero No im using chrome os version 83

CSeriestechhero I meant version 84

KITTYLOVER I don't know what window vista is


KnightStar uh anyways i dont know what it is :/

Emelyisaway maybe try opening task manager and ending the apps task?

lunamoonlight I have a chromebook and just use the Calculator already on it. Since it is an app, there should be a hng at the bottom of the screen for it, like a logo. Right click (two-finger click) the logo and select the option similar to "Remove" or "Delete".

lunamoonlight Thing*

CSeriestechhero School made it so i can't end processes

Felt like drawing... How is it?

JD2005 Nice!

lunamoonlight Not bad