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r/engrish moment
This isn't even proper grammar how funny

JD2005 XD

Junior That's funny

Queeny Sounds like the type of grammar I would expect from a 1 year old

Guys I made a beta version of the app hub

JD2005 Cool!

Guys im big brain coder
I updated lettuce.it, TAH (the app hub), and my other LCTapps services to have it's own custom cursor,
i can send a link to one of my pages since it doesn't have a link to Lettuce.it (the link isn't lettuce.it, that goes to someone else's page)
this is the site's update log. it's pretty cool.
this trick only works with computers

Scruffypenny OK!

JD2005 Cool!

just broke my phone yesterday
I accidentally damaged the OS by reinstalling the System UI base APK (my phone is a samsung galaxy j3 emerge running android 6.0.1 marshmallow)
After i reinstalled the system ui base apk my phone told me that it was going to restart. (no biggie right?) OK, so the phone restarts, then it tells me the system ui crashed. i press ok, then it does it again, and again, and again. It goes on forever.
Now i freaked out bc i cant access any apps, nor can i do anything to undo what i did.
luckily with a little bit of research, i found out how to fix this.
With every phone that runs android os, there is a "Recovery Mode". It is activated using a combination with the power, volume keys, and if your phone has a physical home button, that may also be needed to activate recovery mode.
I did that, and reset my device.
Luckily i didn't lose all of my data, because i have a sd card and just used that.
That sums up what happened recently, now i have to go back to chores

lunamoonlight Sounds like a mini-horror story, at least you found the recovery mode thing.

CSeriestechhero Yep. My phone is up and running again and it is working a lot better than last time.

Haha me pfp go dum dum

KnightStar lol

KnightStar maybe you should make that as your icon

GemHeart MONika

Guys i deepfried my pfp

KnightStar actually look scool ngl

KnightStar *cool

based off of a family guy meme

I took a picture of markiplier in one of his new videos and cut it out and added it to ddlc things
The forth image is not kid-friendly, so I had to remove it.

Scruffypenny lol

Jabber lol

JD2005 lol

JD2005 lol