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I'm at NavTime chilling to jazz music while posting and stuff

lunalovegoodmolly cool

Queeny yA lIKe JaZZ???

lunamoonlight I prefer rock, jazz is no where near my favorite music genres.

Kitten ok

Haven't been able to post in a while, I am too busy with chores, I'm sooo sorry.
I will be hopefully able to post in my journal on Wednesday so stick around, OK?
I'll be able to make small posts before Wednesday so I'll still see what's goin on.
See ya tomorrow!

KnightStar Okay! C'ya!

Scruffypenny its okay

GemHeart KK!!! ;D

Kitten k

lunalovegoodmolly kk

ArtistGirl TODAY IS WEDNESDAY!!! no post yet...

1922 person: "I can't wait to see the Great Depression end and flyings cars and us going to space and-"
the other person from 2019: "SHUT UP!! have you seen 2019? you are gonna love it!"
1922 person: I'm disappointed.

JD2005 😂

FunHeart1010 XD I posted a meme about this lol

Emelyisaway I love this girl. This is all satire btw

KnightStar this is what we've come to....SATIRE I SAY

Queeny Doesn't she act dumb on purpose? either way, she's hilarious lol

lunamoonlight She is a troll, yeah she acts dumb.

ArtistGirl IKR queeny

FunHeart1010 XD

CSeriestechhero no, she does not act

CSeriestechhero i looked through almost all her videos and i wish the kid to die

but if you really think about it, i'm right

lunamoonlight Uno reverse card and a mirror, yup.


CSeriestechhero the mirror reflects things, the uno reverse card reverses things and the UNO reverse card NO U meme means to reflect things. for example, if someone says "you are ugly" you would show them the uno reverse card so that would mean that "you are ugly" statement would go back to them.. then the person who tried to offend you would be offended by their own statement because you used the reverse card. get it?

KnightStar Uno reverse Tati my makeup

ArtistGirl oh, now I get it! I thought the mirror was a random circle on the table! lol me.

ArtistGirl but the mirror isn’t a picture

JD2005 😂

CSeriestechhero its a picture of a mirror

CSeriestechhero and a uno reverse card

ArtistGirl ok

the good ol stonks meme redrawn on a sticker
i drew it

I don't think I'll be able to post today! I'm real sorry!

JD2005 Good job!

I finally got Kitten's Nyan Cat drawing done.

Kitten o! Thanks!!!!!!!

September 29, 2019
Mornin Mickel, me, and my dad got starbucks, then we went to my dad's work. They had some stuff they had to get done.
The rest of the day all the way until 5 PM: I was on my chromebook, Mickel was helping the other people who had to work there, and my dad was also working. When it was time, We started packing up to leave and I added some cool stuff to my Chromebook. I don't have a camera except my chromebook camera and it can't take a picture of itself on the outside, can it?
The rest of the day: chores getting ready for bed and sleeping.
That was today in a nutshell.

KnightStar Starbucks, the home of white girls. I would know, I like Starbucks ahahahha

ArtistGirl I LOVE STARBUCKS!!! my fav things are caramel frappuccino, pumpkin spice latte, and hot chocolate w/ extra whipped cream

CSeriestechhero home of the VSCO girls. want a scrunchie?

KnightStar CSeries no thanks LOL

ArtistGirl CSeries, no, I’ve already got 42. lol. I”M SO VSCO!!!

ArtistGirl look, see? these ones.

ArtistGirl *I'm

CSeriestechhero dang.

Queeny wow, you're a level 42 VSCO girl lol

ArtistGirl IKR I’m weird I dont even have tik tok tho

I removed the Cobbler OS login page because for some reason my Chromebook keeps changing the file location so when I enter my login, it will redirect me to a broken/dead link.
By the way, I am giving Google Drive links where you can download the OS. (the about link is broken/dead because it is not in the download because it cannot locate the file on other devices that do not have the file or the file location link is different.)
Cobbler OS Google Sans Dark Theme (font will not appear properly for most computers): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R-GP4j3Fx2CAXDJUarGafVMxzy63IHFO/view?usp=sharing
Cobbler OS Dark Theme: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QwnlygpXrBh_vm82Og2us_OGbU1FQqS8/view?usp=sharing
Cobbler OS Default Theme: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R38_47DiVvCijLTjUG-TUs3X7moZ9qq3/view?usp=sharing

CSeriestechhero You will have to download the files in order to access them. Google Chrome, Firefox, and any other web browsers that can open HTML files are required.

Kitten thanks!

Kitten I tryed to download, and it failed. I clicked download, and this happened:

CSeriestechhero Hmm...

CSeriestechhero I'll try to change some settings and see if it will work again

CSeriestechhero Did you try copy and pasting the code it into a Google Doc and then downloading the document as a .HTML file?

JD2005 Cool!

New post in my journal

JD2005 Kk!

ArtistGirl I’ll check it out

Kitten kk

Crafter4017 What’s it called

ArtistGirl it's called CSeriestechhero’s life journal, AKA life of a lettuce cobbler Twinkie, and here’s the link: https://net.kidzsearch.com/group/923353/

Why has nobody been posting stuff in my journal?
the image below is sr pelo slapping the table repeatedly.

CSeriestechhero Ask questions!!! Give art requests! you are gonna make me sad!

JD2005 Kk, I'm sorry.

ArtistGirl Ok, sorry...

lunalovegoodmolly Sorry... I haven't had time

CSeriestechhero Its ok I get it

Kitten sorry

Crafter4017 Hey cs

Crafter4017 Make picture of master chief