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Hello guys! I have been working on some code again! This time, it's for my band. Why? Well, I made a Google Account for my band, top ten anime betrayals (yes the name is supposed to be in lower case) so I can upload content to our YouTube channel, connect our band to Bandcamp, etc. So I needed to make some rules if other band members are going to manage the band, or use the account. I already sent some of my band members the rules, but one day I wanted to make it fancy. So I felt like writing some code for the band rules.
1, The Planning
I was on Infinite Campus one day and went to the messages area to see if any of my teachers said anything new about quarantine. I opened a message and the UI looked pretty classic, and I thought "This looks like something I would like to customize and test the code with. So I went into the W3schools Tryit Editor and modified the code, and made a test message.
2, what am I going to do with this code?
I was thinking and brainstorming and stuff, and I realized I could put the band rules here in a classic looking message. So I converted the rules text file and edited it so it would work with the HTML.
3, finalizing and then... oof, there's a problem
So... I was finishing up the code, added a reply button, and a button to close the tab (or window). There is ONE problem, though. I need a way to share it with my band members. GoGuardian at my school blocks the word "HTML" so if I were to try to share the HTML file, it wouldn't work, because it's blocked. I can't host it on HTMLsave, because it's blocked! AAAGH EVERYTHING IS BLOCKED!
So now I'm stuck, not knowing how to share this in a format presentable to my band members.
Well. That sums up an awesome project that serves no purpose (at the current moment).
Here is a screenshot of the editor, the code, and part of the project.
(Names have been removed to follow KidzNet's rules)

ammyk Why is it blocked???

ammyk also u are a WAY better code than me!

JD2005 You know a lot about coding!

CSeriestechhero ammyk The reason why the keyword "HTML" is blocked, is because kids who don't really code, copy-paste a google search for a blocked site, load it into a real-time HTML editor and unblock sites that way. These kids take advantage of the <iframe> element. If you don't know what an iframe is, it's basically a page embedded in a page. I love using iframes, but it is sad to see how people are abusing the internet.

I was on discord and captioned this image.
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Oy vey, It's been a long time.
I have been living life and forgot about KidzNet
Also, I have been managing my social media network so uhh that's a thing.

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For ya DDLC and Flamingo fans here is a meme crossover (wait Monika isn't really a meme)
Just Felipe!
Also, this is OC content. I made this.

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Emelyisaway just felipe :)

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