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Me on photo shop made deku the first

Emelyisaway LOL i love him

lunamoonlight Im dead, im dead. *dies of laughter*

Queeny Omg-

CSeriestechhero Haha!

Kitten I think you just pasted some i.ahes but good job.

hkc Lol

Neomarshmellow That is so plus ultra lol

THEMEGAMAN next photoshop Aang

lunamoonlight @Neomarshmello It is tho. It is. Also, i wonder what BakuDeku or TodoDeku shippers would say about this...


During school for pe and my lunch break I do front flips on to my bed I popped my neck 12 times today 😅

Emelyisaway ouch lol r u ok?

lunamoonlight Just dont BREAK your neck hun.

ThatBluePikmin already seen it on tiktok

JD2005 Already seen.

ThatBluePikmin ive seen that from a tiktok lol

FutureChefGurl Your right

Scruffypenny For the math my classmates came up with the same thing XD but I dont despise school.

tooawesome Your right the peoples in my class always say that. LOL

JD2005 Seen this before, so relatable XD

Bravetea3 I love school

Two hours to make this

ArtistGirl great job!

JD2005 Nice!

It took me 10 hours to make this

ArtistGirl wow!

JD2005 Good job!

tooawesome Good job

Share this with your family I am crying or search dear 2045

JD2005 #SaveOurPlanet

FutureChefGurl We should stop ‚účit

THEMEGAMAN we need peace

Scruffypenny yes but if people deny the truth by putting their ego before their wits then its not really gonna help campaining

FutureChefGurl I'm a vsco girl

KnightStar "how dare u"