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I forget my password 🔑 so I haven't been on for months

lunamoonlight Oof

Autumn Welcome back! :)

JD2005 Oof. WB!

Ada4 WB!

Me on photo shop made deku the first

Emelyisaway LOL i love him

lunamoonlight Im dead, im dead. *dies of laughter*

Queeny Omg-

CSeriestechhero Haha!

Pumpkin I think you just pasted some i.ahes but good job.

starshine Lol

Neomarshmellow That is so plus ultra lol

THEMEGAMAN next photoshop Aang

lunamoonlight @Neomarshmello It is tho. It is. Also, i wonder what BakuDeku or TodoDeku shippers would say about this...


During school for pe and my lunch break I do front flips on to my bed I popped my neck 12 times today 😅

Emelyisaway ouch lol r u ok?

lunamoonlight Just dont BREAK your neck hun.

ThatBluePikmin already seen it on tiktok

JD2005 Already seen.

ThatBluePikmin ive seen that from a tiktok lol

FutureChefGurl Your right

Scruffypenny For the math my classmates came up with the same thing XD but I dont despise school.

tooawesome Your right the peoples in my class always say that. LOL

JD2005 Seen this before, so relatable XD

Bravetea3 I love school