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Here is a song I finished writing a few days ago, hope you guys will like it.
IMPORTANT: Since the song hasn't been officially released, please don't steal/copy/use the lyrics without my permission. If you want to, just message me privately and I'll look into the matter. Thanks.

Song : Dreams
Genre: Pop
Songwriter: @JD2005

I don't know why they feel
So real, when they're not
When they're not, they're not

Sweet dreams
I don't know why they feel
So real, when they're not
When they're not, they're not, ooh

It's raining again
Tears rolling down my cheeks
From my eyes
Wet eyes

And it's storming again
Inside my heart
And monsters running inside
Inside my mind


Yeah, I get dreams
I don't know why they feel
So real, when they're not
When they're not, they're not (they're not)

Sweet dreams
I don't know why they feel
So real, when they're not
When they're not, they're not, ooh

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh

Dreams (dreams, dreams)
Sweet dreams (dreams, dreams)
Dreams (dreams, ooh)
Dreams (ooh)

Dreams (dreams, dreams)
Sweet dreams (dreams, dreams)
Dreams (dreams, ooh)

What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below! 👇🏻

Bravetea3 sorry for sharing this I presses the wrong button how do I unshared

Ash I absolutely love this! At first I thought this was made by Alan Walked XD

Ash *Walker

Twentyonepilotsan I love it!

DukeSilver Great! Now you just need a way to record it and then somehow share it with people.

JHAMMER2 I used to have a dream that there was a curfew at night because of a storm coming. When I woke up in the dream, I was in a different place. I was on the side walk by the exit of the free way , where the car's go into the highway where it was divided by the turns you could do. and I was with my blanket. Don't worry, That happened in the dream.

Anonymous Hm, interesting, I do like it. Since it is JD, it was probably somewhat inspired by Alan. It's good, though it could do with another verse, just to make it less of a repetitive chorus.

JD2005 Originally posted in: The Creativity Club

JD2005 Thank you everybody! ❤

JD2005 @Bravetea3 It's okay, lol. I was thinking about sharing it sometime. Thanks. @Ash Thanks, lol. Generally, I don't post song lyrics here (except my own ones), I prefer KT more. Just go to the "Music Entertainment" section on KT, it's full of lyrics posted by me (mostly AW songs), lol. @Twentyonepilotsan Thanks! @DukeSilver Thanks, and yes, lol. I actually wanna do that in the future. @Anonymous Thanks! You're right, it was inspired by Alan. He's my biggest inspiration, after all. TBH, this song was also inspired by Alec Benjamin. Based on my personal experiences. BTW, thanks for the advice! I'll keep that in mind next time. I'm not really good at writing songs, this is only the second-ever song of my life which I have finished writing, lol. Plus, I couldn't think of any other lines at that moment (kinda like writer's block). So I guess it's pretty bad.

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GemHeart LOLLL


Jellyfishlover OMG PLSSS

JD2005 XDD

Bravetea3 me

GuitaristKid LOLOLOL

forgxtten yess

Anonymous Deku, don't ask for any apples.

Bravetea3 RIP Izuku



ammyk Smart kid.

GuitaristKid Clever LOL

GuitaristKid How come no ones talking about the evil creepy woman in the background though. <:O

JD2005 Lol.

Anonymous Lol, it's a My Hero meme, the "woman" in the background is a character name All Might loll, not female either lol. All Might and the scarf dude (EraserHead) are teachers lol.

JD2005 @lunamoonlight So many "lol"s, lol.

GuitaristKid Ok then

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Race and white privilege is not political. Wearing masks is not political. Saving the environment is not political either.

We need to spread awareness and improve humanity by discussing these issues.

CoralSophie08 exACTly. NONE OF THAT IS POLITICAL. You're absolutely right.

GemHeart It depends. The issues themselves are not, but some people will use them as ways to gain things politically. All depends on the person.

DukeSilver In Utah, even just waking around with a Starbucks cup is seen as a political statement. They'll actually come over and start talking to you about your political views.

Anonymous I agree with GemHeart. Indepentantly, no, they aren't political, but political people use stuff like BLM, the environment, and stuff to their advantage a lot.

Pumpkin BLM s not political. It has nothing to do with democrats or republicans, and people shouldn't use i to their political advantage

Ash I agree. Plus, we shouldn’t be so serious about politics! We’re just kids, after all.

Bravetea3 were kids not politics so really its not ever going to be political and BLM is some times gets political but we are kids so we should not call something political with out looking at what adults' say about it

Anonymous @Bravetea3 While I get what you are saying, kids should also make up their mind, no matter what adults may say. I still recommend taking in other sources though.

JD2005 I agree!

Bravetea3 I feel like instead adults aren't really understanding this problem as much as most of us and were just kids

It was in one night I got 79

DukeSilver So I'm not the only one with ridiculous notifications? As of right now, I have exactly 350, but ten hours ago, I had only 260. It increased by 90 notifications in ten hours. (There, Mr. Brenham, you happy?)

Bravetea3 @DukeSilver in under an hour I had 100

DukeSilver Dang. That's something I haven't accomplished yet: an hour?

Ash :/

Anonymous More than you will ever know.

JD2005 👍🏻


DukeSilver ..."Creepy little flying cameras of butter..."

JD2005 lol

MaryleboneLausanne 😝

Bravetea3 Butter 🧈 fly💸

Ash @DukeSilver XD

anyone on? why is no one ever on when i am?

CoralSophie08 I saw you online earlier today!

JD2005 I am, now!

how to change your name I sit here and wonder how to change your name echoes in my mind louder than a seals blubber can sound when hitting the ground I wonder how to change my name I wonder -
poem name I wonder creator me what I want: I want to know how to change my name I wonder

KidzSearch What name do you want?

JD2005 Lol, is that supposed to be a song?

DukeSilver I think a poem of sorrows

Ash You can’t change your name on KN, but KS can change it for you.

Bravetea3 its a poem of sorrows