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Does anyone remember kidlol288? That was me, I forgot my password ofc also call me coca instead of bookworm, 💜 💎 💐

Happy easter

-former kidlol

Bookworm22 Did cookie get off of kidznet? 😭 If so I miss her! She was the first one who greeted me! And I talked to her

Pumpkin cookie has been gone for over a year

JD2005 WB! Yes, I remember you.

KnightStar WB! I remember you. Cookie has been gone for a long time

Scruffypenny I do t remember you sorry. I joined like a year and a half ago...

Queen157 Yes, I remember you

Bookworm22 Thank you : )

Hey guys I'm sorry I haven't been on lately. Studying like crazy now that it's close to the state tests 🙄 any studying tips? I'm doing really bad in math right now and need some help.

Pumpkin Hey!

Holahi What are you working on in math

JD2005 It's okay! WB!

Bookworm22 Long division and mixed numbers I'm in 5th and worried about not getting to go to middle school. 😔


Bookworm22 Your spirit lives with us

Bookworm22 Sadly lizzy has passed on November 29th 2019 from leukemia

Bookworm22 Join my group to honor lizzy's memory

Emelyisaway rip lizzywinkle :(

Emelyisaway for those of you who don't know, Lizzy was an artist that helped on some art for Royale High on Roblox.

Twentyonepilotsan Oh

FunHeart1010 Rip..

JD2005 R.I.P