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Are you a fan of Harry Potter?
If you are go to this page:

GemHeart I have this, and love it

QueenOfTheUnicorns Tbh I have never read Harry Potter

AlbiSeli Too bad!

LouTheLuver For some reason I cannot join because of my age. :(

Booklover Me too 😔

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Who is your villain title?

AlbiSeli Wow!

AlbiSeli We have same birdhday!

GemHeart That’s real cool XD Did you know Anne Frank was born on June 12th too?! And that you’re sharing your birthday with me, and my three siblings?

FunHeart1010 Cool!

MusicTigerSmile the blue spirit of the seas

Crystal The vengeful sorceress of the east! Cool!

CatGirlTiti The Red spirit of the Mountains!

PrincessLuna Wow, Gem, all 4 of you on the same day?

GemHeart Yep, we’re quadruplets!

CatGirlTiti My brother's is the vengeful Troll of the Seas.