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Hello everyone!
no unfriendly people of I will report

JHAMMER2 how do you do that

Ash @J Just text KS.

EloquentRacer92 Like PM?

Ash Yesh

ammyk I think you can block now.

lunamoonlight Yes, you can block now. I'm actually blocked by Pumpkin right now. I don't really care, though he PMed me even after he blocked me. Not that I can actually see any of them right now. I saw them before, it was something along the lines of "I'm sorry, I'll unblock you" "wait, nevermind, you *random reason or insult i don't remember". The blocking pretty much shows how honest his attempt at being friends was tho.

Ash @luna Why are you arguing with him? What started it?

lunamoonlight Basically he kept getting political on KidzTalk and wouldn't let things go. So I blocked him here at one time just to make my contact with him minimal. He proved himself to be very immature and argumentitive. He lost my respect then. Then, he got upset that I blocked him and kicked him out of my diary (you know, the place where I post private things, why wouldn't I want someone I distrust in there?), and he was deleting my comments on everything he disagreed with and FortnitePlayer's (who has left because of Kitten/Pumpkin i believe). KS removed the block button after Kitten complained, and so then Kitten continuously PMed me and kept going on my page and causing drama when I told him to stop several times. Eventually, I just stopped arguing, he replied a paragraph ending with "Just stop arguing" where I replied "Kitten, I already have". Then, we settled ourselves and were civil until he came and messed it up. I'll be frank, at that point before, I didn't trust him, nor like him, nor did I respect him. The more he left me alone, the more I figured he was being civil enough to leave me alone. When he PMed me asking to be friends, I didn't want to reply nor did I know how to. I wasn't going to say yes when I had no intentions of that. I wasn't going to tell him I had no respect or trust for him and start more drama either, because he isn't the type to take "no" for an answer. he then posted on the main feed asking to be friends saying I forced him to go public. To which, I was forced to be honest and say exactly what I thought of him. He didn't like that much. That started stuff up again, and he kept PMing me and harassing me, so I PMed KidzSearch to reinstate the block button or find some way to prevent Kitten from talking to me. Granted, before I could block him, he blocked me. And after he did, he kept PMing me and I couldn't even reply. (I only saw the messages when he was the last person to PM me, since then he shows up as the conversation when I look at my general messages. I can't view the actual page to message him, which is why I can't view the messages now. The last thing I sent him was "Stop.") He sent like 4-5 messages to me, some that were fake regretful and some that were vengeful. Honestly, he has no chance of earning my respect back, he's lost it more than twice now. I'm pretty good at reading auras. When it's people online, I have to know you a while to know your aura. Kitten has a brown aura. Brown auras are usually very bad. Not as bad as black auras (black auras are extremely bad and people you want to stay far, far away from) but still pretty bad. He doesn't have a grey aura, those usually have depressive tendencies. Brown auras are linked with greed, selfishness, opinionated, and often are distrustable.


Melody1546294 Hi

BigBroDexter 😃 😃 🍴 🍴 🚌 🚌

Ash Hiiii

BigBroDexter What is your email?

BigBroDexter All of you

lunamoonlight Not allowed to share emails

ammyk @BigBroDexter, I have to share one with my family, and I don't think we're allowed to give it out, especially not on the main feed. Sorry.

BigBroDexter That's Ok

Melody1546294 I agree with Lunamoonlight and ammyk I don't think it's safe. Sorry.

BigBroDexter Ok