who lloves ducks

lunamoonlight Ok

cactuspot12 who dont love em

lunamoonlight Now I know I've been around my irl friends too much even when it's been a summer. Dang it Lilli...

Autumn 🦆love da ducks

any one likes this game?

destiny1268 I love minecraft

lunamoonlight Never played

ammyk I do.

Autumn I luv roblox

Uniboy no

Uniboy it costs money and i am broke, 11 dollas to be exact

Uniboy and anyone is one word

Emelyisaway yeah :)

I'm sure every one's favorite time is I know imposter time on among us right

lunamoonlight I don't play.

Autumn Being imp is too stressing for me haha. I just admit that im it. Dont wanna lie lol

ELET I purposely vented in front of everyone else so that they would vote me! 🤣