I'm afraid of cockroaches. Like,everytime I see a cockroach I get a heart attack. So I asked Google assistant 'How can I stop getting afraid of cockroaches ?'. My experience was pretty bad.Gogle came up with an article which had a picture of bunch of cockroaches in it.I almost threw my phone away. Somehow I pressed the home button.Then I thought let's search on Kidzsearch. Don't know why but I thought KS won't show pictures of that horrible thing.I searched the same thing.Aaand guess what? KS showed a picture which zoomed the cockroach's body. EW EW EW I CAN'T EVEN TYPE ABOUT THAT! I'M HORRIFIED!!!

Ameuller Oh my gosh! Well just try to icnore them the best you can. Or ask me for more advice lease. If you need it.

Ameuller Just try to not think about them. I agree. They are a little creepy to me too.

Ameuller Just try to think about cats or something. Or butiful buttrflies.

ammyk Yeah, butterflies are cool.

KnightStar Yes butiful butterflies help

Ameuller I hate those cockeroches!!!! They gross me out and they spook me out a little and gross me out. Yuck!

hghux555 yeah same everybody

Kitten yeah! think of kittens and your problems will melt away.

ammyk Lol Kitten

Autumn Thanks for advices everyone! But whenever I see a cockroach I can't even think of any other thing. ;(

Going to the beach for 5 dayss!! 🚄🏖

ammyk Have fun!

FunHeart1010 Aw, have fun!

Queeny Have fun!!

Ameuller Have fun!!!! please put pics on my page. Thanks. If you want. But over all: HAVE FUN!!!!


KidzSearch Thanks.

fluffykitten12 Lol

JD2005 Agreed!

hghux555 so true

lunamoonlight yeah, I normally like playing hole.io, s0urce.io, or mega anime avatar creator.

What are your favourite apps?

lunamoonlight Hulu, Netflix, and Bejeweled Blitz.

ammyk Minecraft, Tynker, Swift Playgrounds

What are your favourite roblox games?

Autumn I like super Simon says,natural disaster survival and obby games.

Emelyisaway I like Arsenal, Phantom Forces, Parkour Tag, and a lot more.

FunHeart1010 I used to play bloxburg a wholeee llooottt

hghux555 murder mystery 2

hghux555 for the win