anyone got some tips for arsenal?


Autumn No I mean the arsenal game on roblox

How do I do laundry?

Scruffypenny You put the clothes into the washing machine after giving them all a meduim shake/rustle. Close the washing machine door tightly. Then put the soap where it is supposed to go. Like just a little about till the bottle lid is full and pour it into the slot/slots. Then select the mode and start the thing. This is how the washing machines in the Netherlands work, idk if it will be different where you live, I am no washing machine specialist yet.

lunamoonlight Put in the clothes, put in the soap, close the machine, run it, when it is done put it in the dryer, check the lint, and run it, and when it is done fold it.

Autumn Thanks, I'll try to do it today.

lunamoonlight Yup

Junior Tessa

Junior Oops I meant yesss

Today I did another Arabic calligraphy! It says, 'iyyakum wadh dhann'. It's a hadith of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). According to, The word “dhann” has been derived from three root words ظ ن ن (Dha-Nun-Nun) which means to think, suppose, doubt, assume, believe, imagine, be sure of something in view of one’s observations, to seek repeatedly/time after time to know a thing, ask or inquire after news or tidings of something, inquire or seek for information about something or someone, etc.

JD2005 Great!

Did Knight change her name to r1cegum?

JD2005 IDK.

GemHeart Idk.

Shrek08 Btw- What happened to Knight?

An arabic calligraphy I did recently.

Ada4 Wow, mashallah!

JD2005 Great!

Queen157 Nice

Scruffypenny Cool!

greatamazingCheezits Whoa dude!

Autumn Thanks! :)

Lol this happens when I try to type SUPER fast

Scruffypenny me too

lunalovegoodmolly Same

KnightStar SAME

Ada4 Yeah, lol

CSeriestechhero r/ihadastroke

i only trust cream news uwu
(turn on captions before u watch)