Who do you think is gonna win the RB Battles?

Unrelated to the post: I have fever 😷

CrispyPlop My guess is Kreek again. He annihilated Denis at Piggy (as expected)

CrispyPlop He is the best Robloxian, right?

CrispyPlop And sorry to hear about your fever! Hope you feel better soon.

lunamoonlight idk wut dat is

Me sneezing rn

ammyk Cats are such strange, complex creatures.

ammyk I take that back. I'm pretty sure all they do is sleep and scratch things up. I do not have my own cat, however.

*Bop bop bop*

lunamoonlight wow my headphones are dead

Autumn I hope your ears are alive

lunamoonlight Yea, but my headphones died lol

CrispyPlop Just, why?

i believe things will get better. it can't rain forever!

lunamoonlight I like rain

lunamoonlight I like rain

Me: kn pls load ;-;

Kidznet: how about no

Autumn Kidznet after i posted this: fine. I'll let you in.

ammyk XD That’s exactly what happens to me sometimes. It always fixes itself after a I post something, though.

i was playing around with autodesk sketchbook. Then i accidentally pressed something and this happened 🤡

Autumn It looks like: O_o to me

lunamoonlight Looks awesome. I really want Sketchbook

ammyk Ooh, faaancy.

Should i start drawing
1. Yes
2. No

lunamoonlight Yes

KnightStar Yes and post it here

ammyk 1. In my opinion.

cactuspot12 Ya

Emelyisaway yes!!!

Autumn I forgot i posted this here

NinjaTal1 Funny

lunamoonlight That looks like my cat lol