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I've been wondering this for a while now, how do we search servers on discord?

DukeSilver Commando, eh?

DukeSilver Honestly, though, I’m wondering the same thing.

Queeny you can go to sites like disboard, or you can click on the explore public servers button (right below the add server button) and search for whatever you're looking for


I have a group

JD2005 Joined :)

Who wants some snickers

Pumpkin The coco farms used to nake snickers have used child slaves so I don't support commercial chocolate

Pumpkin *make

Unicornfriend Me please!!

Unicornfriend I don't hate u I hate Ur choice

Unicornfriend Dont leave please

hilolo M E !

Autumn @pumkin tell me more about it

DukeSilver Bored much?

Pumpkin Basically the parents on the coco farms make their children help out full time without pay because they can't go to school.


What's up with these mobile game ads

wE cAnT gEt PaSt LeVeL 17!1!1! cAn YOU??

Pumpkin lol

Pumpkin you have inspired my next post

DukeSilver Apparently smarter than most. Who wouldn’t be?

Commando Thats easy. I solved that in like 2 seconds. And to answer your question no clue.

JD2005 lol

did scruffypenny leave kidznet?

Queeny yep, she deleted her account i think

Pumpkin :O

JD2005 Yep :(