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Race and white privilege is not political. Wearing masks is not political. Saving the environment is not political either.

We need to spread awareness and improve humanity by discussing these issues.

CoralSophie08 exACTly. NONE OF THAT IS POLITICAL. You're absolutely right.

GemHeart It depends. The issues themselves are not, but some people will use them as ways to gain things politically. All depends on the person.

DukeSilver In Utah, even just waking around with a Starbucks cup is seen as a political statement. They'll actually come over and start talking to you about your political views.

Anonymous I agree with GemHeart. Indepentantly, no, they aren't political, but political people use stuff like BLM, the environment, and stuff to their advantage a lot.

Pumpkin BLM s not political. It has nothing to do with democrats or republicans, and people shouldn't use i to their political advantage

Ash I agree. Plus, we shouldn’t be so serious about politics! We’re just kids, after all.

Bravetea3 were kids not politics so really its not ever going to be political and BLM is some times gets political but we are kids so we should not call something political with out looking at what adults' say about it

Anonymous @Bravetea3 While I get what you are saying, kids should also make up their mind, no matter what adults may say. I still recommend taking in other sources though.

JD2005 I agree!

Bravetea3 I feel like instead adults aren't really understanding this problem as much as most of us and were just kids

FortnitePlayer is back, even though he/she said that they were not coming back!

Bravetea3 I don't understand them but attest they came back

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