So I went to a doctor who diagnosed me with anxiety… GAD, to be specific. I had been sad about it for weeks, but now I’m going to be more positive.

Ash This wasn’t very recent.

Pumpkin I have anxiety too

Pumpkin I have anxiety too

EloquentRacer92 Welcome back

Load, my beautiful news feed.

JD2005 Oof lol.

EloquentRacer92 Where at?

Another #qotd- do you watch the videos and read the long posts? I do.

hilolo i dont

PurpleMochi I do

Queeny i read the long posts, i don't watch the videos often

lunamoonlight For videos, when I have headphones, for long posts, when I care enough/have enough time yes.

JD2005 @Queeny Same!

TyousT i do both

NinjaTal1 I read long posts, but videos are a different story...

KnightStar I read long posts, the video one idk

TyousT I do

Ada4 only if they are interesting

I deleted my ✨diary✨because I make it seem like I’m the only one who has problems (which are small). Anyways, #qotd, do you have a real diary?

hilolo i did

lunamoonlight All of my diaries are online. My main one is the group. The other two are google documents, one is a dream diary. The other one... if I say it, y'all won't take it the right way (makes me sound like im in a cult).

JD2005 I used to. Whenever I tried to write daily entries, I failed lol.


lunamoonlight The other diary is a Ritual Diary. I'm reading a book called Modern Magick, and it has rituals and such. Most (as far as I know) are things like relaxational, meditative, and or astral. It recommends keeping a Dream diary and a Ritual diary.

NinjaTal1 I always forget to keep writing every time I start

KnightStar Yes, I have diaries dating back to 2013. I was so young then lol, yet loved to document my days or fun things I did, plus practice my writing.

TyousT still have it Lol