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My catchphrases:
-Not cool, love.
- HAHAHAHAHAHA that’s not funny.
-Scars are cool.

starshine Hahahahahahahahahah

Someone finish these without google :3

I bet you can’t

1. hE aiMs hiS piStoL aT tHe sKy-
2. How does a ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower somehow defeat a global superpower?
3. I’m erasing myself from the narrativvveeeee, let future historians wonder ______________________ heartttt
4. I put myself back in the narrativvvveeee, I stop wasting time on _______, _________________________ not enough
5. hEeD nOt tHe rAbBlE tHaT sCrEaM ____________, ____________________________________ at heart
6. You gotta get your _________________________ back
7. I turn and see my sister’s face and she is ___________, _______________________ just helpless
8. To your ____________________, _________ hope _______________ provide
9. I hope that you ________
10. I wanna be in the _______________________

they’re all from Hamilton btw. dont cheat.

ArtistGirl great job @KittyKat, 8 is from the beginning of satisfied

KittyKat Ohhh

KittyKat Then, 8.) Uniooooonnnnn, and the hope that you provideeeeee

starshine I cannot do it without google

ArtistGirl kittykat Womacks xD

ArtistGirl won*

ArtistGirl autocorrect is weird

lunamoonlight I was wondering why i did not know a single one.

lunamoonlight I was wondering why i did not know a single one.

ArtistGirl @lunamoonlight lol oof


WE NEED 11 MORE MEMBERS (It’s the "Try to get the most members" group)

JD2005 Already joined!

Queeny Will do!

starshine Me too

When I was in 3rd grade my friends and I would catch dandelion thingies in my backyard cuz we thought they were fairies

and I had a fairy garden in a basket of moss with these little statues of fairies

so here’s some fairies for y’all, can you see them?

JD2005 Kinda blurred... Can't see.

can someone message me or spam my wall or something

im bored rn ;-;

FutureChefGurl Hey

JD2005 Alright!

ArtistGirl Hoi