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Hello, daughter. I have decided that you are now 3 yen old. That makes you a toddler at 200 years old. LOL.

Anyway how you enjoying being princess of Mirkwood

JD2005 LOL

#housepride #GryffindorPride #RavenclawPride

It’s confusing, I know. I’m half Gryffindor, half Ravenclaw, which means that I have the qualities of both houses. I’m brave, smart, clever, and true.

Inspired by @supernuggets77, @lunalovegoodmolly, and @KnightStar.

I really need to pick one or the other....
or I might just become a Slytherin.
jk jk jk


lunalovegoodmolly RAVENCLAWS FOR ALLL

ArtistGirl @supernuggets77 okie lol

can we get an f in the chat for all the drugged metal bugs that live in ppl’s ears

Queeny Here's a fat ol' F

Scruffypenny f

ArtistGirl does nobody get it

ArtistGirl I mean knight might lol

Crafter4017 Has the quarantine driven you insane?

ArtistGirl @Crafter4017 nah I was already insane

lunamoonlight E cuz I am dum dum

lunamoonlight E cuz I am dum dum

GemHeart I got an f for ya.